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eBikeJOY! Electric Bike Reviews

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Alive and In Love

With this bike. It is every thing and more. I have been looking for an ebike for over a year now and this does not disappoint. 68 year young women and have not ridden for about 5 years due to nerve damage in my right leg.

But it doesn't matter, I can still pedal, get exercise, and go anywhere I want. I am back in the saddle and loving it!

Good to hear that you're liking the E-Joe Gadis Paula. Enjoyed getting you riding!

Owning this bike has been a blessing to me. I’m planning to buy a tricycle version.

Great to hear Kasper! Glad you are enjoying your Nakto!

Took all of 10 minutes to adjust directly out of the box. Actually it took longer to get the helmet fit right1
Anyway, it is all that I hoped for and more!
Thank you for carrying this magnificent item

Glad you are liking your Trike Richard! I'm sure you will get lots of compliments and looks on this! Thank you for your order!

I now have 1,816 miles on my GB5 36v 350w bike. One flat tire fixed with partial bottle of Green Slime. Tires still original with another three to four hundred miles expected until replacement. Battery still strong so far. Took the bike to Quartzite, Arizona this year in the motorhome. Really made it fun exploring. I still love this machine!

Glad you are liking your GB5. You seem to be getting quite a few miles on that. Good to here it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!
Not too old for fun

I may live in a 55+ community, but I am not too old to have a blast of a good time! No golf cart for me!

Too expensive

I have owned one of these scooters. I like it but it is top heavy and won’t take much of a side slope. tends to want to fall over/unstable. Slow starting from dead stop. Tires leak slowly. Far too expensive for what you get.

She just loves her new bike

I purchased an eBike for my wife from you last May. It was the Hollandia Evado Nexus 3.18. She just loves her new bike and every since she started using it, she has never had any more pain & discomfort in her knees & feet due to arthritis. It has given her a new lease on biking and we now bike more often. Instead of me slowing down for her, now I am the one trying to keep up to her. The battery lasts a lot longer than advertised. And I can't believe the low price. There is no one that offers it for a better price.

I was at your website to get some information to let others know about your site and the bike we purchased.

Glad your wife is liking her new bike. The Hollandia is a tremendous value for the money! Thank you again for your order!
I Love It

I get about 22-25 miles per charge and cruise at about 25mph (pretty flat terrain around where I live)
Haven't had any hassle from police, in fact I get quite a few thumbs up
Many people are surprised when I tell them its electric and then have more questions
Reason for the 4 star rating is that the placement of the pedals makes it almost impossible to pedal And the manual even suggests to pedal up speed a bit for less wear on the motor
Other than that I absolutely love this e-bike
Year Update:
I've had my e-bike for a year now (as of May 2014) and am still very happy with it. Haven't had a single problem with it. Do still wish they would make this model with the pedals placed better But other than that I still highly recommend this bike

Love this scooter

Love this scooter. My mom has one and she goes everywhere with it: to the mall, Disney Park even to my son's college graduation! She has gained her independence. the scooter is very stable scooter, and light in comparison to other scooters in the market today. Came with armrests and no assembly is required. I will recommend.

Excellent value

I don't know why someone would call this cheap looking. Mine is very well designed and built. Lugs and tabs for mounting accessories are built into or welded onto the frame in all the appropriate places. Frame welds and paint finish are nicely done and smooth. All included hardware, which includes everything you need, is high quality. The tools aren't exactly mechanic-grade but they're sufficient to get the job done. It helps to have your own good ones.

And that leads us to assembly. Any competent bicycle mechanic capable of dealing with shifters and disc brakes can handle the job. The electrical part doesn't complicate the process whatsoever. A local bike shop shouldn't have any problem with this for anyone not comfortable doing it themselves. I took my time and was done in a couple hours, well before the battery was charged.

Now for the riding part. The wheel base is pretty long, so it's nice and stable. But combine the length with the step-through frame and you get a bit of flex.This will probably help the ride, but don't horse it through the corners too hard.

Oh, and the speed? I had it nudging 25 mph on a nice, flat stretch. Quite impressive and more than a little fun. I love it.

We love this bike !!!

We love this bike !!! This bike is Perfect !!! Easy to ride !!! We bought a cheaper one first this one is much better. Well worth the extra couple hundred . Also it is much lighter.Not sure how long the batteries last since we just got it.

Love my scooter

Love my scooter! Lung problems was preventing nice long walks with my little fur girl. She now gets the exercise needed and I get to enjoy the ride.
Side note: Not quite as easily portable as thought . Would not bother breaking it down for a short trip somewhere. For the day or longer would be worth it...

Love it. Good for unpaved, hilly terrain as well as pavement. Solid but heavy.

Have had this bike for six months. Use it on unpaved, mountain roads with no problem. Plenty of power. Sturdy. Feels secure. Electronics work great. Needed some minor adjustments coming out of the box with the gears. There was a question about the latch and how it works. I include some photos. You lift the latch, push in and then lift the whole thing up before bending the bike in half. The latch fits snuggly and firmly into place and feels secure. I have never had a problem with it. The bike is easy enough to fold but is heavy. I would not recommend it for anyone thinking of storing it flights of stairs above ground level. I fold it to put in my car (hatchback) with no problem. I also appreciate the back suspension on the unpaved roads.

Five Stars

great distance, great speed.
very happy with the product.

Four Stars

Nice comfortable bike. Directions for assembly not so easy to follow

I had to go across an 3 inch gap and up a ramp in high mode and it crawled along just great. Love...

Had a chance to test it with my weight.I had to go across an 3 inch gap and up a ramp in high mode and it crawled along just great.Loved it

Five Stars

It is a good scooter I love it my cosin has one

Miles Ahead of the Competition

The bike was well packaged, arrived in perfect condition. Per the instructions I charged the battery before using the bike. I rode it to the Greenway and rode 20 miles. Mostly flat with a slight uphill grade for 10 miles out, slight downhill grade on the return 10 miles. The battery still had a good charge left, even though I did most of the trip at 20 mph, smiling all the way. Rode again today and put on another 5 miles. The battery still had some juice left after the ride.

A quality bike, and a great choice for the commuter, or just for fun rides. Exactly what I was hoping for. I believe that 40-50 miles on a charge would be possible if pedal assist was used exclusively, instead of the twist and go۪. This is just about the most fun you can have on 2 wheels!

better than more expensive bikes

I wanted to share my experience with Green Bike and Rose at Bikexpress. I was impressed with their service and care after the purchase.
I searched for a fold able electric bike, and found Green Bike to offer the highest quality, best brakes, suspension and gears and strong motor, better than many other more expensive bikes.
I runs smooth due to the full suspension even over dirt paths.
I outfitted the bike with BV all weather handlebar quick release DSLR camera bag, which I use for all kinds of things, and Axiom Seymour DLX 45 Pannier Set , grey/black , from Amazon.
I love to go to Farmers Market and load the bags with up to 40 pound of stuff, and even if it is on just one side I still have great balance, perhaps because the center of gravity is low to the ground.
Because of the strong motor, I feel a strong boost going up a hill, like being pushed from behind, and feel like a kid again. ____.. zooming along _____..

I had much fun with it

good bike, good battery, long distance, had it for several months, very reliable no complaints at all.

Nice scooter

Perfect for my needs. Turns and drives easily with a little bit of a stiff ride but good for a mini.. Long lasting charge of the battery. Easy assembly (no thanks to directions!) excited to get my scoot on.

Great Product

Great product, a bit low to the ground and drags sometimes. Durable enough to use in a campground, this has allowed me to enjoy our travels!

easy to put together

On time delivery .No damage .easy to put together .I weigh 230.and it runs around 25 to 28 mph . I'm guessing around 25 miles per charge runs very quiet .

An eBike at last!

Great bike! Pretty easy to assemble. Very comfortable to ride. Looks sleek with many compliments on styling. It's heavy but that's expected with the battery. People thought I was crazy buying a $900 bike but since I have problems with my left leg, it really helps me on those tough hills around town. Tired give it a great ride. Very sturdy construction.