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7 Things to Know About Electric Cruiser Bikes

Posted by Dina Llabore on

Electric cruiser bikes have taken over the bicycle market and are gradually becoming a recreational staple for families. Compared to their non-electric counterparts, cruiser electric bikes have many advantages over non-electric versions. 

With smooth riding and less effort, electric cruisers are very versatile. They are more environmental friendly, and attract a lot of attention from regular biker riders. Below are seven things you need to know before purchasing an electric cruiser bike.

How to Choose an Electric Cruiser Bike

Let's be honest. There are thousands of different electric cruisers on the market, with varied capabilities, functions, and styles. The challenge then becomes how to pick the correct one. Where do you begin?

There are two main factors to consider when purchasing any product, and the same applies here. Price and style. These two will aid in your search to narrow down the perfect bike. 

Electric cruiser bikes

Not to state the obvious, but as the name implies, these bikes were made for cruising. They are built for everyday use, so they have broad, soft seats and handlebars higher up in the air. But also closer to the bike rider. The pedals are a little further than usual on most e-bikes. This affords the rider the comfort of resting both feet on the ground when not riding. The tires are larger too. 

Cruisers are made for leisure riding, not anything too intense or stressful. However, they are bigger and heavier than most types of electric bikes. This makes them harder to control at lower speeds. If your goal is to chill comfortably as the sun slowly fades away and the gentle breeze in your face, this is your e-bike.

What do I Need to Know about Buying an Electric bike?

Electric cruisers have the same advantages as ordinary bicycles while aiding those who need a bit of extra help. So, what are all the advantages, of an electric bike cruiser? What should you need to know about it?

1. Drive Systems

As is with cars - where we have all-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive, and rear-wheel-drive, electric cruisers have something similar. But in this case, there are two types of drives. The first is called the “Pedalecs system." In this system, pedaling automatically adds resistance from the motor – this is dependent on the rate of the pedal, the force supplied, and speed. 

Many countries regulate the motor output, and it is kept at a maximum of 250W, and the speed is limited to 25 mph. This means when the rider exceeds this speed, the motor automatically turns off. For the second type of drive, it is called a "twist-n-go." And just like the name suggests, you twist the switch to engage the motor, and off you go. 

2. Personal Fit

Electric cruisers are designed for different individuals, age groups, and uses. It is a personal preference which feels best to you. And this is why communication with your retailer is important.  

3. Motors

Motors for e-bikes come in two main configurations. They are either mounted on one of the wheels; these are called a hub motor. Or they are mounted on the pedal center area; these are called mid drive motors and are usually put under the frame. This means your e-bike could include a sensor that monitors how hard you pedal and automatically gives the assistance. Direct drive motors are usually somewhat noisy though depending on the brand and type, but they are great for steep hill rides. The opposite can be said for hub-mounted motors. They are usually noiseless but don't do well on steep hills like mid drive motors. 

4. Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are found in almost every product these days, and this includes the e-bike. The more expensive bikes have better batteries, are technologically advanced to charge quicker, be lighter and last longer. When purchasing an e-bike, make sure you buy from a common and notable battery maker and make sure the battery has a warranty for at least one year. 

These batteries last longer with careful use and planning. So, with careful planning, your battery should last for over two thousand cycles instead of the regular eight hundred. And this is for about three to four years. A good battery lasts about two to seven hours on a charge, depending on its composition, capacity, and manufacturer.

5. Distance

The range is defined as the area a e-bike can cover on one battery charge. This is a big selling point for a lot of bikes. So, when purchasing a cruiser bike, one thing you must check is the range. Always remember that without a charged battery, your e-bike is just heavy, cumbersome and a lot of work. 

When purchasing your e-bike, go for something that exceeds your normal daily range, something with more capacity than your daily commute. This is because as time passes and your bike ages, the battery dies and cannot provide the same capacity it once did in the past. Also, note that the range is determined by many factors—the weight of the individual, terrain, weather conditions, assistance level the user sets, speed, and battery age.

6. Price

Just like every great product, quality isn't cheap. A great electric cruiser doesn't come cheap. You may decide to go simple and cut on the costs. But the question becomes how long will it last? A great e-bike that has quality brakes, suspension, and other above average features will cost your wallet a little more.

So, don't cheap out on cost; in this case, quality will last longer than cutting back on the costs. Expect to spend if you want a good cruiser bike. If you can afford it, purchase a bike with an even higher price tag and maximum performance.

Reasons to Get an Electric Bike Cruiser

A lot of people view electric bikes as a threat to standard bikes. Same way, many people view the internet as a threat to standard libraries. In fact, electric bikes aid us, and here are some reasons to get one:

1. Pedaling is easy

    E-bikes are just bicycling with batteries. And these batteries are there to help us, that's all. They do not take full responsibility for moving the bicycle, and they only serve to assist. So, when you're riding uphill, the motors in the bicycle aid you by giving you a boost—allowing you to cruise over harder terrain with ease. An electric bike makes it easier and allows you to accelerate easier.

    2. They are pretty fast

    The faster you pedal, the bigger the boost. But note that they are not motorbikes. The fact is, the government regulates the speed of motors to prevent people from going at dangerous speeds.

    You can also control how much of the motor aids you. This comes in particularly handy if you're tired. A lot of e-bikes come with settings to regulate your boost, going from "low to high," for when you need extra help going over that hill.

    3. You'll ride more frequently

      Getting an e-bike definitely increases the number of times you ride in a week. Seeing as you now have an assist when you ride, you will want to ride more, knowing that when you get tired, that assist can take over. You can also go faster and travel longer distances, enjoying the full capabilities of your e-bike. And for those who do not ride a lot, e-bikes are a great way to build your stamina—opening up a new world of possibilities to you. So perhaps you are not that great at riding long distances. With time, the e-bike will aid and assist in building stamina, and you can cover those miles easier without the e-bike.

      4. Replaces the need to drive

      Some people indicate they bought an e-bike to replace their cars. Other reasons for wanting an e-bike include saving the environment, traffic and parking, and moving cargo/running errands. 

      Note that since most of the driving trips are under 10 miles, and average trips at around 6 miles. It is impractical to think that an e-bike will ever be a full replacement for a car. It does however come at a lower cost over a car. For errands like simple groceries and such, all you need is to install a basket and off you go.

      5. Exercise

      E-bikes assist you; they do not do all the work for you. So yes, this still counts as exercise, especially to people who are just starting. E-bikes aid those who are struggling to exercise to build their stamina and cardiovascular fitness over time. A lot of people are not fit to ride long rides for extended periods. And the e-bike allows them to do so while getting in shape.

      And even for those in perfect shape, you can still make use of it. When compared to normal standard biking, e-biking requires less effort. So, with minimal work and more results, it helps you conserve your energy for longer rides. They can then extend these rides daily. 

      6. Better batteries

      As I stated earlier, Lithium-ion batteries are getting better day by day. And e-bikes are yet another gadget taking advantage of this trend. You can expect to ride up to 100 miles before needing another recharge with a good battery. However, this depends on the size and range of the battery. Also, if you decide to use it at the highest speed all day, you are bound to come short quicker than usual. But better batteries are being produced as we speak, and we expect the range of e-bikes to get better.

      7. They save you money

      Like I said previously, a good electric cruiser bike will cost you money. They aren't cheap, to begin with, but just like every good investment – they pay up. Keeping your car parked will save you money in gas and repairs. Also, there are health benefits, like a healthier cardiovascular system and fewer illnesses from exercise. However, the prices may vary depending on a lot of factors. You should expect to spend at least $1,500 on a standard electric cruiser. And up to $3,000 for a quality cruiser with a motor from one of the top names in the market.

      8. They are sturdy 

      These bikes are heavier and more durable than their standard counterparts. This is because they come with a battery, a motor, and other features. This makes them heavier, but they also come with a quality reinforced frame to carry all that weight and yours. So, you can be rest assured that nothing is going to bend or buck under your weight. You will have to put in some extra muscle to lift it into the car through or down your stairs. All that extra weight becomes worth it when you start to ride and the motor kicks in to save you the stress.

      9. The next big thing in transport

      As cities become more populated, space isn't going to get bigger. Those traffic lines will get longer and longer. And this is why every major company in the industry has recognized the niche and has begun pouring in their resources to develop better e-bikes. Even car companies have realized that more cars in high-density areas aren't fixing the problem and have also jumped on the e-bike wagon. 

      How much does an average e-bike cost? 

      Knowing how to choose the perfect e-bike for you and why you should get it is one thing. Another crucial factor is your pocket vs affordability, which is likely the most important aspect. Most electric cruiser bikes will typically cost from the lowest price of $600 to more than $7,000.

      The modern e-bikes you see around are between $1500 – $3000. The good part is that it doesn't cost much to charge an electric bike battery; it only costs cents per charge. You are most likely going to get a best overall value on the a more expensive electric bike, including quality and a more conclusive warranty. 


      The electric cruiser bike is an invention that has changed the way we look at biking. It has created the opportunity for us to live healthier and happier lives while enjoying a certain comfort level. With its different advantages and capabilities, we enjoy a range of comfort that wasn't possible in the cycling world before.

      All in all, if you are considering getting an electric cruiser bike, hopefully, this article has taught you helpful things you need to know about them.

      Check out the complete line of cruiser electric bikes. You'll find a wide variety of styles and prices to suit any taste and budget.

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