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EV Rider Scooters & Mopeds

ev-rider-scootersev-riderEV Rider has been in the electric mobility scooters business since 1996. It started with the design and distribution of battery powered scooters for all ages like the original Citybug, followed by products for active seniors like the Helper and the City Shuttle.

EV Rider offers a complete line of powerful mobility scooters for kids, elderly, seniors and disabled customers for every need and every budget. They are proud to offer a broad spectrum of powerful fun, functional, transportable and luxurious mobility solutions for selective users in search of different and higher quality products for leisure, medical and community use.  

At eBikeJOY!, we only sell the best quality name brand comfort scooters and mopeds, so you can be sure you will have a great riding experience. Shop our selection of EV Rider scooters, and place your order today! Call 888-753-2453 #1 or email today!

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