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European Electric Bicycle Tour Adventures

edelweiss electric bike tour adventures

edelweiss electric bike tours

Guided E-Bike Tours in Europe - Enjoy the Active Life and Discover the World.


In 1980, Coral and Werner Wachter decided to turn their hobby into a profession and founded Edelweiss Bike Travel. Their goal was to explore the world’s most beautiful places by motorbike along with other like-minded explorers worldwide. Today, 39 years later, they explored more than 80 countries with over 40,000 guests from all over the world. 


In 2015 Coral and Werner decided to expand their well-loved motorbike adventures by adding e-bike trips to their product range. This decision is based on Edelweiss’ philosophy and desire to every individual no matter their fitness ability the be able to enjoy nature and the intimate culture of each country.


Edelweiss’ headquarters is located in Tyrol, Austria. Today, over 20 employees and more than 50 tour guides are working at Edelweiss, all of whom are absolute experts in their field and do everything they can to offer our customers an unforgettable experience every day.

European Electric Bike Tour Adventures

Northern Europe

Telemark - Wild and Beautiful - Norway
A paradise province which embodies the landscape and culture of entire Norway in a nutshell.
07/18/20 - 7/26/20
8 Nights

Edelweiss-electric-bike-tour-Telemark-norway Edelweiss-electric-bike-tour-Telemark-norway

Mystic fjords, solitary villages, birch forests, high mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, green valleys – this is the wild Telemark.

This is also the reason why the Telemark is called "Norway en miniature". Moreover, it is known as the cradle of ski sports and there's a lot to discover: The Norwegian cuisine is simple and characterized by the traditional diet of fishermen and farmers, the Norwegians are humble, even though you won't find more Nobel prize laureates in literature than here and the Norwegian architecture with its mix of tradition and modern art is simply great.

Is there any better way to discover new land than on a bicycle? We don't think so! Get on your bike now and immerse in a completely new adventure on 2 wheels!

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The Kingdom of Fjords and Glaciers - Norway
Explore Norway’s breathtaking fjords by electric Bike
07/27/20 - 08/05/20
10 Nights

Explore Norway’s Breathtaking Fjords by Electric Bike

Explore Norway’s Breathtaking Fjords by Electric Bike

There are not many places comparable to the scenic landscape which awaits you in Norway's fjordland. We start our journey in Bergen, an enchanting and vivid cultural metropolis. From here, we will ride along the world-famous and spectacular train line towards the giant Sognefjord.

A cruise on the narrow Fjaerland fjord, along the Jostedalbreen glacier, takes us further North to the amazing natural spectacle and UNESCO world heritage Geiranger. We will explore the strawberry land of Norway, the Storfjord and Ålesund. The latter is also known as the ‘Venice of Norway’ and its impressive Art nouveau architecture and representation.

You will for sure remember the tranquility, the impressive environment and the friendly Norwegians, even long after you returned home.

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Central Europe

Along the Via Claudia Augusta - Austria/Italy
A tour of contrasts: mountains, rives, lovely vineyards and the Mediterranean flair of Lake Garda are combined with historical sites along the 2000 year old Roman road.
06/20/20 - 06/28/20 & 08/21/20 - 08/29/20
- 8 Nights

Edelweiss-Electric-Bike-Claudia-augusta-Vacation Edelweiss-Electric-Bike-Claudia-augusta-Vacation

We start our journey in Innsbruck, the pearl of Tyrol, and follow an old pilgrimage route over the Mieminger Sonnenplateau. From here, we will cross the main Alpine ridge (by bike or by shuttle) via the Via Claudia, a historic trade route. We can now enjoy a ride downhill to the Vinschgau valley, savouring the scents of juicy apple orchards. In the background we can see the glaciers of the Ortler and the dramatic summits of the Dolomites – a valley which couldn't be more beautiful.

Further South, we can see that viticulture has defined the life of the the people living in this area for centuries. Ancient castles and historic cities such as Trento enchant us and gently introduce us to the Mediterranean flair with sunshine, palm trees and gelato at Lake Garda which already awaits us. The view from Monte Baldo over the huge lake is incredibly breath-taking and the glass of Amarone from the Valpolicella so enticing, one wishes for time to stop.

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The Austrian Lake District Salzkammergut - Austria
Through scenic lake landscapes we ride on the paths of the Habsburg monarchy.
07/04/20 - 07/11/20 & 08/30/20 - 09/06/20
7 Nights

The Austrian lake district Salzkammergut Electric bike tours The Austrian lake district Salzkammergut Electric bike tours

We start our journey in Salzburg, the festival centre and Mozart’s birthplace. Picturesque lakes, turquoise blue water, snow-capped peaks and Austrian culinary delights as well as a perfectly developed cycle path network await you on this tour through the Salzkammergut. In the past, many places, for example Hallstatt, could only be reached by ship or on small mule paths.

As a result, specific traditions, cultures and characteristics have been developed in the individual regions which we will discover. Salt was the white gold at that time and everything revolved around this valuable property. We will certainly also dive into this part of history and culture. Last but not least we will visit the beautifully located ‘Kehlsteinhaus– The Eagle’s Nest’, before heading back to Salzburg.

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Southern Europe

Camino de Santiago - The St. James Way - Spain
This pilgrim's path casts a spell over us as it leads us through a stunning landscapes.
09/23/20 - 10/01/20
8 Nights

Edelweiss-Electric-Bike-Camino-de-Santiago-Vacation Edelweiss-Electric-Bike-Camino-de-Santiago-Vacation

Our bicycle adventure starts in Santander, ‘The Ocean’s Bride’, along St. James' Way. Already on the first few meters we can feel the soothing energy of the "Camino", on which pilgrims have been drawing strength for centuries, while we get enchanted by Cantabria and Asturias with its mix of sea and mountains.

We cycle on into the highlands of the northern Meseta and are impressed by the pilgrimage hubs of Burgos and Leon. Their cathedrals rank among the most beautiful ones in Spain. The green landscapes of Galicia and Santiago de Compostela herald the end of St. James' Way and our tour. We will remember the impressions we gained during our way forever!

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Istria - The Green Paradise of the Adriatic Sea - Croatia
320 sunny days, Mediterranean cuisine and stunning landscapes - a must for every cycle enthusiast.
06/10/20 - 06/17/20
7 Nights

Electric-Bike-Croatia-Istria-Vacation Electric-Bike-Croatia-Istria-Vacation

Mediterranean climate, turquoise blue sea and a moving history – this is Istria. Not for nothing did the Ottomans, the Habsburgs and the Venetians want to rule this beautiful part of the world: Istria has a lot to offer! The hinterland of Ucka Nationalpark is characterized by picturesque mountain villages, thick war walls, vineyards and olive groves. The Parenzana bicycle trail takes us to this secluded gem. Picturesque cities like Rovinj or Labin surprise with magnificent villas and cathedrals. The Brijuni National Park, Tito's former private residency , and the Limski Fjord are definitely worth a stopover.

We indulge in culinary delights such as seafood from the Kvarner bay, truffles and hearty countryside sausages. All this will be accompanied with delicious regional wine. The variety and beauty of the bike routes make this tour very appealing and inviting – get enchanted!

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Pueblos Blancos of Andalusia - Spain
3000 hours of sun every year and landscapes which couldn't be more diverse.
10/02/20 - 10/10/20 & 10/11/20 - 10/19/20
8 Nights

Electric-Bike-andalusia-spain-Vacation Electric-Bike-andalusia-spain-Vacation

We will start with Granada, the highlight of every Andalusian trip. We then explore the world-famous Moorish King's castle Alhambra, which is nestled in the picturesque Sierra Nevada.

We travel on to Antequera, which developed into an important trading centre in the centuries after the Reconquista. Our hotel in Antequera welcomes us with luxury. In Ronda the Moorish past is brought to life: There we will visit the oldest bullfighting arena in the world, before the white villages of Andalusia and the natural beauty of the Grazalema lure us into physical activity on two wheels. At the end of our tour the gorgeous city of Sevilla will take our breath away.

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The Heart of Southern France - France
Countless sanctuaries in a wild and preserved environment.
09/10/20 - 09/20/20
10 Nights

edelweiss Electric bike tour southern France
edelweiss Electric bike tour southern France

The heart of Auvergne is dominated by volcanoes. From soft cones to rugged rock needles, the landscape offers a paradise for cyclist enthusiasts. The vast highlands of the Margeride and the Aubrac have a very special charm with their pasturages, miles of stone walls and sheep and cattle herds.

The green volcanoes at the gates of Clermont Ferrand, the blacksmiths in Laguiole, the famous Rocamadour cheese, the mysticism of St. James' way and the Allier gorges – all this and much more can be discovered there. Physical exercise in a wonderful landscape – this is pure relaxation!

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Through Southern Tuscany - Italy
An e-bike journey of delight through a magical Italy.
05/09/20 - 05/16/20 & 05/17/20 - 05/24/20
7 Nights

Electric-Bike-Tuscany-Italy-Vacation Electric-Bike-Tuscany-Italy-Vacation

On this tour you immerse in the culture of beautiful southern Tuscany. Here, all senses are stimulated: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting – combined with a little physical activity. Our journey starts in Florence, also called the "Pearl of Renaissance". From here, we head southwards through one of the loveliest landscapes of Italy, the Chianti. This region is known for its "slow food", which is not a fast-moving trend, but a century-old tradition.

The following day you will be astonished by San Gimignano’s medieval skyscrapers, also called the "Manhattan of Tuscany". Other architectural masterpieces can be found in Siena with its Gothic cathedral and its world-famous Piazza. With some luck, we can even hear the Gregorian chants of the San Antimo monks, as we relax in the warm thermal pools of Bagno di Filippo – just as the pilgrims did thousands of years ago. Through Val d`Orcia we then reach Lake Bolsena and eventually, Orvieto with its countless cultural treasures, which are only waiting for us to be discovered.

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