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5 Reasons to Buy a Hunting Electric Bike

Posted by Lilia Shirina on

5 Reasons to Buy a Hunting E-Bike

Technology is constantly evolving. This is true when it comes to the way we communicate with one another, the way we conduct business, the way we travel, and the list goes on and on.

Hunting is no exception. Innovations are continually changing how we participate in the sport—and often improving how we do so in the process

One technological development that has caught the eye of many hunters is the e-bike. More specifically, hunters are interested in the purpose-built hunting e-bikes that can tackle tough terrain and travel a long way without a lot of headaches.

These hunting e-bikes feature long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, premium components, sturdy frames, rugged fat tires and powerful motors that make them highly capable tools for the hardcore hunter.

If there's one strike against these hunting e-bikes, it's that they can be a little expensive. Most quality models run from $2,000 to $8,000 or more, which is not an insignificant amount. This leaves many hunters wondering whether hunting e-bikes are worth the initial investment.

If you find yourself in this boat, consider the following reasons why an e-bike might well be worth the initial cost to help your hunting efforts.

5 Reasons to Buy a Hunting E-Bike


This past spring, I had a chance to use the hunting e-bike while hunting turkeys in Illinois. The first morning I hunted, I pedaled the e-bike around an agricultural field edge before dawn, and when I rounded a corner, I saw four or five whitetails milling around in the field.

I kept on riding, and the whitetails continued eating and generally hanging out. They were completely unbothered at the sight and sound of the e-bike and its battery-powered electric motor.

A hunting e-bike allows you to travel to your stand, ground blind or hunting area with a reduced possibility of spooking nearby game animals with noise. If you're a run-and-gun-style hunter, it's also a stealthy way to scout large areas when searching for game.


Most hunting e-bike models have beefy fat tires with grippy tread and premium components that make shifting and breaking very easy, even under difficult conditions. However, what makes e-bikes truly special are their electric motors, which provide hunters with powered assistance.

Generally speaking, most hunting e-bikes feature three modes of operation: unassisted (meaning the rider powers the bike solely by pedaling), pedal-assisted (the bike's electric motor assists while the user pedals) and throttle-powered (the user engages a throttle, and the electric motor powers the bike without the user pedaling).

While hunting on the e-bike, I found myself using all three for various purposes, but the scenarios in which the e-bike's electric motor proved most essential were when I was tackling tough terrain.

A hunting e-bike's electric motor proves even more effective when used to tackle steep hills or mountainous terrain. In fact, this is what a lot of the purpose-built hunting e-bikes are designed to do. Most high-quality hunting e-bikes utilize a powerful mid-drive motor, which sits in the middle of the bike between the pedals and drives the crank.

This motor type directs power through the bike's gears, which results in improved torque and hill-climbing abilities over some other types. Really high-end hunting e-bikes may even utilize torque sensors, which increase supplied output based on how hard the user is pedaling (for instance very strenuously up a steep hill).

5 Reasons to Buy a Hunting E-Bike


This is probably one of the most compelling reasons to consider a hunting e-bike. Today's e-bikes have benefitted greatly from recent advances in lithium-ion battery technology, which means they can provide more power and last much longer. Current e-bikes dramatically increase the distance you can cover—and the time it takes you to do so—versus walking on foot. For the hunter, this translates into many benefits.

If you want to hunt an area that's miles away from your entry point, you can get there quicker on an e-bike. On many public lands, oftentimes the farther away from an access point you can get, the better your hunting will be. Or, maybe you're hunting on private ground, and it just allows you to go to and from your stand more quickly and quietly. I doubt many of us would mind getting a few extra minutes of sleep each morning because it takes less time to reach our hunting stands.

For scouting, the benefits of traveling farther, faster are undeniable. Whether you're glassing wide swaths of land out West or setting or checking trail cameras on a large property in the Midwest, the South or the East, there are definite advantages to being able to do so faster—and in a minimally invasive way.


Hunting e-bikes are not "lightweight" in the same way that regular bicycles are. In fact, most weigh in close to 70 pounds.

However, they are lightweight in comparison to other off-road vehicles. Many ATVs weigh around 10 times that much, and UTVs routinely weigh half a ton or more. Both of those vehicles require a truck and a trailer to move.

A heavy-duty bike rack—like some of those made by 1UP USA—attached to a 2-inch receiver hitch on your vehicle is all that's needed to transport a hunting-e-bike.

Their reduced weight and portability prove advantageous in the woods, too. While hunting with my e-bike, there were a couple times in which I came across a downed tree on the path I was using. I simply got off the bike, lifted it up and over the obstruction and then kept pedaling. Try that with an ATV.

In some respects, the hunting e-bike is to the ATV or UTV what the canoe or kayak is to a large boat. When the occasion calls for it, it can be used to reach places the other can't.

5 Reasons to Buy a Hunting E-Bike


Some of the most common game animals, like the whitetailed deer, have a pretty good sense of smell. Often, animals—and especially whitetails—can use this ability to realize that an intrusion has taken place. Because they're gas powered, ATVs and UTVs naturally leave more scent behind than an individual on an electric-powered hunting e-bike. Riding an e-bike through an area also leaves less scent behind than your boots when you're walking.

Keep in mind, however, that where you store a hunting e-bike makes a difference. If it's resting against your garage wall right next to a gas can for your lawnmower, your e-bike might not be as scent-free as you would like. Some manufacturers either recommend storing in a place devoid of other scents or even storing it outside (securely) the day before your hunt. 


The decision to buy a hunting e-bike is one that should be fully evaluated. It's a significant purchase (though many manufacturers offer payment plans), and not one to be taken lightly. However, if you do buy a hunting e-bike, you'll quickly experience some of the benefits discussed above, and probably many others I haven't detailed.

Some people have conflicting ideas about how technology changes the sport of hunting, but it's hard to deny the advantages that e-bikes provide hunters. Purpose-built hunting e-bikes are useful tools to expand and improve your hunting capabilities. As a bonus, they're also a lot of fun.

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