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Take Off On A European Electric Bike Adventure with Edelweiss Tours

Posted by Amit Jivani on

European electric bike vacations

So. You’ve explored all the local roads and trails. What’s next? How about some real adventure? Imagine cruising on your e-bike through the Austrian lake district while making friends with others that share your same passion and sense of adventure. Edelweiss E-Bike European Tours makes it possible.

In 1980, Coral and Werner Wachter decided to turn their hobby into a profession and founded the company Edelweiss Bike Travel. Their goal was to explore the world’s most beautiful places by bicycle in company of like-minded explorers from all over the world.

electric bike tours dining with new biking friends getting a last e-bike safety check

Today, 37 years later, they have explored more than 80 countries with over 37,000 guests from all around the world. However, this was not the only beginning but the first of many. In 2015 Coral and Werner decided to expand upon their well-loved bicycle adventures by adding e-Bike trips to their adventure offerings. This decision was based on Edelweiss’s philosophy and desire to truly connect people to nature and the culture of each particular country, in addition to explore every corner of our beautiful planet. E-biking offers many advantages in this regard because it has no age limit and geared toward those not as fit as typical bike riders.

Edelweiss’s has remained true to its roots and is still a family-owned business. It now employs 23 people in their headquarters and more than 50 tour guides. All of whom are absolute experts in their field and do everything they can to offer their customers an unforgettable experience every day. The tours are compiled by e-bike travel specialists who know every road, forest and hiking trail of any particular region. The routes are carefully and extensively tested. They don’t leave anything to chance as they plan your tour. Except for the weather, which we cannot influence just yet! Check them out and the upcoming schedule for your next unforgettable experience.

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