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E-Joe Electric Bicycles

E-Joe electric bicyclese-joe-electric-bikesFounded in 2008 in San Diego, California, e-JOE has brought functionality, fun, and practicality to thousands of commuters, adventurists, electric bike enthusiasts, and recreational riders.

e-JOE design some of the most innovative, affordable, attractive electric transportation bikes on the market. They can be enjoyed by anyone ready to challenge conventional last mile commuting or to replace their car altogether.

e-JOE offers models of step-through; Gadis, cruiser; Koda and folding cruiser; Epik SE bikes. Find your perfect e-JOE, the one you cannot stop smiling about. Whether it is an electric folding bike or low step thru, e-JOE has you covered. Fly high, electrify your ride wherever you go. What’s your e-JOE?

At eBikeJOY!, we only sell the best quality name brand cruiser, step-through and folding electric bikes, so you can be sure you will have a great riding experience. Browse our selection of high quality folding e-JOE ebikes and contact us if you have any questions!