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5 Top Electric Bikes for 2023

Posted by Dina Llabore on

5 Top Electric Bikes for 2023

What are the top electric bikes for 2023? The answer is, it depends. It depends upon what the riders wants and needs in an e-bike as well as their budget. Some riders are looking for a simple cruiser to get them to work every day. Others might need a rugged mountain bike to go hunting in the outback. 

Each riders needs are different. We can tell you however, some of the top e-bikes that are getting the most attention and also the most sales. These all have several things in common, great overall value, performance, and dependability. Here are the top 5 for 2023:

Green Bike USA GB1 Folding Cruiser

Green Bike USA GB1 Folding Cruiser

For best overall value we like the Green Bike USA GB1 folding cruiser electric bike. It hits all the high high points for wants and needs and is easy on the wallet. This versatile cruiser checks most of the boxes of a typical electric bike buyer looking for everyday use.

For its low price point, it's packed with features that are typically extra on other e-bikes. A rear cargo, front headlight, rear safety light with turn signals, wheel reflectors, fenders and a kickstand cover all the bases one needs.

The GB1 has a 48V battery and 500W motor. More than enough power and charging ability for scooting around town or on the beach. The estimated range depending upon terrain is 40 miles. Overall a real winner for the first time e-biker or any casual rider.

X-Treme Catalina Beach Cruiser

X-Treme Catalina Beach Cruiser

The X-Treme Catalina seems to be on our best list every year. That’s because it's always a top seller and is amazingly versatile. With its step through frame, and 2.10 inch wide tires, it easy for anyone to ride on any terrain.

The Catalina comes fully loaded as well with a rear rack, fenders, front basket, and drink holder. The powerful 48V battery and 500W motor can take you up to 70 miles on one charge. 

There are 4 color choices with the Catalina. It comes in a light blue, bubble gum pink, white, and mint green. All perfect for sunny weather locations.

Eunorau Fat-AWD Dual Motor Fat Tire

Eunorau Fat-AWD Dual Motor Fat Tire

The Eunorau Fat-AWD is a real workhorse. If you're looking for some serious power whether it's for hunting or hardy outdoor work usage this is it. With 2 front and rear motors, 250W and 350W, this beast can tackle almost any challenge. 

Geared hub motors installed in the a rear and font wheel are much more efficient  than regular hub drives as they can use the bikes gears as transmission. Climbing steep hills and pulling weight is easier and more balanced.

The Fat-AWD comes fully loaded as well with a rear rack, front and rear fenders, and front LED headlight. If you're serious about getting some major usage from an electric bike, this is the model to use.

Revi Cheetah Cafe Racer Retro Electric Bike

Revi Cheetah Plus Cafe Racer


Sexy and masculine motorcycle looks is what the Revi Cheetah Cafe Racer is all about. It’s been a top seller and fan favorite for years and it's obvious why. Designed to look like a 1940’s era motorcycle it gets a lot of attention when you're riding about town. 

It’s not just about looks however, the front and rear disc brakes, a balanced frame and solid 4” tires keep you rock solid and in control at all times. The 26” wheel is perfect for tall riders and with a 300 lbs. payload limit it can accommodate large riders.

It’s available in a 13Ah or 17Ah battery is you want more distance out of a charge. Two strong masculine colors of Night Black and Platinum Gray round out the advantages for anyone looking to get an electric bike that people will remember.

Qualisports Nemo Folding Cruiser Electric Bike

Qualisports Nemo Folding Cruiser Electric Bike

Love to go camping, RV’ing, or boating? Have we got the e-bike for you! The Qualisports Nemo electric bike is one of the most compact folding electric bikes on the market. When space is tight or weight is a consideration, one needs something that covers all the pain points. The Nemo is it.

Weighing only 30 lbs., with the battery, the Nemo is perfect for people on the go and looking for something simple to get them from place to place. The range is an impressive 30 miles on a single charge. It folds to a compact 29 x 16 x 25. Small enough to go into an RV, boat, or car.

The price is very easy on the wallet for under $1,000. You won’t find many electric bikes for that price. It’s also fully featured with front and rear fenders, front headlight, and folding pedals. 

5 Great E-Bikes for the New Year

There are many different types of electric bikes out there. It can be very confusing. We’ve coved a wide range of rider needs with these 5. They are all standouts in their category. Check them out for the new year!

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