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What is an E-Bike? (Electric Bicycles)

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Electric bicycles are a modern form of transport providing an exciting substitute to traditional biking so that even those who are not fond of cycling can enjoy this activity. E-bike is short for electric bike and it looks like a regular bike at first glance but what makes it different is the availability of an electric motor that offers added functionality especially when the biker has to climb up a hill. Those who always wished to have a viable alternative to expensive city transport; e-bike is the answer to their prayers. It can be paddled as well as controlled by the motor when you’re not feeling like pedaling or are too tired to exercise.

Now, one might argue that addition of a motor makes this bicycle a motorbike, doesn’t it? Well, absolutely not! The experience of riding an e-bike is totally different from that of a motorbike. For one thing, the electric assistance provided by the motor is meant to make the journey easier and smoother. It helps the rider effortlessly glide down a road without getting disturbed by the noise and complexity of a motorcycle. Furthermore, it appeals to both men and women: whereas a motorcycle typically appeals to men.

Let’s have a look at this modern, fun and sensational form of transport to understand how it works. There are four basic components unique in any e-bike:

  • Electric motor – This motor is not visible as it is hidden in the front wheel of the bike. When the battery powers the motor, it starts spinning and with it the wheel starts spinning too.
  • Motor controller – This is a controller in the rider’s hand to control the speed of t
    he motor and to turn it on or off. 
  • Pedal assist – Also known as the throttle, the pedal assist is mounted on the handlebars that tell the controller to supply more power when more pedaling is required. 

  • Battery – The battery provides the power the bike needs in order to move forward without manual pedaling. This unit is usually around 10 times the size of a laptop battery and it is securely placed in the back seat of the bike.

Some modern e-bikes also come equipped with a display console so that you can view your speed and other options while riding. These bikes are now being designed to be waterproof so that you can even ride it in rainy weather without any hesitation. Some e-bikes might be heavier than others depending on their parts and number of functions offered.

If you’ve been looking for something that would give you the freedom and excitement of biking minus all the effort required in pedaling, you might want to consider an e-bike to make this favorite pastime a true joy!

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