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Best Overall Value in An Electric Bike: Green Bike USA GB1

Posted by Dina Llabore on

Best Overall Value in an Electric Bike


What is the best electric bike? That is the top question we are asked virtually every day. The answer is, it depends. It depends upon what the riders wants and needs in an e-bike. Some riders are looking for a simple cruiser to get them to work every day. Others might need a rugged mountain bike to go hunting in the outback. Each riders needs are different. 

One question that virtually no one asks is, “What is the best overall value in an e-bike”. Value is not only about price. It’s about many factors. Sure, price is an important factor involved but there are many other points to consider. Some of these considerations are quality, features, dependability, and ease of use. Value is the sum total of these factors.

Our top pick for overall value is the Green Bike USA GB1 folding cruiser electric bike. It hits all the high high points for wants and needs and is easy on the wallet. This versatile cruiser checks most of the boxes of a typical electric bike buyer looking for everyday use.

Best Overall Value in An Electric Bike: Green Bike USA GB1

Tough and Durability Make for Long-Term Usage

The frame on the Green Bike USA GB1 is 100% hand welded lightweight aluminum and built to last. The seams are double welded for extra strength. We’ve sold a lot of the GB1 and most buyers wear themselves out before they do the bike. This company is also well known for a quality made product and has been in business longer than most e-bike companies currently on the market.

Packed Full of Many Extra Features

The GB1 is loaded full of features that are typically found on more expensive electric bikes. Powerful and low maintenance front and rear disk brakes offer maximum stopping power. A front light and rear turn signals are conveniently controlled from the display. Puncture resistant 20”x2.125 Kenda tires with defective sidewalls help make the ride smooth and even.

Best Overall Value in An Electric Bike: Green Bike USA GB1

A powerful 48V and 500W brushless motor makes it powerful enough for any hill or go the distance on any straightaway. Most e-bikes at this price only have 24V or 36V batteries and less powerful motors. A rear rack and fenders are also included. An electric horn and a USB port on the battery round out the impressive list of features. This bike has it all.

Ease of Use for On the Go Riders

The Green Bike USA GB1 weighs only 70 lbs. with the battery installed. The lightest bike they sell. It is also designed for quick and easy folding to take on a subway or bus. It folds to 28” x 36”. Perfect for a closet or car trunk. Range is up to 40 miles depends upon terrain and other factors. Charging time is 3-6 hours.

Best Overall Value in An Electric Bike: Green Bike USA GB1

Fully Loaded at a Easy Price Point = Value

With its quality, features, and ease of use, the Green Bike USA GB1 is a remarkable value for its price. Check out other e-bikes at this price point, and we’re sure you will find it to be one of the best deals out there.

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