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Electric Bike, Scooter, and Moped Reviews

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Aostirmotor S07 Fat Tire Mountain Electric Dirt Bike

Green Bike USA GB750 Fat Tire Low Step All Terrain Electric Bike

Great bike.

We are extremely happy with our ebike. They only thing we changed was the seat to a more comfortable seat. Great power. Never lose power going up hill. Easy to control. Looks great and feels like good quality. Happy with our decision to pick GB1 fat tire.

X-Treme TM-36 350W Mountain Cruiser Electric Bike
Darian Wiggins

Good bike..chain guard came bent so when I paddle the chain comes off. Everything else good

Darian, Good to hear that you like the bike overall. If you want to contact the X-Treme about the bent chain guard, please contact us at and we'll get you in contact with them. Thanks!

Great trail bike

Awesome bike, has great power, decent suspension and brakes.. The only two things I would like to see is one a larger battery and two a headlight.

X-Treme Trail Maker Elite 300W/350W Mountain Electric Bicycle

X-Treme X-Cursion Elite Folding Mountain Electric Bike
Elizabeth Flynn
E bikes are the rage! Save Your money from gas and spend it on yourself!

Besides that the bike looks great, and I get several compliments daily, and it’s great exercise for myself, with gas prices as they are here in 2022, it was the best purchase I’ve had in years for myself.

Great bike.

This bike is awesome. It is fast, durable, has a great battery life and after some tuning it runs great. Now i just have to order a spare battery and rear rack and it will be complete

Thomas, Great to hear that you are loving your new bike. I'll send you a draft invoice for the extra battery and rear rack. Thanks for the awesome review!


I love my Green bike! The only issue is I am 5'2 and the seat is a little too high. I have to use my tippy toes to reach the ground from a seated position. But other than that it is AWESOME! It came packaged great and was super easy to assemble. I recommend!!!!

X-Treme X-Cursion Elite Folding Mountain Electric Bike
John Johnson
heavy bike for small motor

came cameras in box with pieces missing battery stays on still have yet to here with this awesome manufacturer warranty 😑

Amazing value!

Very impressed with this Ebikes. A lot of features you only find on more expensive Ebikes are included on this bike such as rear rack kickstand signal lights electric horn 7 speeds front suspension. A lot of power for a 500w hub motor. I’m a big guy and this bike cruises effortlessly

X-Treme Catalina E-Bike

My husband and I recently purchased e-bikes. He purchased a Ride1Up 700 and I purchased X-Treme Catalina. He put his bike together first then he did mine. While I like my bike a lot I did notice that the Ride1Up bike was made better. Fenders were made of alloy metal and not plastic like mine, his back rack is beefy. His display is in color. The only thing he said he didn't like was his handle bars didn't curve back like mine did. We went on a 15 mile bike ride and my battery went down 2 bars while his stayed fully charged. So that is another negative but his came with a 750 watt and mine only 500 so I would be mindful of that spec. My bike shipped pretty fast - probably 1.5 weeks before I got it. During shipment I got paint damage to the frame in one spot and the basket was bent up. I received a replacement from E-Bike Joy so all good. Customer service was prompt when emailing about the damage. I would purchase from them again.

Love the bike

I purchased two of these bikes and they are fantastic. The 48V 500 W is very powerful and FAST!! My only complaint is that the front basket with the handle bar hooks don’t fit. The hooks are in the same spot as the controller brackets. They need to be further apart to fit on each side. I talked with the manufacturer and they said they had no solution at this time. The pictures on the site are deceiving since they don’t show handle bar hooks. Hopefully they will have a solution in the future. They told me it was the first they had heard of this problem. The basket is a minor deal with the bike being so great.

Happy to hear you are enjoying your bikes. Let us know right away if you don't get you one issue resolved. Thanks again.

Green Bike Electric Motion Big Dog Extreme Fat Folding Electric Bike
George Magdal
Big Dog for a Big Boy

First off, the Green Bike Big Dog Off Road is a great bike that I really like and would buy again. My reasons for picking this bike had to do with the price, high end features, and support from the manufacturer.

It’s easy to buy a bike from a local shop that will give you face to face support. Buying on-line is riskier. I did some research and found only one complaint for Green Bike on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) web site. The customer was complaining about bike failures while he was traveling around his apple orchard. Even though that could be thought of as a “commercial” use, Green Bike offered replacement or a full refund. That’s a company that stands behind its product. When I had some minor issues and called, they offered to pay if I needed to take it to a local bike shop. They also stock all the parts and will quick ship them to you as needed. When I had a battery failure they sent a label to ship it back to them and returned it fixed within 2 weeks. I hated not being able to ride, but it’s good to know they will take care of it.

The high end features I like include a 750 motor carries my 230 lbs to 22 mph on flat ground. I only have to peddle on very steep hills. But don’t expect to be spinning the rear tire like you see in their ad. I’m a Harley guy and know something about torque. This is just a bicycle. The battery is the biggest in the business. So far my butt gives out long before the battery. Also the mag wheels, hydraulic brakes, front/rear lights, gel seat, and fenders are things you would pay extra for on most bikes.

Onr thing that’s not mentioned in the description is the handlebars don’t fold. I looked all over for a picture of it folded and couldn’t find one. All the pictures were for the “Extreme” and that one does have folding handlebars. Also mentioned in another review was that the seat can’t be adjusted very low. The height works for me at 5’9” but wouldn’t work for my wife. I know “real” bikers adjust the seat so their legs are nearly straight when peddling. I don’t feel comfortable that high. That also means peddling isn’t very comfortable, and I’m okay with that. I like cruising bike trails using only battery power.

I was getting a lot of error “0009” codes on the bike computer screen. I thought there was something wrong with it until I discovered it was my own fault. I would accidentally jerk the throttle on and off over large bumps. The seat is better than most, but my butt is bigger than most, so I ordered a bigger bike seat, padded better for seniors. It helps but I still like to take a stretch break every hour or less. But I did that on my Harley too, so maybe it’s just me.

This is a pretty good electric bike for the price. And now after 2 Minnesota summers, I still like it, and would buy it again. Enough said.

Thanks for the detailed review George. Happy to hear you are liking the bike!

Emojo Caddy Pro Trike Utility Cargo Electric Bike


Good to hear that you are liking your new trike! Happy New Year!

X-Treme 48 Volt 8 Ah LiPo4 Battery Pack for Baja Bike
David Timmons
Very good battery!

Battery arrived in good condition - bubble wrapped and boxed. Charged it fully and it seems to have a lot more power than old battery that has well over 500 mile s of riding. Old battery had a half inch pad on the back, guessing it is to stop it from sliding and unplugging under extreme conditions. Added padding to new battery just to be safe and it all fits together nicely.

Great attention to detail. Wasn't sure I knew what I was ordering so he called me to make sure, excellent customer service.


Love this much power and looks great!

GB1 48V500W Folding Cruiser Electric Bike

The Bike arrived with no damage, no manual, but was able to assemble the bike.
Had a lot of questions, but was directed to your website to contact the bike manufacturer. The manufacturer was very helpful, answer all my questions and provided me with a manual.

Alvin, Glad to hear that you are liking your new bike. Yes. Manufacturers handle all technical support and warranty concerns. Glad Green Bike USA was able to answer your questions. Thank you again.

Great Bike

Great Bike, great price!! Now I can ride with my wife and not be left behind and tired. I love it!!

X-Treme Cabo Cruiser Elite MAX 60V 600W Electric Moped
Almost perfect but love it!

The reason I gave it four stars due to hazard lights that would have made the perfect electric scooter for me because where I live there is bike Lanes but some roads don't have bike Lanes and I need to use hazard lights so I had to buy custom hazard lights and attached to the scooter which cost me another $60 but besides that I'm loving the scooter it did come damaged in the package but it's nothing serious cup holder area was cracked whole goose neck was cracked but they replaced it right away got my part within 4 days which was fast also have charger issue which I'm hoping they will replace as well meaning the smart charger is not working as it is supposed to be which I have a similar charger to another scooter where it's supposed to shut off after it's done charging now this one does not stop charging after it's green it keeps going and going It wont shut off so I have to keep an eye on it after 3-5 hours of charging and check the dash to see if the battery is charged but besides the small issues this scooter I recommend I love it it's fast gets me to work really fast and it keeps its charge I commute 20 miles a day to work and back and still have full full charge unless you're riding at night with lights on then a quarter of the charges gone and I still have three quarters of charge left everything works great on it I really recommend it please add hazard lights or send me an upgrade to hazard lights thank you great product again I recommend.

Happy to hear that you are loving your moped Jamie! Thanks for the detailed review.

Biktrix Stunner 48V 750W Step-Over Cruiser Electric Bike
David Lane


Excellent value for the money

Easy to assemble with limited instructions. Easy to attached front basket and fender. Time consuming to put together and attach bike rack. No torque specs on the handlebar binder bolt, it kept slipping down a couple of times. On the ride, shifters work really good, PAS 1 setting does not give that jerky move forward found on other ebikes. Breaks came on squealing, had to clean them. Rode about 46 miles, battery still showing two bars. Overall I am happy with the purchase.

Glad you are liking your bike Juan. Merry Christmas!


It is cold in Minnesota! I only road it 6 blocks! But can’t wait to give it a test when it warms up a bit!