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5 Reasons To Get A Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser

Posted by Dina Llabore on

Do you love riding on the beach? The thrill of riding on a sturdy and comfortable bike is second to none. The salty ocean air and laid-back atmosphere are best savored with a beach cruiser. Cruising on the boardwalk or a flat open road is not only about the joy of riding. There is a lot more to a fat tire electric beach cruiser than you know.

For starters, bicycles keep you fit. You can reduce the carbon footprint with electric bikes. Best of all, there are plenty of choices to pick from. Here you can find key facts about beach cruisers. Have a look at the reasons listed here. You are sure to understand why the fat tire electric beach cruiser is the most popular choice now.

Is It Worth Getting An Electric Bike?

People prefer electric bikes now more than ever before. With a bicycle, you need not worry about the issues you face with personal transportation, such as:

  •       Parking difficulties
  •       Fuel payments
  •       Traffic navigation

An electric bike offers you extra versatility and freedom. You can ride whenever and wherever you want. In fact, compared to a train or a bus, riding on an e-bike helps you reach your destination sooner and with less effort. You do not have to stop for others.

Besides the above benefits, the most important one is you can save money. With a car, you need to spend money on fuel, insurance, and other expenses. Electric bikes save you plenty of expenses as they are low on maintenance. This is why they are considered an investment.

Buying A Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser Model

Beach cruisers are popular on the sandy coasts as well as in quiet neighborhoods. With a stylish and comfortable design, electric bikes are a pleasure to ride. They are good for the environment and your pocket. Still not convinced about buying them? Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should own one:

Reason #1

A Cool Ride

Most people choose a bicycle for its functionality. They look for a sturdy and powerful build. But, for many, appearance is an important deciding factor. This is particularly true in the case of a beach cruiser. An electric fat bike cruiser is very trendy and stylish.

The models have a classic design and smooth curves. Thus, it is not surprising that they are an instant hit among cycling enthusiasts. People find such cycles ideal for a comfortable ride. They are also perfect for exercise and commuting.

Reason #2

A Comfortable Ride

Beach cruisers are meant for leisurely rides. So, it goes without saying that these bikes have features that make your ride comfortable. For instance, the step-through model is easy to handle for those who find the regular frame difficult to use. Some of the features that make the fat bike cruiser electric the best in comfort include:

  • Wide and upright handlebars: These help in keeping an erect posture while you ride. You get to enjoy your surroundings as you cruise through the sandy beach. You can fix the handlebars as per your height and other preferences.
  • Wide seat: The width of the seat and its ergonomic design aims to give you a comfortable experience. You will not feel the strain of a long ride with the wide seat. Gender-specific seat options are also present for better comfort.
  • Fat tires: With the tires covering more ground surfaces, the bicycle remains sturdy. Plus, it provides better traction and grip on different terrains. You get to enjoy a smooth and effortless ride even on rough terrain. Additionally, controlling the bike is easier with wide tires.

Reason #3

Keeps You Fit

Cycling is one of the best ways to stay fit. But, not everyone can enjoy its fitness benefits. Senior citizens, for instance, find it difficult to ride a bicycle on rough terrain. But, with a fat bike cruiser electric model, such issues do not arise.

The bikes come with gears that you can change based on the terrain. You can use the pedals or avoid them if you are tired of pedaling. So, you can choose to work out if you want or just make the ride a casual one.

Reason #4

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Global warming and climate change are issues that concern everyone. It is well known that pollution from vehicles is one of the factors. Electric fat tire cruiser bike models offer a convenient and less pollution-free substitute.

Besides keeping you fit, using an electric bicycle also impacts the environment. It reduces the carbon footprint over time. With electricity as the power source, such bicycles help you to live in a more eco-friendly way. When you consider the long time impact, you get to save energy and cost.

Reason #5

An Ideal Transport Option

Many people use the fat tire electric bike beach cruiser for a leisure ride. But, the bikes also have practical functions. You can use them for running errands like you do with your regular bicycle. Due to their comfortable design, you will not feel the stress of commuting.

In many cities, there are separate lanes for bicycles. With such avenues, you need not worry about the traffic. There are also some other benefits to using the beach cruiser for transportation. You can avoid the expense of paying for insurance, taxes, gas, etc. with electric bikes. E-bicycles let you cover more distance in a shorter time without feeling the strain.

Final Thoughts

You can find plenty of options when it comes to electric bicycles. But, a fat tire electric beach cruiser can offer you the best comfort, design, savings, and style. With a versatile build, you can use the vehicle for normal transport as well as a pleasure ride. You also get to add in more activity with the fat tire electric bike beach cruiser.

To get the best benefits from your beach cruiser, choosing the right model is important. Durable and ergonomic models are ideal for an enjoyable experience.

Look at our complete line of fat tire electric beach bikes. We're sure you will find one that is the perfect fit for your needs:

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