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9 Things You Should Look For In A Folding Electric Bike

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Are you looking for a new, energy-efficient way to commute? There are several ways to have a more positive effect on the environment when heading to work or a grocery store.

Investing in a folding electric bike balances convenience with exercise. It’s a new biking experience featuring modern-age technology. If you’re hoping to minimize your carbon footprint while getting outside and enjoying the weather, a folding e-book might be for you.

We’ll discuss what a folding e-bike is, what the benefits are of it, and what to look for during purchasing. If you’re considering investing in a folding electric bike, keep reading for valuable information about these machines! 

The Guide to Folding Electric Bikes 

What Are Folding E-Bikes?

Here’s a new way to experience biking. Electric bikes have taken the world by storm. Opposed to traditional bikes, electric bikes feature a motor. This takes off the majority of the stress and effort from the rider. Instead of the rider manually pedalling the whole time, the electric system helps to propel the ride. 

Due to its make, electric bikes are an excellent commuting option. They are often effortless and you won’t break a sweat going to work. Luckily, many electric bikes can be used manually if the battery dies. This ensures an efficient ride no matter what. 

There are many types of e-bikes on the market. Most notable, a folding e-bike. Folding electric bikes are a take on electric bikes with an added folding capability. They are extremely portable, lightweight and compact. This allows users to put it in their truck or safely in their home or work office. 

Benefits of a Electric Folding E-Bike

There are several benefits of folding electric bikes. We’ll discuss some of our favorites.

Better on the Environment 

If you have to commute inner-city to work, you may often opt for a car ride. Though this is efficient, it results in pollution. The negative effect driving has on the environment is a concern to many people. To minimize your effect, consider small changes. 

One effective and convenient change is e-bikes. Because they don’t emit fuel, it limits pollution. Likewise, they are much more compact, meaning less waste when your car hits the junkyard. 

Excellent Performance

There are many folding e-bikes on the market. If you do research, you’ll likely find one with excellent performance. Since e-bikes are becoming more popular, the market is more large. This means that there are many great options for you to choose from. 

When shopping, consider different performance metrics. This will allow you to get the best value for your money. We will discuss things to look for later in this article. 


A foldable e-bike is an excellent option for travel and easy carry. There are many instances where you’ll need a more compact bike. For example:

  • Carrying your bike up to work following your commute 
  • Taking your bike to a walk-up apartment for safe storage
  • Transporting your bike in the trunk of a car 

Due to the folding mechanism, all of these are possible. When folding, the bike is compact and easy to carry. This results in an easy storage option during off-season. 

Stylish Appearance 

Just like traditional bikes, folding electric bikes are plentiful in the market. This means that you can find many options to suit your tastes. Choose from different colors and designs. This will allow you to invest in a piece you’re proud of. 

No License Required

Getting a car is an exciting milestone. However, it comes with the hassle and upkeep of a driver's license. This can mean a stressful exam and pricey registration - as well as significant responsibility. This is a huge deterrence from many getting their driver's license. 

Thankfully, an e-bike doesn’t require a license. They do not fall under the same classification as motorbikes. This gives you the freedom to ride without the legal requirements. 


Not only are e-bikes more affordable than purchasing a car or motorcycle, but they don’t require fuel. This results in significant savings. If you’re concerned about the priciness of a commute, this is one of the cost-effective options. 

There are also many electric bikes on the market. This means that the price has been driven down. You can find your dream bike for a cost-effective price. 

Minimized Theft Threat

Classic bikes are often left outside - sometimes with a lock. Unfortunately, this can appeal to potential thieves. Bike locks are easy to break and bikes are lucrative for thieves to sell. Because of the portability of your folding e-bike, you must minimize theft. 

When not in use, take your e-bike with you to your destination. They are easy to store and don’t take up much space. Simply store it in a closet or corner and know that it won’t get stolen. 


Having an e-bike that you can easily carry wouldn’t make sense unless it was lightweight. Foldable electric bikes are getting increasingly lighter to maximize portability. This means that they aren’t weighed down, and are easy to carry. 

Some bikes even come with a convenient handle to simplify transportation. Manufacturers have thought of it all to ensure an efficient commuting option for you. This includes it being lightweight. 

Easy Maintenance 

It’s no surprise that vehicles require pricey maintenance. To service your car, you’ll likely need a mechanic’s help. This costs hundreds of dollars in service hours and parts. Luckily, e-bikes are significantly easier to maintain. 

If you’re having an issue with your bike, you can often fix it at home. Parts are priced reasonably. If you need an expert, it’ll be less expensive than a car mechanic. Furthermore, there’s less moving parts in a bike. This means that you have a minimal chance of malfunction than a vehicle. 

Heart Health 

If you decide to go manual on your e-bike, you’re working your cardiovascular health. You can still get healthy exercise from your electric bike. In a vehicle, there’s no physical exertion at all. Whereas with your foldable bike, you can decide to get a sweat in. 

This means that you’re getting a workout during your commute. Furthermore, you’re breathing in fresh air and working on your balance. All around, it's a healthier option than driving or taking a car or bus. 


If you’re in electric mode, your e-bike is completely effortless. All you have to do is steer, break when necessary, and stay alert. This means that you won’t have to break a sweat on your way to work. 

What To Look For When Buying a Folding E-Bike 

If you’re in the market for an e-bike, it’s important to know what to look for. We’ll discuss different questions to ask your sales associate. Important things to consider include:

  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Weight
  • Speed 
  • Ease of Folding
  • And more

How to Power It

There are two mechanisms to a folding e-bike: pedal or throttle. If you purchase a throttle assist bike, you will control the speed and power with the throttle. The throttle can often be found on the handle bars. Throttle bikes require absolutely no effort. However, they may have a lower range of distance on one battery. 

Pedal bikes gain power as you pedal. You won’t have to pedal as hard as a manual bike. However, they do require some more effort than throttle assist e-bikes. If you pedal harder, you’ll go faster. 

Some options feature both pedal and throttle assist. 


Not all bikes are made equally in terms of motor power. Depending on the motor of your e-bike, you may be able to go up to higher speeds. However, there is a speed limit that varies per city. Knowing this will help you determine the best bike for you. 

It’s important to know that more power often equals less range. Bikes with lower power can often go longer distances on one battery. 

Most e-bikes can travel anywhere between 15 mph and 28 mph. Still, a helmet is required to ensure the user's safety. 

Where Is the Motor

The motor can be found in many different places on your foldable e-bike. The most common places are the front, rear or mid. The difference is as follows:

  • Front motors: located on the front wheel. Puts weight on the front of the bike. 
  • Rear motors: located on the rear wheel. Most common option, but often more pricey than front motors. Offers a smoother ride. 
  • Mid motors: placed on the middle of pedal assist e-bikes. Weight is distributed easier for a smooth ride. 

Battery Life

Battery life is a game changer for e-bikes. Knowing the distance you’ll need to go and what the range offered is important. Take into consideration that the range will weaken over time. Like a phone battery, with frequent use, the battery will weaken. This will limit the range. 

If a long range is important to you, you can ask if they have long-range options available. There are often upgrade options. You can also replace the battery on most models after aging occurs. 

Most bikes will allow traveling between 20 and 50 miles. This will vary depending on the intensity of the terrain and whether you’re going uphill. 

Battery Replacement 

Battery replacement is necessary on older bikes. However, batteries are the most expensive part. You can expect to replace them every few years to maintain efficiency and range. 

Because this is one of the main maintenance costs, it's important to determine the price. Parts can cost anywhere between $400-$900. 

Also, discuss how easy it is to change the battery. Is this something you can do on your own? Or will you need a professional to change it? That would be an additional cost. 

Where Is The Battery

Similar to a motor, it matters where the battery is placed. It can be placed in two areas:

  • Rear wheel 
  • On the frame 

Rear wheel placement allows for an easy removal. This makes changing batteries easier and more efficient. However, main frame placement will assist in a smoother ride. 


These days, most foldable e-bikes are known for being lightweight. However, factor in the exact weight. If you’ll be transporting your electric bike up the stairs at work or home, an additional five pounds can seem much heavier.

There are mini folding bikes on the market if you need to minimize weight. Ask around to see the best option for your own benefits. 

Different Subtypes

There are different types of folding e-bikes. Depending on the use and your requirements, you may opt for different types. This may include:

  • Commuter e-bike. Perfect for road cycling. 
  • Mini e-bike. More compact than a traditional electric bike. Often more lightweight. However, mini e-bikes won’t have the same range or power. 
  • Mountain e-bike. Can be used on and off-road for bumpy or intense terrain. Often more expensive than other options. 
  • Fat tire e-bike. Perfect for biking on sand and other tough terrain. Not as efficient for inner-city commutes. 


Fully understanding the compatibility of your folding e-bike is important. Consider where you’ll store your electric bike when you’re not using it. Read dimensions and measure the closet or space where you’ll store it. 

If you must store it in a public or open space, consider purchasing a more cost-effective option. This way, if it’s stolen, you won’t lose a large sum of money. If you’re confident that you have a safe storage place, then you can spend more money comfortably. 

Storage is the main benefit of a folding bike, so preparing for it is essential. 


Do you feel ready to purchase a foldable electric bike? Now that you’re educated, you can feel confident while shopping. Folding e-bikes are worth the purchase for those who need a convenient way to travel or commute. They have a minimal impact on the environment and are a cheaper option than a vehicle.

Understanding your personal needs and what type of folding electric bike works for you is essential as you begin shopping.

For more information on folding e-bikes checkout our complete line: or reach out to the experts at eBikeJOY!

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