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Battery Powered Scooter: Problems and Solutions

Posted by Dina Llabore on

A battery powered scooter is an expensive investment. It may not be as pricey as cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, but you should definitely take extra care when using it. But, problems are inevitable no matter how you maintain them.

There are instances when these issues could suddenly arise when stuck in the middle of the road. What are you going to do if you have no idea how to troubleshoot your e-scooter? Here are some of the common problems and solutions when your scooter suddenly breaks down.

Common Electric Scooter Issues and Solutions

  1. The Battery is Dead

A dead battery is not a big problem and you don’t need to replace it right away. Take note that it’s different from a low battery. It’s easy to get confused between a dead and low battery so it’s better that you have a basic understanding of this.

  • If the scooter has a low battery, you can still turn it on. However, the machine will not run because it doesn’t have enough power to turn on the motor.
  • If the scooter has a dead battery, you won’t be able to turn it on. It’s the same as not having any battery at all.


The only solution for a dead battery is to charge it. It may take a longer time to charge it so don’t get upset if it goes way past its charging time.

Leave the scooter on while charging and wait for it to fully charge. This will indicate that the battery is still healthy and usable. Make sure that it is fully charge it before you use the scooter.

If you notice that the battery is not charging, get a voltmeter and check it. Faulty batteries have to be replaced immediately.

  1. Engine is Heating Up

Engines get hot while you’re using them, but once it overheats, it means that there’s a problem with the scooter. Most of the modern models come with a safety mechanism that would automatically shut them down to prevent further damage. If it happens to you, it might indicate that the engine is starting to overheat.

When the engine overheats, the battery gets hot as well. If this happens, the battery life will decrease significantly.


If you noticed that the engine is overheating, turn it off immediately and let it cool down. Once it is cool enough to touch, check for damaged fuses and wirings. Any damage to the wirings and fuses is a serious problem. The engine will still run, but it might cause irreparable damage to the scooter.

The best thing to do is to bring it to a repair shop right away. This is a complicated problem and the technician might find other issues with the scooter.

  1. Acceleration Issues

It’s very common for electric scooters to have acceleration issues. There are times when it is not moving fast enough or it won’t even move. This problem usually happens when the accelerator is not working properly.

This problem usually appears on old electric scooters. If yours is still brand new and you suddenly experienced some issues with its acceleration, there might be a problem with the actual product.


Check the accelerator before doing anything else. Turn the electric scooter off and turn it on after a few minutes. Test the accelerator if it’s still working. If the scooter is still moving slowly or it’s not moving at all, there might be an issue with the fuse or electrical controller.

If there’s an electrical issue, the engine will not have the ability to get power from the battery, which is the reason why the scooter is not moving. It is best to bring it to a repair shop as soon as possible to get it fixed.

  1. Shuts Down After a Few Hours or Minutes

You will notice that the electric scooter is not running after a long time. They usually last for several hours of continuous usage as long as the battery is fully charged. If you noticed that the power runs out fast, the issue probably lies with your battery.


Electric scooters won’t run for a long time because of an old batteries. The scooter’s battery health will decrease over time. If you’ve been using it for a very long time, there’s a chance that the battery is already due for replacement. Yes, the only solution is to replace the battery.

Aside from the battery, you should check the tires as well. Flat tires may cause the speed to reduce or it might even stall your scooter completely.

  1. Faulty Charger

Problems with the charger can affect the electric scooter because it means that you won’t be able to recharge the battery. Even if the battery is brand new, it won’t be recharged if your charger is faulty. But don’t worry because there are specific solutions that you can try.


The best way to test your charge is to plug it into an outlet. Check the indicator lights. If they are illuminated, this can tell you if the charge is defective or not.

Some batteries come in 24, 36, or 48 volts. If you used a voltmeter and noticed that there is no voltage or it’s too little compared to the voltage of the battery, it means that the charger is defective.

If the voltage is higher than the battery, it means that you’re using the wrong charger or you made a mistake when buying the battery. The best way to handle this is to buy a charger that is comparable to the voltage of the battery.


Problems are inevitable when you’re using a battery powered scooter. But, you don’t have to panic if your scooter suddenly breaks down. Just follow the steps above or bring it to a repair shop to get it fixed as soon as possible.

It’s easy to find a high-quality electric scooter as there is a wide range of models and designs on the market. Take a look at some of the electric scooters we carry to find one that is the perfect fit for your needs:

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