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V&D Electric Bikes & Scooters

v&d-electric-bikes-scppter-logo“v&d-electric-bike-scooters-photo"V&D designs and manufactures high quality folding electric bikes and scooters that are easy to carry and store. Their Go-Bike series fit your on-the-go lifestyle and are still rugged enough to handle the outdoor elements.

Fold and take them on your next flight; transport them easily in your RV, boat or car; you can even take them to your class. You'll be amazed at how light weight and easy they are to carry.

At eBikeJOY!, we only sell the best quality name brand folding electric bikes and scooters, so you can be sure you will have a great riding experience. Browse our selection of high quality folding V&D e-bikes and scooters. Contact us if you have any questions! Call 888-753-2453 #1 or email today!