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11 Ways To Make Sure Your Fat Tire Electric Bike Go Faster

Posted by Dina Llabore on

A fat tire electric bike can be a joy to ride. It is an eco-friendly and efficient mode of transportation. The carbon emission for such vehicles is zero. But, their speed is low as compared to those that run on fossil fuel. There are certain tips and tricks for increasing their velocity.

Before you go about it, you need to know how fast you can travel legally in your jurisdiction. It can be dangerous to fiddle with parts of the bike you are not familiar with. If something goes wrong, you might find yourself in a hazardous situation. Read on to find out about the various ways you can make your e-bike go faster without compromising on safety.

1. Keep the battery charged

You might wonder - How fast do electric fat tire bikes go? Well, they can reach a speed of up to 25 mph. There is a DC motor in this vehicle that is dependent on voltage. If you wish to reach top velocity, you need to keep its battery fully charged. It is recommended that you charge it after every trip.

When you make several trips on a single charge, you will travel slowly. You can purchase a charger and carry it around when you are on the move. This way, you can make sure you always have enough power left for the return journey. Remember, the battery health will deteriorate if you keep it at full charge for an extended period of time.

2. Opt for a battery with a higher voltage

The best fat tire electric bike will always have a high voltage battery. This will make its motor rotate faster, thereby enhancing its speed. However, you must make sure the controller is able to support the high voltage.

You can check the power rating with the vendor. If you switch to a new battery while ignoring this, the controller might get destroyed. Additionally, you need to get yourself a new battery meter that supports a higher voltage.

3. Change the motor

One of the simplest ways to enhance the velocity of an electric bike fat tire is to change its motor.

Each motor has a KV rating based on which you need to get one having higher RPM. By doing this, you can increase your bike’s speed by up to 8-10 mph.

4. Get rid of mud tires

If you mostly travel on flat roads, it is time to get rid of the mud tires. They are suitable for bumpy terrain, but on a level surface, they will reduce the speed. By removing these, you can add up to 1-2 mph.

5. Modify LCD settings

A fat tire electric bike usually has a speed limiter. It ensures you don’t exceed the speed limit. The device calculates the revolutions per minute to determine how fast your vehicle moves. Go to the control panel and change the size of the wheel. This will tell the limiter that the speed is too slow and it may remove the restriction.

Alternatively, you can disconnect the wire to the limiter to enhance the acceleration potential. This is generally linked to a connector. It limits the speed to 15.5 mph for European countries. Unplugging the jumper cable will permanently remove the limit.

6. Keep the tires pumped

When the rolling resistance is high, you can’t go as fast as you want. By increasing the tire pressure, you can reduce this.

However, this technique has one disadvantage. If the tires don’t have decent shock absorption, you will experience an uncomfortable ride.

7. Install a windshield

Installing a windshield on a fat tire electric mountain bike can work wonders. For this to work, the in-built speed of the bike must be higher.

Air drag has a negative impact on how fast the vehicle can travel. Due to the aerodynamic construction of a windshield, the air gets curved around your body. This leads to higher efficiency.

8. Change your riding posture

When you ride with a straight posture, the air drag is more. Since it hits a larger surface area, you travel at a much slower pace.

To change this, you can crouch when you need to move faster. Of course, it is not easy to maintain this stance for a long time. This technique has the same effect as installing a windshield.

9. Tuning the brakes

If you don't tune your bike brakes properly, you increase its friction, thus reducing its speed. If you have the technical know-how, you can do this on your own.

For this, you will need a cycling repair tool kit. You can also get in touch with a certified mechanic to do this job.

10. Prevent the battery from heating up

Your battery performs best when it is at a cool temperature. If it gets heated, the voltage drop increases due to load. Consequentially, the speed also decreases. Therefore, you need to ensure the battery is getting enough cooling.

Usually, a fat tire electric mountain bike will have a cooling mechanism for optimum performance. Some bikers store their battery inside a bag, which prevents it from getting cooled naturally. This is why you should always keep it exposed, making sure you are getting the maximum speed.

11. Move the speed sensor

If you carefully examine your electric bike, you will find a sensor attached to its back wheel.

You can remove this and install it on the crank. Since the speed of rotation is less for this part of the bike the sensor will think you’re moving slower.


Now you know about the various ways to enhance the speed of your bike. But just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you always should. You need to consider the local laws as well as the safety aspects.

The above-mentioned tips will help you unlock the true potential of your vehicle. You can find a wide range of fat tire electric bike for sale options.

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  • I have a Greenbike USA 750 watts, front shocks only. 48 volt battery. My issue is something that we’ve (the seller and me), have been dealing with for up to a year or longer. The e-bike is still under warranty. What happened with the bike was – I was riding to work on the bike lane of a street with a speed limit of 30mph. There’s a meter hole in the road. It’s shallow. After going over it a couple times throughout a period of time, the internal settings were altered – normally the throttle works at full throttle on any PAS setting, but after going over the mini pot hole, the setting changed to partial throttle depending on the PAS level. ( I’m familiar with this, because I have another e-bike that works with partial throttle depending on the PAS number). But with the Greenbike USA 750, after turning the battery key off then on again, the throttle would return to normal behavior, full throttle always. And later, this happened again after going over one of those bumps in the bike lane. Until the last time where after going over a small bump in the road, the e-bike’s display would turn off without any reason known to me. And after trying to turn it back on, sometimes the bike would sputter and shut off. Even after turning the key back off and on, it’s always the same result. A few minutes of use and while in use, the e-bike would shut down. If I manage to get it on again, the error code would sometimes appear, 6 – in the manual of both the bike and display the 6 means display receiving communication error. I have video of everything and pictures of the small holes and pictures of the controller and wire harness to better understand the issue. So far, BikeBerry, (the seller) has sent me a newer controller (same exact specs and device). I replaced it with the older one and the results are exactly the same. So, it’s not the controller. I’m not a professional in any field related to this. But, I think that it has something to do with the wire harness and the small circuit board (mini motherboard). Encased in a black box within the harness.
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    Marcel Munoz on

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