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5 Reasons Why Your 3 Wheel Electric Bike Keeps Cutting Out

Posted by Dina Llabore on

If your electric trike keeps cutting out when you try to use it, you might be panicking. Tricycles aren’t cheap, so you want to make sure it stays in good condition. Eventually, your 3 wheel electric bike is going to run into some issues. No bike lasts forever!

Trike batteries cutting out may not be a terminal sign. A 3 wheel electric trike relies on a lot of electrical components and can wear over time. If your battery is reaching the end of its life, this might also cause your trike to be less reliable. Read on to explore the common reasons trikes lose power. The fix might be simpler than you had originally thought!

1. The Battery Has Reached The End of Its Life

Batteries have a preset number of charge cycles. This means how many times they can be charged and discharged before they no longer function. This is true of any lithium-ion battery. If you have a smartphone, you can check your “battery health” to see what condition your battery is in. It will eventually reach the end of its life cycle.

If you haven’t done 10,000 miles or more with the current battery, it is unlikely to be the problem. If you’ve only had your bike for a year or two, and it is cutting out or not holding a charge, your battery usage and storage habits might be a problem.

It is ideal to keep your battery between 20% and 80% charged, rather than fully charging and discharging it. This reduces the number of battery cycles that can give the battery a shorter life span. Extreme temperatures can also damage your battery lifespan. Keep it between 0 and 45 degrees centigrade while it is on charge.

A battery is not something you should try and fix yourself if you don’t have specialist knowledge. Go to a bike shop instead. One that deals with tricycles will be able to repair the battery. They may “re-cell” the lithium-ion model to restore it to full health.

2. Loose Wiring or Connections

In a battery-powered trike, most of the connections and wires are mission-critical. This means that one loose wire can cause your e-bike tricycle to cut out. If the power isn’t being carried to the motor, for example.

Loose wires or connections happen with wear and tear. Your trike naturally experiences bumps on the road. Small amounts of grit and dirt can get into the connections while you ride.

One sign of the wiring being a problem is if your e-trike cuts out when going at high speeds, or when you have extra cargo. You need additional current in this scenario. If you’ve got loose connections, your trike might not get the power it needs and therefore cut out.

You should perform a visual check to see if there are clear signs of any wiring that is loose. Pay close attention to the battery. If you suspect this to be the problem, it’s time to take your trike to the professionals to get fixed.

3. You Have a Faulty, Broken, or Loose Sensor

Trikes and e-bikes have a lot of sensors. These send a signal to the bike’s computer, and can tell it to slow down, for instance. A broken or even jolted brake sensor might make your trike keep cutting out. 

If you are confident with bike maintenance, unplug the brake sensors. Check if this allows the motor to start working again. Don’t ride the bike anywhere, as your braking will be compromised. 

While a broken sensor is annoying, it is usually a simple fix if you take your trike to an e-bike technician. Diagnosing which sensor is causing the problem is the hardest part.

4. Battery Prongs and Connectors Have Jolted Loose

If this is the cause of your electric tricycle cutting out then the fix is simple. You can repair this just by reattaching your battery. Alternatively, you may need to straighten warped prongs to keep a strong connection to the bike.

Prongs that aren’t properly connected might work some of the time. If you go over a bump or the trike is at a certain angle, the connectors might then come loose. This can stop the motor from getting power and lead to the whole tricycle cutting out.

A quick inspection of the battery prongs will show you if they’re the issue. If they are noticeably warped or there is a lot of grit built-up, that’s likely to be your problem. A bike technician can help you to fix this issue.

5. The “Controller” or Battery Management System Could Be Broken

The controller can be thought of as the “brains” of the trike. This shows you information such as the battery level and your speed. It can also help to set the assistance and other aspects of your ride. If it’s damaged or not receiving signals, this is likely to cause the trike to keep cutting out.

If you notice issues with your display, loose wires, or a blown fuse when you try to use your trike then seek help. If your trike is new and under a warranty, contact the manufacturer to make a claim. Just like getting a problem with a fuse or connection in your car, it is possible that this can happen in your trike.

How a Warranty Keeps You Protected

Most electric tricycles and e-bikes come with a warranty. Some have a longer warranty on the frame than they have on electrical components or other mechanical parts. It is likely that you will get 12 months of manufacturer protection when you buy. This usually means that any issues that are caused in everyday use are covered. Note that accidents or misuse of the trike can void a warranty.

Some of the issues for your tricycle cutting out might be easy to repair yourself or at a local bike shop. Complicated issues with the battery management system problems may mean you need to claim on the warranty.


The reasons above are the common culprits for power cutting out. If you take good care of your trike then problems like those listed will be rare. Problems are even less common if you have a suitable, well-built 3 wheel electric bike

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