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Do’s And Don'ts When Using An Electric Fat Tire Bike

Posted by Dina Llabore on

If you are switching from a regular bike to an electric fat tire bike, you may have questions about how to use it. Taking extra precautions like securing your battery and motor fork will help you avoid accidents.

By breaking early and adhering to traffic laws, you will enjoy the fresh air outdoors with no hiccups along the way. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will make cycling with safety a breeze. 

9 Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike Do’s and Don’ts

1. Pay Extra Close Attention to Traffic & Make Yourself Seen 

While all bike riders should remain attentive at all times, electric bike riders should pay even more attention than normal. Most drivers do not think that a cyclist is capable of going 25 mph, which can lead to errors in calculation and dangerous accidents. 

Electric bikes are growing in popularity. This means that other vehicle drivers are starting to become familiar with the differences between this new bike style and its original form. Not only should you consider your own movements as you ride, but you should also watch other drivers. Ride on the defense for the best safety results. 

To keep from sneaking up on unsuspecting drivers, other cyclists, and pedestrians, consider placing a bell or horn on your handlebar. You can also put lights on your bike to make yourself stand out.

2. Handle Lithium Batteries Carefully

One of the main causes of electric bike fires is mishandled lithium batteries. If you decide to use a homemade lithium battery, you increase your chance of exposure to a random fire breakout. Try to stay away from using batteries that are created at home. Instead, stick with the ones that showcase a seal of approval. Avoid charging your battery for too long or not long enough -  this will not lead to a longer life span. For extra protection, secure your lithium battery while riding in a metal box. 

3. Check Your Front Hub Motor Fork 

Help yourself avoid bad accidents by taking a second to check your front hub motor fork. Begin by making sure that the wheel hub on the front of the bike always uses torque arms that are fixed the right way. For safety at every turn, have a professional assist with putting your fat tire electric bike kit together. Allow them to handle the installation of your hub motors. Remember to stay away from using suspension forks with your front wheel drive. Also, do not use a motor with high power in your front wheels. 

4. Remember to Break Early

When riding an e-bike, you have to remember that you have more power at your disposal. This will cause you to go faster, which means that you have to break earlier for a safe stop. An electric bike can add up to 50 watts to the pedal stroke.

When you see an approaching road crossing or stop sign, you need to prepare to brake long before you would do so on a normal bike. As you ride more, you will adjust to the power of your brakes and learn the best time to slow down. 

5. Mount and Dismount Carefully

If you are an elderly e-bike rider or have issues with mobility, you will want to be extra careful about the way you get on and off. Many injuries caused by this style of bike can be accredited to improper mounts and dismounts. 

The bike is 20 or more pounds heavier than normal versions, making it dangerous for you if it tips over. While searching for the perfect bike, be sure that the frame is suitable for your personal needs. You should always be able to get on and off without straining yourself. Consider a step-through frame or a frame that has a top tube with more slope. 

6. Don’t Twist the Throttle on Your Parked Bike 

Electric bikes are silent whether they are switched on or off. Because of this, you should always check to see if it is running before you twist the throttle. Twisting the throttle of the bike while it is parked can cause you to be injured. You might also damage the surrounding property.

To avoid this mistake, be sure that your bicycle is always switched off when it is not in use. You can also opt for an e-bike that has a half-grip throttle. Use a thumb throttle for even more security. For example, the Eunorau FAT-AWD Fat Tire Electric Bike features a thumb throttle with the option to balance the power level of pedal assistance. 

7. Don’t Let Your Bearings Lock Up

If your e-bike uses mid-drive technology, chances are you have a lot of output. Because of this, you cannot allow your bearings to lock. If this happens while you are riding, this causes your pedals to spin at full speed, leading to a bike crash. Be cautious as this is currently a common cause of e-bike accidents.

8. Don’t Use a High-Speed Conversion Bike Carelessly

In the same fashion of operating any other vehicle, you put yourself and others at risk when you go faster than the speed limit. Be sure to carefully adhere to the rules of the road for your safety. Also, note that you should not go faster than 30 mph if you are going downhill. 

9. Don’t Apply Extra Throttle When At a Dead Stop

When coming from a dead stop, the last thing you want to do is apply extra throttle. The main cause of electric bike accidents happens when the rider uses full power while stationary. To keep yourself safe, use the following tips: 

  • Only use the throttle while your bike is moving. 
  • Keep your throttle and controllers from twitching by using the proper settings. 
  • Be sure that you select switches with intent. Aim for specific power use levels.

Common Question: Can an Electric Fat Tire Bike Go Up Hills? 

One of the main points that new electric bike owners tend to wonder about is if their investment will make it uphill. Lovers of the great outdoors and mountain bike riders alike often come across steep hills during their adventures. In short, your electric bike is in fact capable of going up a hill. These bikes are designed to handle inclines and various terrain types.

If the bicycle happens to have a mid-drive motor, you will be able to climb steep hills with even more ease. With a mid-drive motor, you will have access to multiple settings that allow you to gear up for more pedal power. The speed of your electric bike will reach anywhere from 18-25 mph while climbing up a steep hill without much work on your end. 

The Bottom Line

When operated with safety and care, your electric fat tire bike will serve as a fun way to enhance your cycling activities. Before riding, remember to handle your lithium battery with caution. Check your front hub motor fork to prevent potential accidents. 

As you ride your new 2-wheeled toy, remember to pay close attention to traffic. Use extra precautions like breaking early before coming to a stop. Also, after parking, avoid twisting the throttle. If you decide to pull off again, do not use full throttle. Dismount your bike with caution to bring your fun cycling session to a safe end.

For more information on e-bike styles and brands, like the Eunorau FAT-AWD Fat Tire Electric Bike, reach out to the experts at eBikeJOY!

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