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Getting Your e-Bike to Your Vacation Destination? Problem Solved!

Posted by Soner Biricik on

Going on a Trip or Vacation and Want to Take Your E-Bike? Now You can!

Getting your electric bicycle to your vacation destination can be a real pain! With lithium or dry cell batteries as well as the size of the bike, shipping can be problematic. Most standard shipping services will not ship e-bikes. A shipper must be hazmat certified to ship e-bikes with batteries installed. The size of the bike can make it prohibitively expensive as well. 

There is now a new service, Bike Flights, that will get your e-bike to its destination trouble free. 

It’s simple. Look up a local bike shop that is near you on the Bike Flights online database Be sure to call to verify that they are hazmat certified and handle e-bikes as not all listed on handle e-bikes.

Order shipping supplies for your shipment through the Bike Flights website or buy at the local bike shop where you will ship your e-bike. You can pack the bike yourself or have it done for you at the bike shop.

You can track your e-bike during its shipment on the Bike Flights website or through the shipping service. Confirmation of arrival is sent via email or text.

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