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10 Reasons To Get An Electric Scooter For Kids

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Have you considered getting an electric scooter for your child? Electric scooter for kids may be the answer if you want your child to get some fresh air. These powered scooters travel at an exciting yet safe speed while providing your child with a taste of adventure. 

Electric scooters for your child are built with specific requirements such as a certain size or weight. A speed limit is also included so that your child does not go too fast. Down below, we have broken down the top 10 reasons why your kids would love having an electric scooter.

Top 10 Reasons To Get An Electric Scooter For Kids

Having an electric scooter may seem like a dangerous idea for your child, but there are several reasons your child would greatly benefit from one.  

1. The fun!

Electric scooters for kids provide a lot of fun while also helping them develop their motor skills, reflexes, and balance. This is important to help them advance in each developmental stage. Having fun outside will also enable your child to discover his environment and the different interactions within it. 

If your child possesses a scooter, they can have greater access when playing outside. They can ride it to the park, the beach, or around the neighborhood. It will also help them be more independent by interacting with other kids and adults. They also learn the unspoken rules of society and the behavioral expectations set on everyone. 

2. Socialization

Riding your own scooter can teach your children how to develop a social network. They can just hang out with their pals. A scooter might assist your child to make friends if they don’t have any. It could range from being a topic of conversation to being the main attraction for a play date.

If it is a safe area, children can even compete with each other on their scooters. It aids in the formation of a group or community among them. Building their fighting spirit and learning how to lose properly are crucial life lessons. Your child can learn from them with their friends while riding.

3. Maturity And Self-Confidence

A scooter is an excellent method to boost your child's self-esteem. Scooting can be an important activity for them. They must ride and manage their own scooter with greater caution so that it does not cause injury to themselves or others. This helps to boost their self-assurance. 

Also, it provides them independence and the opportunity to go out, allowing them to leave the house confidently. Your child can show their riding skills to their friends. They will learn the skill of compliments and appreciation while boosting their confidence. They can recognize their own strength, intelligence, and potential. They become more self-assured because of this feeling.

4. Staying Healthy and Fit

Riding an e-scooter is a great way for children to stay healthy while still having fun. E-scooters will assist children in staying in shape and improving their metabolism. While riding, the heart will pump blood. The lungs will also have to work more, which is very good for them. Riding e-scooters regularly can cause rapid bone and muscular growth, as well as increased strength.

5. Learning About Traffic

Of course, riding scooters on highways is dangerous for children. For their safety, there are several laws that prohibit children from riding them in specific areas. Riding a scooter teaches them basic traffic regulations, which they can observe. This will come in handy when kids start driving or riding a bike in the future. However, your children should have some fundamental traffic awareness before you let them ride on the road. Parental supervision is always recommended to prevent any accident. 

6. Knowing Their Environment

By playing outside on their scooter, your children will know the neighborhood. Memorizing their way around the area is a perfect approach to develop their memory. This can be helpful to prevent your child from getting lost. However, the rule of thumb is to always accompany your kids when they are playing outside. 

Are They Safe For My Child? 

Like any outdoor activity, there are risks associated with electric scooters. Since children are more fragile and prone to accidents, parental supervision is always needed. Research undertaken by the CDC in Texas raised concerns about this transportation method. A group of 190 people reported they had injuries over 87 days in Austin to determine the prevalence of accidents with scooters.

Those injuries were treated at an emergency center or by the ER at hospitals. Head injuries accounted for over half of the recorded injuries (45%). However, all the injuries reported were due to a lack of helmets when riding the scooter to protect the head. Despite being dangerous, remember that helmets can minimize those risks by more than 90%.  

By inquiring about the local laws on e-scooters and the safety measures, you increase the safety to your child. There are also programs in which you can enroll your children to teach them how to ride and safely fall from a scooter. These programs are similar to bicycle or skateboard classes. Restricting the area they use their scooter is also advisable. The safest places are premises away from roads and traffic. 

What Are The Safety Precautions Needed?


Apart from knowing the traffic rules, there are many safety precautions for children using electric scooters:

1. Always Wear A Protective Helmet

Wearing a protective helmet can be a lifesaver. It could reduce the severity of a potential head injury or prevent it during a terrible fall.

2. Use All Possible Protective Gear

If not offered while getting the electric scooter, make sure to get extra safety accessories. These include wrist guards, elbow protectors, knee pads, and so on.

3. Do Not Leave Your Child Without Supervision

While your kid is using his electric scooter, make sure that he is always abiding by the safety rules of riding e-scooters. It ensures that they are not doing anything dangerous, for example, two people riding on the scooter. It increases the risks of accidents since the device cannot handle the additional weight. Also, there is not enough space for two kids on a scooter. 

4. Get Rid Of Potential Distractions

Do not let your kid use headphones or talk on the phone while using an e-scooter. This will increase the likelihood of an accident. Also, make sure that they are not under the influence of alcohol or any type of drug,(medicines, etc.) while riding.

The Features To Look For In A Scooter

Looking for electric scooters suitable for your children can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have broken down the features to look for while searching for one for your kid.

1. Safety Is Priority

Safety is the most crucial feature to look for in your scooter. You should search for one with horns and reflectors. An easy-to-use braking system would also really help. Select a scooter with a slower speed to prevent any accident due to riding too fast.

2. Portability

Another important feature for your electric scooter would be portability. It would be an advantage if the scooter was easy to assemble, for example, a simple folding design. A light weight could also make it better. This means less space is needed when stored or transported to the park or the beach.

3. Long Term Maintenance Requirements

It would be best to choose a model that won't cause you too much trouble. When choosing, keep in mind that it is better to pick one with no chain drive or motor maintenance. It ensures that your child will be able to ride the scooter for years.

4. Affordability

Do not forget to be budget-friendly! Since you can choose from a large selection, make sure to choose wisely while looking for the best offer.

5. Battery Life

Look for one with an appropriate and steady battery life. It is also a plus if the charge time isn't really long. It would be a real bother for your child to use it for a few hours and wait half a day for it to charge. This could be frustrating for them in the long run.

How Much Are They? 

Electric scooters come at all prices. The more 'high tech' you go, the higher you will have to pay. They are usually from $129 to $200. There are obviously higher outliers that can cost $350 and up, but those have additional safety tools and innovative designs. Some models come with emergency brakes and compact shock absorbers to enhance your child’s safety. 

Efficient braking systems and the type of tire can also add up to the price. The tires should have strong grips for greater friction. It ensures that the scooter will not slide on smooth payments, especially when it rains. 

The type of battery used also makes a huge difference in the price. Most long-lasting batteries are made of lithium. They are long-lasting and need less time to charge completely. Also, the higher-end scooters have a seat on which your child can sit. Unlike others, it provides support for longer rides. The seat can even be opened as it contains a storage compartment. 

Can My Kids Ride Them On The Road? 

In the majority of states, electric scooters are classified as personal light electric vehicles. This, therefore, makes it illegal to use them on the road. Whether they can be used on pavements is another issue. They may or may not be used there, depending on the legislation of your state. Since each one has its own set of laws, it is recommended that you check yours to prevent getting any fines.

For example in New York, it is illegal to use them on pavements. But, in California and Texas, they are more lenient for electric scooters. They even provide a lane for both scooters and bicycles. You should note that in other countries such as the United Kingdom, it is illegal to use them in public places such as parks. However, they allow scooters on private premises, like your driveway or yard. 

What Is The Minimum Age?

Most countries throughout the world either do not have a minimum or do not have particular rules concerning the use and user age.

1. USA

 Some states in the US have:  

  • A strict 16-year old age limit. Such states include Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and more. 

  • Mississippi has a 14-year-old requirement 

  • Michigan and Minnesota have a 12-year-old minimum

  • The other states like New York have no restrictions

2. International

The majority of European countries have a 14 or 16-year-old age cut-off. The United Kingdom, has no age restrictions. 

A study from the American Journal of Otolaryngology assessed the use of electric scooters in children. They found that injuries to the head have increased in number. Some factors for this increase included: 

  • Lack of parental supervision
  • No helmets
  • Faster scooters
  • Their increasing availability on the market

They found that children between the age of 6 and 12 were more prone to accidents on electric scooters. However, in most of these cases, the child was either not wearing a helmet or they were not under parental supervision. Therefore, as long as you are with your child and they are wearing a helmet, you have nothing to fear. 

In the end, laws and regulations are one aspect to consider before giving your child an electric scooter. The adequate age is when the parent feels that their child is responsible enough. 


Electric riding scooters can be a great approach to develop the confidence and social skills of your child. Also, they learn the importance of playing outside and staying fit. This will significantly improve the well-being and health of your child. 

You have nothing to fear for your child, provided that they are always accompanied by an adult and they wear protective gear. If you choose to go ahead and get one, you should consider the best electric scooter for kids. Check out one of the best electric scooter currently available on the market!

Thinking about and electric scooter for your child? Checkout our complete selection of brand name and models of electric scooters at the best prices!

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