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Cost and Installation of Electric Moped Scooter

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The electric moped scooter is a great way to maneuver around the city while having an enjoyable adventure. They cost significantly less than cars, use no gas, and require no payment for parking.

As you decide on which scooter is perfect for your transportation needs, you ask yourself ‘how much should a good quality e-scooter cost?’ To save you from throwing money away, here is a guide that will help you break down the price associated with a new electric moped. The following information will also cut back on hours of guesswork by explaining how to put it together. 

How Much is an Electric Moped?

The final cost of your electric moped will depend on factors like scooter quality and motor type. Beginner, low-end moped models cost between $1,000 and $1,500 in most cases. Luxury, well-equipped models cost anywhere between $2,500 and $5,500. Ultimately, your purpose for riding your moped will have a lot to do with the model style that you need.

For example, if you plan on using your new moped just for entertainment purposes or simple commuting, you can opt for an affordable, low-end model. This option is of lower quality, has less durability, and is lightweight. The motor on this style of moped is typically low-powered as well. You can find these models listed for as little as $1,500.

If you need a model that can conquer hilly terrain with a little more to offer, opt for a mid-range version to better suit your needs. The motor will provide a reasonable amount of power, along with durability that can withstand a good amount of wear and tear. Available for a price range anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500, these mopeds are heavier than cheaper models. 

For hours of fun off-roading and long commutes, choose a moped that offers features with superior quality. While you will spend at least $1,000 on an option that excels in craftsmanship, you will receive a supercharged motor in return. This style of moped is heavyweight with top-notch durability. The X-Treme Carbo Cruiser 48V 500-W Electric Moped Scooter features a huge brushless rear hub motor in the center of the rear wheel. It even reaches distances of 20-25 miles with each charge.   

Electric Moped Scooter Cost Factors 

While an electric scooter can be quite expensive, they are available in any budget range. Here are some of the factors that will contribute to the cost of your new scooter: 

Battery Power

  • Most responsible for the price of your e-scooter 
  • Contributes to 1/3 of the overall price 
  • Affects how well your e-scooter will perform 
  • Larger battery equals more range and power 


  • High-end, reliable motors tend to be more costly 
  • Costs more because it needs to be able to withstand vibrations from riding 
  • Special features like special bearing drive and regenerative braking also influence cost

Costs for Research & Cutting-Edge Features 

  • Even though electric scooters have been on the market for years, manufacturers are subjected to expensive design and manufacturing costs 
  • From testing and controller apps to research teams and more, the cost for developing cutting-edge features is pricey

Supply & Demand 

  • The e-scooter is also expensive because of its lack of scale
  • Demand has a lot to do with the increase in the cost of the electric scooter over the years
  • As traction increases, we will begin to notice a steady decline in pricing trends.  

How to Assemble Your New Electric Scooter

With the right tools, putting your scooter together will be a quick and easy project. In about ten minutes from start to finish, you will have your new scooter built and ready for riding. Here is some information detailing this simple step-by-step process:  

1. Tools 

For even easier assembly, have the following tools at your disposal before you begin the process: 

  • Bike pump (either an electric pump or manual pump will do)
  • Allen wrench (5mm - usually included in the package)
  • Soft cloth or microfiber rag 

With these 3 items, you will be able to complete the entire process. Next, you will want to focus on your handlebars. 

2. Handlebars 

If you decide to order a good quality scooter, chances are it will arrive partially assembled. To begin this next step, simply open your scooter box and retrieve the manual, Allen wrench, and charger. 

  • Place the contents of your package aside
  • Take the scooter out with its handlebars. They are attached by their wires.  
  • Be sure that you have enough space to work comfortably and spread your items out. Place the scooter and handlebars in front of you in the vacant space. 
  • Locate the bottom of your handlebars. There you will see two bolts. Use your 5mm wrench to loosen them. 
  • Slide the handlebar on, aligning the wheel and the handlebars. Then, re-tighten the two bolts that are at the bottom of your handlebars. 
  • Tighten until the handlebar is secure. Be sure that there is a tight hold on the bold for safe use of your device. 

Once the handlebars are attached and ready to go, the next step in the process is to inflate your tires.

3. Tires

  • To begin setting up your tires, you need to take the dust cap off of the valve stem 
  • Secondly, you will need your tire pump. Put the end of it on the valve stem. 
  • Begin inflating your tires. When the air pressure reaches  36 PSI with an electric pump, you can take the pump off of the valve stem. When using a manual pump, simply feel on your tires to make sure they have enough air in them. 
  • Once the pressure has reached the right level, put the dust cap back on. If using an electric pump, be sure to unplug it when finished.  

While your scooter appears to be ready for use, the next step is to charge it. 

4. How to Charge Your Scooter 

  • For extended use and better charge retention, be sure to follow the instructions that are included with your scooter 
  • Most scooters should be charged for approximately 12 hours during its initial charge. Afterward, your new toy should be road ready.

5. Ready for Takeoff

  • With its own kick to start feature, your e-scooter will need to go a minimum of 3 MPH for proper motor engagement 
  • Accelerate by twisting your throttle. With 12 hours of charge time, your battery will excel in performance. 
  • For the best results, try a scooter that includes a brushless motor to eliminate the danger of overheating 

The Bottom Line 

With the use of the right tools, your electric moped scooter will lead to hours of fun joyriding and stress relief.  While you will spend anywhere from $300-$3,000, its benefits are certainly worth the investment.

Once you have attached your handlebars, inflated your tires, and charged your battery, you will be enjoying the breeze as you hit the open road. Ready for hours of riding fun with your own premium e-toy like the X-Treme Carbo Cruiser 48V 500-W Electric Moped Scooter? Reach out to the cycle experts at eBikeJOY.   

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