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Pfautec Trikes, Recumbent, Cargo and Electric Bikes

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Pfautec Trikes, Cargo and Electric Bikes

Wide Variety of 3 Wheel Trikes and Cargo Bikes for Every Need

Pfautec designs and builds in Germany a wide array of electric tricycles, cargo, and recumbent bikes to fit specific needs. Tricycles are perfect for those with balance, disability or age related issues. Cargo bikes are perfect for those that need to haul stuff on small city streets or busy traffic areas.

With over 7 models to choose from, Pfautec has the ideal electric trike for your specific needs. Each models is designed for range of motion, comfort, and long lasting durability. All handmade in Germany, quality is first and foremost.

Pfautec Trikes, Cargo and Electric Bikes

Pfautec Ally FM Makes Getting Off and On a Trike Easier Than Ever

The Pfautec Ally FM is an agile, loyal, and motorized vehicle for people of shorter riders. Due to the compact design with 24 inch tires, the vehicle will win you over with its excellent driving and steering abilities.

With its low step-through frame, the Ally FM is easy to get on without the rider needing to lift their leg particularly high. Thanks to the shorter wheelbase, the Ally FM ensures a safe and relaxed riding experience for short riders at all times.

Motorized, short footboard, compact design, shorter wheelbase and an excellent driving and steering characteristics, makes the Ally FM a true all-rounder.

Pfautec Trikes, Cargo and Electric Bikes

The Pfautec Grazia Makes Transporting Cargo a Breeze

Robust, safe, and with enduring power – the Pfautec Grazia scores with a powerful Bosch Active-Line-Plus drive system and offers continuous support during longer tours up to 75 km range. Being the only approved therapeutic tricycle with electric assistance by Pfautec in Germany, this tricycle is equipped with four different pedal assistance levels.

The low step-through frame lets you get on and off the tricycle without any problems. A plus: The power packs of the Active-Line consist of durable 500Wh lithium-ion batteries, which can easily be installed, removed, and charged directly on the bike.

Pfautec Trikes, Cargo and Electric Bikes

Comfort and Ease of Use on the Recumbent Scooter Trike

The Pfautec ScooterTrike is comfortable and easy-going. At the same time, the recumbent tricycle is designed to have a particularly low centre of gravity. This ensures a lot of safety and stability on your tours and also gives you the freedom to put your feet on the ground at any time.

The ScooterTrike combines comfortable and casual riding in a higher seating position with intuitive operability, enabling you to master long distances effortlessly. This is because the motion sensor of this recumbent electric tricycle does not depend on the applied pedaling force, but on the crank rotation. 

The height and inclination of the large seat can be adjusted quickly and easily. This ensures a relaxed seating position from which the traffic situation can be assessed effortlessly at all times. To come to a total stop, simply take one foot off the pedal and reach the ground while seated.

The 16-inch front wheel performs with excellent maneuverability on urban and rural routes, following the motto: hop on and ride off. This makes the ScooterTrike an ideal beginner tricycle.

Tradition, innovation and safety have always underpinned Pfautec. They have been developing high-quality aids for people with and without mobility restrictions since 1999. Checkout the complete line up on

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