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Seven Tips to Maintain Your E Bike Beach Cruiser

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It is easy to own an e bike beach cruiser. With the internet its get one, just like a car or a scooter. But save yourself, time, money, and stress by understanding the inner workings of your e-bike and how it works before you buy. 

It is important to remember that your e-bike has mechanical parts that need to be maintained differently. These bikes have the same mechanical parts as standard bikes but also have an electrical motor. And seeing as this type of E-bike is used mainly on the beach, it becomes paramount that you pay special attention to it.

Maintenance and care for your E-bike can keep you in the best condition for a long time and prevent more significant problems. Below are seven tips for maintaining your E-bike beach cruiser and keeping it in top shape.

How to Maintain Your E-Bike Beach Cruiser


1. Clean Properly

To reduce the probability of water damage, clean your e-bike habitually. As a beach cruiser is usually on or around the beach, mud and wet sand are unavoidable. Washing it down with water isn't always necessary. But make sure to always wipe it down after every trip. And if you decide to clean it thoroughly, you will need to get some water, a brush, and a cleaning agent. Pay attention to moving parts when you clean. Remove sand granules from the chain and gears.

2. Lubricate

Unnecessary friction leads to wear and tear that can be avoided with the use of a lubricant. Make sure you oil your bike correctly for the best riding experience. The bike chain needs the most lubrication because it transfers the motion from the pedals to the tires. A faulty chain will give off indications of wear and rust, and you may begin to hear creaking as you ride. An effective way to avoid all of this is to lubricate constantly. Apply oil to the necessary points and moving parts.

3. Check your tires

One of the essential parts of your electric bike is the tires. You can't exactly move around without your tires, can you? It carries your weight and the rest of the bike itself. So a poor condition tires means you are not going anywhere that day. It is crucial to check and maintain your tires constantly. Check for wear and tear, check air pressure, and if your tires need to be changed. Also, consider learning how to patch your bike tire. 

4. Secure Bolts

Your e-bike cruiser is held together by bolts and nuts. If those bolts are loosened, then you run the risk of having an accident. Imagine riding at full speed, and your tire comes off. This is why it is necessary to make sure your bolts are tightened periodically continually. Also, make sure not to make them too tight. This will make them wear and damage them.

5. Purchase a repair kit

Buy a repair kit. As much as we hope not to have to use it someday, you must always have one on you at any time. Having tools like sports, wrenches, and duct tape can save you an embarrassing roadside debacle. Having these tools will save you both time and money. And even if you don't break down on the road, your tools are necessary for your e-bikes maintenance even at home.

6. Bike Inspections

Do not wait to have a problem before fixing it. And the only way you can recognize a problem beforehand is to inspect your bike for any issues or faults regularly. You can fix minor issues at home to prevent them from becoming more damaged, which will then cost more money and time to repair.

7. Battery care

The battery is the most critical electrical piece on your E-bike. Without it, your E-bike is just a really heavy bicycle with a motor. Follow the instructions on how to charge your battery when you buy it. Improper charging may lead to damage and the battery wearing out quicker than intended by the maker. Replacing the battery is also very expensive, and you may not end up with good quality. 

Tips to get the most e-bike Beach cruiser range

Here are a few tips to get the best range out of your beach cruiser e-bike:

1. Use a lighter gear

On steep areas and uphill rides, put the E-bike in lighter gear. High Torque is one of the biggest culprits in battery loss. The motor demands more power to overcome hilly terrain, which then results in more battery usage. So instead of using a heavier gear, shift to a lighter one. This reduces the Torque from the motor and will save you battery, in turn giving you more range. Once you are off the hilly area, you can switch back to a heavier gear and maintain that speed.

2. Charge your Cruiser as soon as you can

With a lot of batteries, charging 90% is a breeze. Fast and easy, then they slow down afterward to trickle charge. This protects the battery and prevents overcharging or being charged improperly. The same applies to e-bikes. Therefore, charge your battery as soon as you get home. This will allow your E-bike to get to its complete 100%, and it is also safe to leave the battery overnight. If you haven't made use of your E-bike in a long time, make sure to plug it in to charge up.

3. Enhance your bike

Your bike setup is fundamental. To get more range out of your bike, you have to make sure everything is set up correctly. One of the critical things that enhances your E-bike is tire type and tire pressure. The rear tire type is significant; pick a tire that will affect your range significantly. There are different options to choose from on the market; select one that suits your path and range correctly. Front tires, suspension, and height can also affect the range of an E-bike cruiser as well.

How do I keep my bike from rusting on the beach?

Imagine just getting up one breezy morning, grabbing your bike, and heading out for a ride. The ocean breeze is hitting you in the face as the sun rises. A beautiful view and a great feeling, but not really ideal for all the metal parts of your E-bike cruiser. The moisture in the atmosphere, amongst other things, will do damage to your bike. Below are four ways to prevent rust on your bikes:

  • Clean your frame

Wipe down the frame, chain, and, wheels of your E-bike with a soft cloth and some water before every ride. Humidity and cool temperatures can aid saltwater buildup if not adequately cleaned off before and after every ride. And salt water is not good for your bike as it can increase rust and build up. Cover your bike with a thick cloth or a bike cover. Doing this should limit the amount of moisture that comes in contact with your bike.

  • Extra protection 

A lot of bike frames are made from high-grade aluminum, which aids in the prevention of rust and other buildups. But that doesn't mean which should test the limits of their ability. Because if left casually, they will rust. Get a good silicone spray. Make sure to use it at least once a month. Apply a generous amount and all to dry. This will protect the frame and also the paint as well. All you need to do is a spray, allow it to dry, and then take it out for a ride.

  • Protect inside the frame also

Unfortunately, the inside of your frame is also at risk of getting rusty. Spray down the seat tube the bottom bracket and top tubes. This will ensure that everything is protected and safeguarded against rust. Purchase a spray that has linseed oil among its ingredients. This is a primary ingredient in the protection of steel frames and results in their durability.

  • Protect your chain

Your chain is the most used and worn of all bicycle parts, even if you do not live on a beach. So, maintaining it and keeping it in good condition is paramount. Get a sealant, and this will provide good protection and keep your chain oiled at all times. A sealant will prevent rust and will also offer waterproofing against the elements while also oiling out the chains.


Maintaining your E bike Beach cruiser is essential if you want to save money and avoid more extensive repairs. A lot of these maintenance efforts can be DIY-ed, simple, and straightforward in your garage. Do not wait until you have a big problem before you start looking to maintain your e-bike.

Prevention is better than cure, they say. Oil and lubricate your e-bike, maintain your battery. Clean your bike and keep it in a dry place to prevent rust and elements from attacking it. If you own an e-bike, I'm sure this guide will aid you in maintaining it. 

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