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Pros and Cons Of An Electric Beach Cruiser

Posted by Dina Llabore on

Buying an electric beach cruiser allows you to ride in style and comfort by the sea. They are comfortable and beginner-friendly. You’ll love long summer days on the bike that’s easy to ride because of the electric-powered mechanism.

This blog post will inform you of the pros and cons that will help you make the right buying choice. By paying attention to the small details you’ll have a better time riding a beach cruiser. Are you struggling to understand the best cruiser to buy? Then continue reading to learn the details that will help you make the best choice.

The pros of an electric beach cruiser

Are you on the hunt for a new electric cruiser but are unsure of the benefits? We’ve done extensive research and found the main pros you should focus on. They will guide you in the pursuit of choosing the product that best matches your expectations.

  • Versatility

Cruiser electric bikes are super versatile. You can ride them on the beach, through neighborhoods, and on-trail roads. The thick tires soften the road so you won’t feel the bumps as much as regular bikes. The high handlebars allow you to sit upright and enjoy the view around you. Adjusting the seat and handlebar to match your needs is quick for an easy experience.

  • Aesthetics

Cruiser bicycles have a classier look than the average option. These bikes have a major appeal to them because of their trendy design and amazing quality. The stylish frame and curves look so much better than the usual plain frame of an average off-ride bike. 

  • Less effort required 

Riding along a beach can be a daunting task, especially when you hit patches of dry sand. That’s because the tires can’t get enough friction to power you forward. Therefore, you’ll have to use more leg power to propel yourself through the sand. However, with an electric beach bike, you’ll have electricity assistance so less effort is required.

  • Environmentally friendly

Electric bikes offer an environmentally friendly alternative to motorbikes and cars. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint while at the same time improve physical and mental health. The electric bicycle has a motor inside that requires charging, which is more environmentally friendly than gas alternatives.

  • Fat Tires

Having an electric cruiser with fat tires is ideal for riding on sand because it will have more grip. A thicker tire means you’ll be more stable when going at fast speeds. Unexpected obstacles on the path like rocks and sticks won’t put you off balance. Also, you can go on bumpy tracks unlike bikes with thinner tires.

  • Comfort

Beach cruisers are super comfortable to ride. Unlike other bikes, the design doesn’t have a high bar but instead uses low metal bars for structural integrity. Therefore, you’ll have more legroom for extra comfort. The seat features soft cushions so you won’t feel the strain after long periods. The handlebar uses a “U” shape design, which lets you ergonomically position the hands.

  • Beginner-friendly

Another great advantage of riding a beach cruiser is that it’s beginner-friendly. All bikes have a learning curve, but this type of bike is more accessible than others. The low seats and shallow center of gravity mean that tipping over is highly unlikely.

  • Longevity

When purchasing a new means of transport, it’s beneficial to get a long-lasting option. The last thing you want is for it to breakdown after a few uses. Therefore, it’s important to research the bike brand and see if they have a track record of producing premium quality cruisers.

  • Practical

Unlike other options, a beach cruiser is a practical choice. Premium features and extra power from the electric motor make it a convenient choice for most. Attaching a basket at the front or rear is ideal for shopping trips, beach days, or when storage is needed.

The cons of an electric cruiser

When purchasing a beach cruiser it’s important that you understand the drawbacks. It will help you choose a model that matches your preferences.

  • Slow acceleration

It’s easy to accelerate a cycle at high speeds with on-road bikes, but that’s not the case with beach cruisers. The heavy body prevents the cruiser from gaining high speeds. However, this does not mean that beach cruisers are slow since the electric motor helps keep up the pace once you get past the start. If speed is a big concern, then there are specialized beach bikes that are comparable to on-road versions.

  • Difficult to handle

Beach cruisers are larger in size and heavier than the average bike, so handling them requires more effort. Although having a unique and stylish design, they have inadvertently failed to be as maneuverable as other options. While riding on straight roads handling will be easy. However, roads with twists and turns will be trickier.  

  • Heavy build

Most likely, the frame will use a steel body that is heavy and hinders performance. The heavier weight compared to other options means that you’ll accelerate slowly. Carrying the bike will become tiring and problematic during long journeys. Also, the high weight means going up hills is difficult and exhausting.   

  • Expensive

Purchasing a high-quality regular bike is already costly, but add on an electric motor with a unique design, and you’ll be spending a lot more for it. There are multiple variants of electric beach cruisers with different price ranges, so make sure you learn the negatives and advantages of each one.

The price can depend on what materials are used. Carbon fiber is exceptionally light and durable but has a higher price tag. Furthermore, motors increase in price as they get more powerful, so it’s a trade-off. Buy the power of motor you will actually need not desire.

  • Battery

Check what type of battery is inside the motor because it dictates the overall performance. A beach cruiser with a long-lasting battery will be priced higher. Invest in a product that has longevity. Also, the charging times can be pretty long, so make sure to charge the bike the day before you plan to ride. The traveling range is generally low because a larger battery means more weight. Therefore, manufacturers usually use a smaller battery pack that is great for short rides but terrible for long-distance bike rides.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance of a regular bike is cheap, easy, and doesn’t require going to an expert. However, this is not the case with an electric cruiser. Changing a punched tire is simple, but it can be difficult to fix a faulty electric motor. Most riders don’t have the required DIY skills so a mechanic is required. Fixing a broken electric motor can be expensive and you may need a complete replacement.

Who should purchase an electric cruiser?

Before placing an order for an electric cruiser, decide what you really need. If you plan to ride along a beach, bumpy trials, and straight roads, then yes! Commuting to work or for joy rides is ideal since you won’t spend money traveling while being environmentally friendly. A huge benefit of electric bikes is that you don’t need to purchase insurance or require a license.

An electric cruiser isn’t ideal for those who live near steep roads because accelerating up a slope is difficult. The weight is heavier than the average bike since most have a steel frame. So carrying the bike over obstacles or upstairs will be a massive inconvenience.

Final thoughts

Investing in an electric beach cruiser allows you to ride to the beach in style and ease. Equip one with a basket and you can store your towel and food, which means a backpack is not required. They are fast and easy for beginners to use. Also, the electric-powered mechanism means little effort is needed to cover long distances.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you understand the pros and cons you can choose the best model for your needs. With so many excellent electric beach cruisers out there picking one is easy.

Take a look at our lineup of top brand name electric beach cruiser bikes and get riding on the beach today!

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