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7 Things To Remember Before Getting An Electric Kick Scooters For Kids

Posted by Dina Llabore on

What kid wouldn’t want a kick scooter? Your child may be obsessed with the idea of getting a electric kick scooter. However, as a parent, you need to ensure they are safe at all times. You need to make the correct choice for their safety and to ensure they get the most out of their scooter.

If you are wondering “what should I look for in a kid’s electric scooter?”, read on to explore the most important things to consider. We cover all the information you need to ensure your kids have great fun, get to where they need to go, and stay safe.

Things to Consider Before Getting An E-Scooters For Kids

1. Consider the Battery Life

You won’t be happy with your purchase if the batteries keep dying during use.

Electric scooters tend to use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This is an efficient and more environmentally-friendly method to power any form of transport. The only downside is the fact that you have to deal with limitations.

You need to consider two things about battery life:

  1. How many miles you will get on a single charge
  2. How long the battery will last (and can it be replaced)

You should opt for an electric kick scooter that can last for the highest possible number of charge cycles. More cycles mean a longer lifespan of the battery. You may get up to 10,000 miles use out of a battery.

How many miles you can go on a single charge is vital if your child is doing long distance rides. You need to ensure your child can get to school and back on one charge, for instance.

Some kick scooters with an electric motor still allow you to manually use the scooter if the battery dies. This can be a useful backup, but it’s frustrating. You didn’t buy an electric model to have to self-propel it.

2. Safety Features

Look for high-quality safety features. All scooters you consider should be well-made with quality parts, which helps your child stay safe. These features can give you some peace of mind.

Examples include:

  • A dual-braking system. If one brake fails, the other can take over.
  • Battery warning lights to tell the rider when the battery is running low
  • A high IP rating proving that the scooter is resistant to rain and wet conditions
  • A helmet. This may not come with your scooter, but kids should always wear helmets to protect their heads if they crash. 

3. Teaching Your Child to Use The Scooter Properly

It’s not all about getting the correct features. Like any vehicle, a scooter takes some getting used to. Teaching your kid to ride can be a really fun activity, like learning to ride a bike.

Before you let your child loose with their scooter, make sure you teach them how to get the most out of it. This means the utmost in safety, too.

Go to a quiet area, such as a parking lot that is not in use. Here, you can get to know the basics of the scooter, how it works, and how it handles. There is no specific license or training course for electric scooters, but that does not mean that you will be ready to use them as soon as you jump on. Children should alway learn to stay safe.

4. Pneumatic Tires Are Worth It

Pneumatic tires absorb the shock from the road or other riding surfaces. This gives the scooter superior handling. Ultimately, this means that your child is less likely to lose control and fall off the scooter.

Pneumatic tires may also be tubeless and easy to replace. If you can buy an electric kick scooter with suspension then this will provide even more stability. If not, the pneumatic tires alone will prevent a lot of the bumps from rougher surfaces. Getting a model with this style of tires can save you a lot of hassle.

5. Kick Scooter Maintenance

Your Childs electric kick scooter doesn’t need a huge amount of maintenance. However, it’s good to know a few upkeep tips to keep their scooter fun to ride and in the best possible condition.

Maintenance should include:

  • Regular tire checks. The PSI (pressure) of the tires should usually be between 35 and 45. Check your manufacturer’s guidelines when you buy the scooter.
  • Checking bolts for any connections coming loose over time
  • Cleaning it after use. Dirt and grit from the road can cause damage if left to bake onto the scooter.
  • Don’t keep the battery in extreme temperatures. Low or high temperatures can damage it, and reduce its lifespan.
  • If your scooter doesn’t have a high IP rating, keep it out of wet conditions. These can damage the electronics. If your scooter isn’t designed to go in the rain, keep it well away.

Being proactive with maintenance can avoid costly repairs and make sure you get longer use out of your kid’s scooter.

6. Local Restrictions on Scooters

You don’t want to buy a scooter only to find out that your child can’t actually ride it in your state. Before you get a scooter for your child, check the local restrictions. Under federal US law, electric scooters are not outlawed for any age. However, each state classes the scooter differently. 

Check what the law says in your state.

For instance, in Michigan, riders under the age of 19 must wear a helmet. Kids under 12 are not allowed to ride their electric scooters on public highways. In some states, the scooters must be under a certain weight. In New York, electric scooters can’t exceed 100 lbs.

7. Portability

Surely every scooter is portable? Actually, no. If your child needs to carry their scooter onto public transport, or up and downstairs, it needs to be portable. For example, if your kid rides their scooter to a subway train, they may need to take it downstairs and then onto the carriage.

Not many electric kick scooters can fold up. However, you can make sure you get a lightweight option that your kid can carry. This means it can go everywhere with them, including upstairs. 


Getting electric kick scooters for kids can be both fun and safe. You don’t have to take risks. Safety features like the double-rim pneumatic wheels on the stylish Zumaround MaxiZum make for a comfortable, secure ride. 

As a parent, you can’t put a price on your child’s safety. Plus, getting a quality electric kick scooter will help keep your child secure (and make you a very popular parent).

We offer a wide variety of brand named electric scooters for your child. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions about any of them.

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