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Best Electric Scooters In 2021

Posted by Dina Llabore on

Having one of the best electric scooters ensures less maintenance with longer lasting operation. Are you looking for the best motor scooters for adults? If yes, then we have the top 2021 e-scooters for you. 

The guide includes their specification, unique features, price, and more. 

What is the best electric scooter in 2021? 

There are many brands out there selling e-scooters, but some of the best electric scooters 2021 are as follows:

    1. Green Bike Electric Motion Blade 10 Electric Scooter

The Green Bike Blade 10 is rich in features and offers the most stylish design. This portable scooter is easy to carry, and you can fold it in seconds. Besides that, you can easily take it with you in your car or while traveling on the train. 

Its display, is beautifully equipped with a colorful digital display. The Blade 10 provides you with all the information you need for your ride. The frame of this e-scooter is made of aluminum, and its weight is just 24 lbs. 


  • Battery voltage / Amp-hours / Watt-hours: 48V / 60V 
  • Battery chemistry: Lithium-ion
  • Motor: Brushless motor 48V/60V 1200W
  • Estimated range: up to 55/65 miles on a flat surface (Eco mode)
  • Estimated charge time / 5+ hrs 
  • Drive modes: Trigger throttle
  • Display Type: Color LCD
  • Brakes:  GreenBike hydraulic brakes

Price starts from: 1,549.00 USD

    2. Zumaround Minizum 250W Electric Scooter

If you are looking for the best e-scooter that offers the most comfortable experience, then the Zumaround Minizum is it. It features a capable drivetrain to commute around town. In addition, the Minizum comes with a set of 12-inch cast-aluminum wheels that are suitable for daily use.

This e-scooter is ideal for students as they can ride it to their school or college. It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 395 lbs. The Minizum by Zumaround is one of the best scooters in terms of specs, price, and quality. 


  • Cast: Aluminum
  • Battery: 36 V Removable and rechargeable
  • Max distance: 20 miles (32km)
  • E-brakes: 2 front and rear 
  • 12 inches pneumatic tires
  • Colors: black, grey, 
  • Adjustments: Extendable handlebar
  • Front and Rear LIGHTS
  • Scooter weight including battery: 28 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 395 lbs.

Price starts from: 1,250.00 USD

    3. Belize Buzz Slick Electric Scooter

To enjoy a comfortable e-scooter experience at a reasonable price, the Belize Buzz is the best choice. This e-scooter comes with a brushless front motor to provide a convenient riding experience. 

The Belize Buzz e-scooter comes with a 36V Li-ion battery with a digital display of 44 inches. The Belize Buzz Slick is an ideal scooter for adults and teenagers. It is quite an ideal to ride in urban areas, especially in crowded areas, for the best experience.


  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Adjustments: 
  • Color: white and grey
  • battery: 36V 8Ah Li-ion
  • Brakes: Front electric cut-off and rear disc brake
  • Wheels: 10" Wheels with 5.10" solid rubber tires
  • Other accessories: Front and rear light, bell, battery charger

Price starts from: 650.00 USD

Before buying an electric scooter, you need to consider many features like style, speed, warranty, and more. No doubt that design is crucial, but durability is the most important thing that you should look for. 

Before choosing an electric scooter, consider the points below:

What’s the Miles Per Charge?

A good electric scooter comes with 15.5 miles of coverage in a single charge. Furthermore, such efficient and long-lasting batteries take 3.5 to 5 hours to charge.

Should Weight be Considered?

Think about the estimated luggage you want to carry along with your weight. Some electric scooters can bear less weight, while others can carry the rider of 257 lbs. The average weight of the best e-scooter is between 23 to 26.5 lbs.

Are electric scooters reliable to ride on?

E-scooters that are crafted expertly by the well-reputed brands will last for years if cared properly. Besides that, it requires little to no maintenance at all. Also, according to an estimation, the average American spends more than $2,500 to commute. It can go up and down according to the mode of transportation and distance. Besides that, the impact of buses and cars on the environment is very high. Therefore, it reasons that electric scooters are not only environmentally friendly but also budget-friendly.

Wrapping up

Buying the best electric scooter can be tricky, especially if you are buying it for the first time. There are diverse variables available in the market, but the models we listed above are some that you can rely on.

By riding an e-scooter, you won’t only look cool but also contribute to an eco-friendly environment. Keep your budget and purpose of buying an electric scooter in mind before you buy!

Looking to buy and electric scooter? Look at our best selling brands and models to get yourself rolling:

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