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12 Steps On How To Install Your Electric Bike Motor Kit

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Do you have a traditional bike laying around? While traditional bikes have their place, many people are opting for an electric bike instead. E-bikes have a different set of benefits.

They are excellent for commuting to work and enjoying fresh air. Though these bikes can be a pricey investment, there are ways to transform your existing bike into an e-bike. 

If you’re looking for tips on installing a motor kit on your bike, we can help. We’ll teach you the most cost-effective way to make yourself an e-bike. Keep reading if you want to learn the tips and tricks from certified bike experts. 

How to Install Your Electric Bike Motor Kit

There are several benefits of electric bikes! For example, they don’t require as much effort as a manual pedal bike. We’ll discuss reasons why you should get an e-bike. After that, we’ll teach you how to install a motor kit to make your own. 

Benefits of An Electric Bike 

There are many reasons why you’ll want to have an electric bike. Some of our favorites include:

  • Assisted biking. Don’t work up a sweat on the way to work. E-bikes require less effort than traditional bikes. 
  • Fast. Depending on the make and model, your bike can get up to 48 miles per hour. This will depend largely on the bylaws in your town. However, you can cover a lot of distance in a short amount of time. 
  • Better for the environment. Driving your car intercity can be rough for the environment. Vehicles feature significant fuel emissions and pollution. E-bikes are electric, so they don’t need fuel to operate.
  • Better for fitness. An e-bike is better for fitness levels than a vehicle. You’ll breathe fresh air and can manually bike when necessary. 
  • Don’t need a license. Unlike vehicles, you don’t need a license or registration for an e-bike. This is cheaper and easier to maintain. 
  • Cost-effective maintenance. Maintenance on vehicles is expensive. With an e-bike, you only have occasional maintenance, and it can often be managed at home. Parts are also less expensive than a car or truck. 

Why You Should Transform Your Bike Into An Electric Bike 

Are you on the fence about whether you want to turn your traditional bike into an e-bike? This can be a difficult decision to make. However, there are many advantages to using your current bike. Some of the main reasons include:

More Cost-Effective

Purchasing an electric bike is a pricey investment. Though it’s cheaper than a vehicle, it still can range from $800 to $10,000. For many, this isn’t feasible to spend. To install a motor kit, you’re looking at around $500. You can use a bike that you already have. 

Installing a motor kit is usually just as effective. Make sure to do your research and find a kit with good reviews. 

Use a Bike You Already Love

It can be difficult to find a bike you love! You have to consider features, height, and comfort. For example, you wear in your bike seat over time. This means that it will become more comfortable for personal use. 

After you’ve invested time into your bike, it’s worth using it to its max capacity. You already have a bike you love, why look for another one? Utilize what you have and improve it with a motor kit. 

Easy to Install

Motor kits are relatively easy to install. We’ll discuss the steps for a flawless installation. This will also ensure that you’re bike-savvy and can replace batteries and parts when necessary. 

Steps to Installation 

Ready to get your hands dirty? It’s time to install your motor kit! We’ve outlined 12 easy steps for this process. 

Get ready

Make sure to prep the area, bike, and yourself. On average, you can expect this to take a couple of hours. Make sure to set aside some uninterrupted time. 

You’ll also want to prepare a comfortable work space. This may include setting down a blanket or towel for you to sit on. Make ample room outside or in your garage. Consider getting a damp cloth for cleaning up in between stages. 

Prepare your bike

Take the bike apart as instructed. This will include taking the wheel off. Depending on the kit you choose, you may have to detach the chain and pedal arm. Once you do all of this, you’re ready for the fun stuff. 

Begin tire installation

A bike won’t move without its tires! Deflate the tire and remove it from the wheel. If the tire is in good shape, you can replace it with a new wheel. Inflate. 

Wheel installation

Now that the tire and wheel are connected, you can install it to the existing bike. Once attached, you can test it with the pedals. 

Install control system 

This step includes the controller. You need to install the control system in a neutral place, where everything can connect comfortably. The controller is the brain of the operation. 

Time for the PAS

The PAS, or Pedal Assist System, can be found behind the left pedal. Detach the pedal and install the PAS underneath. Finish with attaching the pedal. 

Install battery 

The battery can be installed where the bottle rack is. Other batteries may have a specific mounting kit. 

Install display

The display is the fun piece that will tell you how fast you’re going and your battery life. Put it where you can see it comfortably while riding. 

Cable connections 

Closely follow the attached instructions about how to connect the wires. This will differ largely between make and model.


Make sure your bike is working. Ensure the display screen lights up and that the battery will charge. 

Turn on the throttle and make sure the display is reading properly. 


Now it’s time to clean your work area. Wipe down grease, throw out trash, and dispose of instructions. 


Now you get to ride your new e-bike! Take it for a spin around the block. Make sure it’s working properly, and get a hang of the cool new features. 


If you’re looking to transform your traditional bike into an e-bike, you’ll need an electric bike motor kit. Choosing a reputable brand with good reviews is necessary. Once you install it, you’ll have a cost-effective electric bike that is fun to ride and has a minimal impact on the environment. 

Installing a motor kit is easy and straightforward. Simply follow the instructions provided in the manual and you’ll be ready to ride! 

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