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5 Useful Tips When Riding An E-Trike

Posted by Dina Llabore on

Are you a part of the e trike revolution? If you’re new to life on three wheels, you might be wondering whether there are any tips to keep yourself secure and enjoy the speed, fun, and convenience of a tricycle. 

You’re in luck! A few simple steps can turn you into a trike pro. Read on to find out some of the must-know tips for staying safe and secure while enjoying your trike.

Our Five Top Tips for Riding an E Trike

1. Climbing On and Off is a Surprising Challenge (Until You’re Used to It)

You will need to get used to mounting and dismounting your trike. Always hold the brake levers before you get on, this means that it won’t start to slip and slide underneath while you maneuver. Once you’re in position on the seat, you can put a foot on the floor to keep you stable. This means you can take your hands off the brakes if you want to. Do this a few times to get used to riding your new trike.

If you are used to getting on and off a bike or e-bike, a trike is very different. Most trikes have lower seats. This changes the angle you’re getting on the bike at. Plus, you can’t tilt a trike towards you as you would with your bike, so make sure you are keeping all three wheels on the ground.

2. Familiarize Yourself With The Riding Style

This is another tip that is really helpful if you are used to cycling on a bicycle. Trikes feel very different. They don’t need you to lean like you would on a bike. In fact, if you do lean you could even roll over and hurt yourself.

If you have a recumbent trike, the style is even more of an adjustment. It is great for people who regularly experience knee pain. However, the only way to really get used to the recumbent style is practice.

When you are riding your trike, get used to going around obstacles and turning without leaning. Keep three wheels firmly planted at all times. Use the steering function for the turns, not your body. It’s a good idea to take some smaller trips or have a ride around somewhere private (not a public road) before you go on a bigger journey.

3. Prepare to Take Up More Space (Plan Routes Accordingly)

Though e trikes are a great solution for a lot of people, such as those with mobility issues, you need to remember the size. If you’re used to a bicycle then forget what you know about weaving through tight spaces.

As well as taking up more space on roads and paths, you might find some routes are impassable. Plan ahead for particularly thin footpaths, for example. Consider potholes, as well. Just because your front wheel isn’t going to hit it, doesn’t mean one of the rear wheels is safe, too.

Trikes aren’t huge, the PFIFF L Recumbent Electric Tricycle, as an example, is 28 inches across. You should quickly get used to the size and be able to ride between obstacles accordingly.

Another simple tip is to be wary if you need to walk your trike anywhere. The fact that it is wide means the back wheels are well-positioned to give your legs a nudge if you stand too close. Give yourself a wide berth.

4. Get Used to The Turning Circle

Trikes are very stable to ride. This is a good thing for most, and it is the whole reason for buying a tricycle for some people, but it also means a bigger turning circle.

The radius when you are cornering is down to a bigger wheelbase. It’s longer to turn your bike left and right, or perform a 180 turn. As we’ve already briefly mentioned, you won’t be leaning with the bike to turn. Your weight is centered instead. This means it takes longer for the whole trike to go around a corner. 

Before you get started on the road, practice turning 180 and 360 degrees a few times. This can help you to get a feel for how much space you need for a turn. If not, you might end up knocking into something.

5. Make Use of The Carrying Capacity

You will notice that a lot of trikes have more spots to carry things. You may have a front basket and a rear basket. The extra room on the trike means you can carry far more, so why not make use of this?

Assuming you are well within the weight limit of your trike, there is no reason why you can’t carry some shopping or work gear. Some people even take their pets in specific carriers!

Are Trikes Dangerous?

Trikes are not dangerous as long as they are in the right hands. There is very little risk of injury or damage if you know what you are doing. Following the tips in this guide can help you to enjoy your cool electric trike in a safe way.

The number one tip regarding the safe use of a tricycle is to get used to the controls and the way it feels before you take to the road. This is especially true if you are used to the two wheels of a bike. Trikes feel different and your instincts might make you ride it more like a bike. Give yourself time to adjust.


Whether you’re brand new to e-bikes trikes, or you are transferring from two wheels to three, there are a few simple steps to get out on the trails.

The best advice for anyone to ride with confidence is to practice, preferably in private first. This ensures you enjoy your time on the road rather than having to worry about oversteering or losing balance.

Check out the top-of-the-line trikes to enjoy one of the coolest modes of transport out there! Let us know if you have an questions or how we can help: Don’t miss out on the adult trike resurgence.

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  • Down hill riding is handled by using what brakes, motor?

    Richard Hood on
  • HELPFUL article but pretty basic. How about advice of leaning into or opposite turns? Those of us who rode bicycles or motorcycles have developed certain habits that are just plain dangerous when applied to e-trikes.
    THANKS !

    don acorn on

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