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3 Steps To Use Long-Range Electric Scooter

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The long-range electric scooter is fast becoming the staple transport mode now. Electric scooters have changed the urban travel scenario for the better.

The endless traffic congestion and parking space issues can frustrate you to no end. Not to mention the rising fuel prices and concerns about polluting the environment. E-scooters help solve many of your transport issues in the best way.

Are you in search of a reliable e-scooter that works well for longer commutes or for lengthy travel? The long-range e-scooter is an ideal choice. If you are new to using these bikes, don’t worry, they are a breeze to ride. In this guide, you will know about how to use electric scooters. The tips include how to extend the range of your scooter and other ways to get the most out of this travel tool.

Why An Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are an answer to many of the transport problems you might face. It is no wonder people turn to them for their commuting needs. Here are a few important reasons:

  • Whether it is traffic jams or parking space issues, these rides offer an easy way out. You can maneuver them even in heavy traffic.
  • For city journeys that are under five miles, you can get to your destination quicker. Further, you will not be spending much on fuel.
  • You do not need to exert much energy to use it. So, you can commute without becoming sweaty when you reach your destination.
  • With climate change posing an issue, playing your part in reducing carbon emissions is a good thing. An e-scooter consumes only a fraction of the energy of a car.

3 Steps To Use A Long-range Electric Scooter The Right Way

The long-range models provide many benefits. To enjoy them, you need to know some basic details. Information about how to operate them, increasing their range, and more are necessary. You will be able to appreciate the benefits more when you learn about these steps.

Step #1: How Do You Operate An Electric Scooter?

Operating a electric scooter is simple. Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Press the ‘power on’ switch to start the scooter
  2. Use the throttle to increase the power or decrease it
  3. Handle the handbrake with care. You can use the foot brake or the hand brake for stopping.

If you have used a regular scooter before, the steps will be a breeze to follow. If not, with practice you can quickly learn. 

Step #2: How Do I Extend The Range On My Electric Scooter?

When you shop for the best long-range scooter, one of the important things to consider is the range. The only concern with electric models is the battery capacity. The charge may not last long or you may need to replace the batteries in time.

Improper handling of the scooter is most often the cause of issues. Luckily, there are several ways to increase the range of your scooter. Here are a few important tips: 

Use the optimal riding mode

To increase the battery life, you need to choose the power-saving mode of the vehicle. This mode varies based on the high-end and low-end models.

That is with the costly models, you need to ride faster for better efficiency and slower for the lower-end models.  It is best to check with your vehicle manual to know the optimal operating level so you can save power.

Speed and acceleration

There are two things you can take care of to ensure longer battery life. 

  1. Avoid sudden changes in speed while riding. When you start the scooter, increase the speed in a gradual way. Don’t accelerate to the highest speed in the beginning.
  2. Avoid unnecessary and frequent braking 

If you follow these two steps while riding the scooter, you can prevent the quick draining of power of your battery.

Keep an eye on the battery

Low battery power can reduce the range. So, you should try to take all the steps needed to make sure the battery does not drain fast.

Turning the lights off and ensuring the Bluetooth is off are two main things that you can do. This will ensure the battery focuses on running the scooter.

Less weight equals more battery life

When the scooter carries more weight, it needs more power in a shorter time. With higher power consumption, the range will reduce. Avoid carrying unnecessary loads while riding the scooter.

But less weight does not mean you should avoid taking necessary items. Safety items like helmets are a must and you should not leave them behind. In short, travel light to get more range.

Tire pressure

Make sure you maintain the tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. When the pressure is less, more of the tire surface will come into contact with the ground. This increases friction and reduces energy efficiency. So, you will use more power to cover even a smaller distance.  But take care to not overinflate the tire as it can make way for a slippery ride.

Maintain the brakes

If cable brakes are present in your e-scooter, excessive tightening can lead to the friction of the brake with the wheel when you ride. The high abrasion consumes more power reducing the range of your vehicle.

Spin the wheels by hand to know if there is unnecessary resistance. If present, loosen up the brakes a little and check the friction again.

Road conditions matter

To get the best performance from your e-scooter, you need to travel on level terrain. Bumpy rides will give you less range. The battery consumes more power when you are on uneven ground. On smoother roads, the battery is not under strain.

To reduce power consumption, try avoiding grass, icy, and gravel roads. The wear and tear of the wheels are faster when you ride on rough terrain.

Consider a battery upgrade

If you notice that your battery is not performing well, consider an upgrade. A higher power battery is expensive. But it costs less than what you spend on a new e-scooter for long distances.

If you use a battery of 36V capacity, upgrade it to a 48V battery. Before you do the upgrade consult the vehicle manual. Look for compatibility with the higher power battery. You can also contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Keep the scooter clean

With constant riding, it is common for debris to get stuck to the wheel or the fender.  Leaves, grass, sand, and even chewing gum can get stuck on the tires. Such garbage can slow down the scooter and your battery will drain faster than normal.

So, make sure the wheels are clean and free of such trash. If not, you will reduce the highest range of the scooter. The battery too can gather dust on it. This will make it heat faster during riding. Keep the battery surface dry by cleaning it with a towel or a toothbrush.

Save energy whenever possible

Do not keep the scooter running when you are not using it. When you are at the traffic signal waiting for the green light, instead of idling, turn off the scooter. This avoids unnecessary draining of the battery. Furthermore, you can save energy and also boost the performance of your vehicle.

Avoid complete draining of the battery

Do not allow the battery to lose its full power. Your scooter’s range will not suffer much over time if you take this precaution. When a battery drains fully it will lose a part of its capacity.

When this occurs many times, the efficiency is damaged fast. So, to extend the battery life, do not allow full drainage. Make sure to often charge it.

Step #3: Some Charging Tips To Keep In Mind

A good thing about long range scooters is that you need to do minimal maintenance. You will not need to spend on repair and care as often as with a car or a bike.

But if you do not charge right, the battery can lose its capacity fast. Here are a few tips you should follow to prolong your battery life:

  • Don’t charge the battery after it drains fully. Instead, keep the battery power over 10%. A charge of above 40% is the ideal low level you should aim for.
  • Before you go for a ride, charge the battery to its full capacity. Know how long your scooter can travel on a full battery. This will help you plan your road trip so you can top up the charge before it drains dry.
  • With a quality electric scooter for long distance, you can expect to cover a longer distance on a full charge. Consider factors like hard or frequent braking, hilly terrain, and fast speed. These can drain the battery fast.
  • When the battery is charged, disconnect it from the power source. Make sure to note the charging time for the battery. If your battery takes a longer time, it may be damaged. Or its lifespan may be ending.
  • Before you start charging, let the battery cool down. Don’t charge it as soon as your ride ends. The heat built inside the battery should be cooled for at least 30 minutes.
  • If you are not planning to use the electric scooter for a long period, charge it before storing it. It is best to charge the battery up to 40% once in 30 days if it is not in regular use.
  • Don’t expose your vehicle to extreme weather conditions. Too low or too high temperatures reduce the battery’s efficiency. In the long term, this can shorten the battery life.
  • Always use the correct charger for your battery. Unapproved chargers may be cheaper but can shorten the battery life. It can overcharge or cause damage to the battery.

Now that you know about the steps to use a long-range e-scooter you can ensure a longer lifespan and better efficiency. Riding on an electric scooter is an experience everyone would love. You get to avoid the heavy traffic and reach your destination on time. Other than the initial expense, you will not be spending much on fuel or maintenance. It is a win-win situation in any way you look at it. 

Here are a few more interesting facts about the e-vehicles that will make you appreciate them more.

How Far Can Electric Scooters Go?

Sometimes it is difficult to find a place where you can charge your e-scooter. Although this is rare, knowing how reliable your scooter is can give you peace of mind.

How far can the best long-distance electric scooter go depends on many factors like:

  • The terrain you travel
  • Weight of the rider
  • How frequent you are stopping and starting

In general, a superior quality electric scooter can cover up to 40 miles.

What Type Of Batteries Do E-Scooters Use? 

The battery is the most vital part of the electric scooter. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common battery type in use now. They charge fast and have a longer cycle duration.

The capacity is also high so is suitable for providing a longer range to the vehicle. On average, the lithium battery takes about 4 to 6 hours for charging. 

Lifespan Of The Batteries

Just as with the distance an e-scooter can travel, the lifespan of the battery also depends on many factors. They include:

  •       Terrain
  •       Model of the scooter
  •       Capacity of the battery
  •       Weather conditions
  •       Speed
  •       Weight of the rider

In general, a lithium battery can last from 1 year up to 3 years.

Final Takeaway

With the above steps to use a long-range electric scooter, you can have the best transport. It saves money, time, and effort when compared to other transport choices.

Looking for a great long-range scooter? We have several models to choose from. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

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