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Eunorau D6 Mid Drive Cruiser E-Bike

Posted by Jack Bielli on

Eunorau D6 Mid Drive Cruiser E-Bike silver

Looking for a road e-bike that really delivers? The new Eunorau D6 mid-drive cruiser is it. One of the few road cruiser electric bikes on the market, it is as streamlined as a professional bike yet has a hidden battery and mid motor. 

Its aerodynamic looks cut through the wind for added speed, comfort as well as the plus of fun color options to really get you noticed. The DG’s exceptional features offer additional performance; road-smoothing tech for longer rides with less fatigue.

Eunorau D6 Mid Drive Cruiser E-Bike Battery

Mid Drive Motor and Hidden Battery

The Eunorau D6 is one of the first commuter e-bikes to incorporate a mid-motor and torque sensor in its design. This will allow you to travel further and go faster in comparison to the average hub motor road bike.

The removable lockable secure, hidden battery is a game changer. You might not even notice it incorporated into the down tube it's so well designed. You can charge it on the bike or with a simple twist of the key, take it out for charging.

Eunorau D6 Mid Drive Cruiser E-Bike Display

Intelligent LCD Display Show Everything at Your Fingertips

The LCD display on the D6 electric bike delivers all the necessary information for riders” battery grid, riding speed, milage, pedal assist level etc. The large and easy to read Smart BC281 display syncs with the Eunorau Go app so you can keep up with your performance even while not on the bike.

 Eunorau D6 Mid Drive Cruiser E-Bike Tires

700C Cyclocross Tires Help with Battery Savings

Innova 700 35C cyclocross tires help the DG go further than ever due to their smoothness, confront, and fast rolling. Professional road bikers have a preference for these tires because they are perfect for long distance riding. The energy-savings to the battery and to the rider really add up.

The D6 electric bike is available in 2 sizes, Medium (19”) and Large (23”). An extra battery is available for those want to extend the distance of the bike past 40 miles. Check out the many deluxe features of the D6 and you’ll see why we are really excited about this new addition to the Eunorau lineup.

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