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How To Assemble Your Online Ordered Electric Bike

Posted by Liz Fosdick on

How To Assemble Your Online Ordered Electric Bike

Finally getting your new electric bike delivered can be an exciting experience. You spent plenty of time doing online research to select the exact brand and model that is perfect for you. What do you need to know to assemble your e-bike you ordered online? 

Most electric bikes ordered online will come 80-90% preassembled. If you're mechanically inclined it should be a piece of cake to get it all assembled. If you're not, however, it might be better to have had the e-bike shipped to a local bike shop to have them do the assembly and a tuneup for you.

Let’s focus on the self-assembly route here. You're mechanically included and know your way around a tool box. Most mail ordered electric bikes will come with a toolset. This should be most of what you will need in the assembly process.

Before we start putting the parts together, make sure to open the box carefully. Follow any outside markings on how to open the box. If you use a box cutter to open the box, be careful that you don’t inadvertently damage the bike or its paint finish inside.

Once you get the box opened, there should be several components: charger, toolset, pedals, front wheel, handlebars, and most importantly, the assemble manual. Most products these days do not include a user manual but instead offer it as an online PDF for download.

Lay all the various parts and components out on the floor and organize them as best you can from what you see. Make sure to do this on a carpeted area or soft towels so you don’t scratch the paint or damage a delicate part like the derailleur. Let’s get started!

Step #1 - Read the Assembly Manual

I know. You think you know how to assemble it. Most people do. Save yourself some time and a lot of effort and pre-read the entire assembly manual. This is important as you also might find that you are missing an important piece that was not included in the box. It’s far easier to find out now if your missing something than when your along the assembly process.

Step #2 - Attach the Handlebars

Most, not all, mail order electric bikes have the handlebars attached and in place. If your does not, get the handlebars attached and make sure that all components it are in their proper place and attached.

Mount the handlebars and screw in each bolt, but not too tight though. You will need the toolset that came with the e-bike for this. We’ll focus on getting the handlebars perfectly in place and the bold tightened when we get the other components in place.

How To Assemble Your Online Ordered Electric Bike

Step #3 - Installation of the Pedals

More than likely, your pedals did not come preinstalled on your e-bike. This is very simple to do. Look at each pedal and see if it has a marking on it to determine Left or Right. If it does, follow that direction. You might want to add a touch of oil on each pedal mounting prior to putting it on.

How To Assemble Your Online Ordered Electric Bike

Step #4 - Front Wheel

Now that we have the handlebars and pedals in place, it’s time to focus on the front wheel. Most electric bikes come with disc brakes. Be careful when you turn the bike on its side when attaching the wheel to not damage the disk brake or the derailleur. Here again, doing this procedure on a carpeted floor, thick towel or blanket is best.

Grab your quick release tool. It should come attached to the wheel. Unscrew the knob and ends and take off one of the cones. Place the quick release lever at the left side of the front wheel and screw in the spring cone on the other side. Put the front wheel into the fork with the discs between the pads and screw the quick release lever tight into place.

Tighten and align the handlebars that we attached in Step #2.

Step #5 - Attach Accessories

Some electric bikes come with accessories like fenders, lights, and a rack. Attached them as directed by the assembly manual. The assembly will depend upon the individual accessory.

Step #6 - Charger and Charging the E-Bike

Unwrap the charger packaging. You’ll notice one, perhaps two cords. Once goes into the charging port of the e-bike, the other into a wall electrical outlet. Make sure your e-bike is turned off before you attach the cord to the bike charging port. 

Once you have it plugged in, and into an electrical outlet, you’ll hear a slight hum. This indicates the charger is working. There should be a red or green light on the charger. A red indicates it needs to be charged, green, that it is fully charged. Once your bike is fully charged, unplug the charger and put it away. Never leave the charger attached when the bike is fully charged.

Assembling your new electric bike is a fairly simple process. If you have any questions or are not sure about anything, reach how to the manufacturer, or the company you ordered the bike from. They will be happy to help or direct you to who might be able to assist you.


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