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Electric Bikes VS Regular Bikes: What's the Real Difference between These Two

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You know how a bicycle works even if you never took it for a ride. But are you familiar with how electric bikes work? These type of bikes have been around for a while but still create confusion.

This guide offers details about the appearance, working process, and major features of these electrical transportation devices.

The Crucial Differences of Electric and Regular Bicycles

A bicycle is a vehicle that has a mainframe with two wheels attached to it. The rider uses their energy to turn pedals and move the bike. The handlebars help to go in the preferred direction. Riding these are easy and require only a small learning curve for most people.

Unlike regular units, e-bikes come with an electrical drive system. The system consists of a motor, display, and battery. If you look closely, you'll notice these components. They ensure the two product categories have a clear distinction in appearance.

Electric and regular bikes come with the same mechanical elements. You'll find brakes and pedals on both devices. The handlebars and wheels are of a similar size, although they can vary on the model.

An Overview of the Electric Motor in E-Bikes

The motor helps to run your electric bicycle as you pedal. It can have different strengths. The more powerful motor, the more torque it generates. That ensures you utilize the bike’s potential. This component converts electrical energy to mechanical one to help propel your vehicle.

You'll find two main motor types in e-bikes:

  • Crank. These units offer help when moving the pedals. You add more power by turning them, which is why it feels "natural" to ride this vehicle.
  • Hub. These motors run the wheel itself. Although they feature an affordable option, they are less popular than crank units.

An Electric Bike Has a Battery to Power It

The battery serves as the power source for an e-bicycle. The more powerful it is, the longer the distance you can cross with a single charge. If you use the vehicle for commuting and need to cross large ranges daily, this is a crucial feature. You need a battery that can endure at least 30-40 miles before it needs to recharge.

Please note that the actual range doesn’t depend only on capacity. The driver's weight and size, and terrain characteristics can affect the distance the vehicle can cross. If you have many slopes or ride against the wind, it will consume more battery. Therefore, the maximum range will be lower.

It's easy to remove the battery to charge. The actual time to refill it is up to 12 hours. It depends on the product, and even the best electric bikes will require some patience when charging them.


The LCD screen you have available is another specific characteristic of an electric bike. You'll find the display on the handlebar. That ensures it's visible while riding the vehicle. You can check out your current speed but also the remaining battery life.

If you get an advanced e-bike, the screen might offer additional options. The features might include:

  • The distance you crossed and how much you have remaining to the goal.
  • Fitness-related features, such as the calories you burned during the ride.
  • A GPS or another navigation system that designs a path for your trip.

How to Control an Electric Bike

E-bicycles have switches, flips, and buttons that allow you to find the desired settings easily. You can adjust the motor speed and pick a gear. It's possible to change how much pedal assistance you want. Most electric mountain bikes will inform you about the current settings on display. The screen makes it easier to check if every controlling aspect is the way you want it.

All e-bikes come with a sensor. If you start the vehicle, it will inform the motor that you began pedaling. That is an indicator the system should start helping you during the trip. The learning curve is minimal, and you'll be comfortable riding this bicycle immediately.

Who Should Use an Electric Bike?

E-bicycles can be a smart investment for different rider categories. If you appreciate pedaling assistance and look for a convenient way of using a bike, go with this device.

Here is which users should try electric bicycles:

  • Commuters. Is your work within 10-20 miles? If you use a bus or car, that can be expensive. It's cheaper to use an electric bike. It's also healthier, and you'll enjoy the rides, especially on sunny days.
  • Seniors. Elderly riders might not have the strength required to ride a bike. But if you'd still like to use this vehicle, electric bicycles are an alternative. You can continue cycling despite entering senior age.
  • Environmentalists. It's needless to say that electric bicycles don't have any gas emissions. That makes them an eco-friendly solution.
  • Delivery drivers. These vehicles are convenient for short distances. It can help to get the goods to the address quickly in a city rush.
  • Recreationalists. E-bikes can be an excellent exercise. Even if you don’t pedal yourself, you can enjoy spending time outside. Observing beautiful scenery and spending time with your friends can be fun.

Is an E-Bike Heavier Than a Regular Bicycle?

Yes, and that's because it comes with additional components. Folding electric bikes are the lightest. Their goal is portability and ease of transport. Manufacturers look to minimize the pounds that their products have, but that's not always easy.

The weight of a regular bike is around 20-25 pounds. As for e-bicycles, you can expect them to weigh about 30-50 lbs. It depends on the model and the characteristics you choose. For example, fat tires give additional stability but make the vehicle heavier. 

Are E-Bikes Faster Than Regular Ones?

The standard bike depends on your pedaling capabilities. If you try hard, it can reach reasonable speeds. The experts indicate they rarely go faster than 19 mph. Electric bicycles can go over that limit and help you reach the destination faster.

The features of your e-bike will determine how fast it can go. Depending on the model, it can be up to 25-30 mph. These vehicles offer many pedal assist levels. That means you can invest minimal effort and reach excellent speeds with these products.

Fat tire electric bikes might be slower than the standard models. However, they provide additional stability. That can be convenient in bumpy terrains or if you are a beginner.

Is an E-Bike Convenient for Staying in Shape?

Many believe that e-bicycles aren't good choices for exercise. That's not true because riding a bike, even if it's electric, is good exercise. The motor assistance will only make the ride more enjoyable. You might find it enough to pedal the vehicle by yourself on flat terrain. Once you come across a slope, things become challenging. 

Inclines are challenging for elderly riders but also those who don't have much physical strength and endurance. Electric bikes can be the perfect answer. You might be dealing with arthritis or an injury.

Perhaps you aren't as agile or strong as you were years ago. An e-bicycle allows you to get the desired level of riding assistance whenever necessary. That means you can pass any unsuitable terrain effortlessly. It ensures you do the exercise properly and make the most out of it.

Should You Have a Permit to Ride an E-Bike?

Although it has a motor, the law in most countries doesn't distinguish an electric bike from the regular type. That means you don't need a special permit or license for riding it. 

The actual regulations vary on the location. That's why it's necessary to check any rules applicable in your area. Some states impose specific acts for e-bikes and don't allow them on all routes. Make sure to follow any applicable restrictions. Otherwise, you could end up paying fines and getting in trouble with the authorities.

What Is the Difference Between an E-Bike and an Electric Bike?

It creates confusion, but these two are the same thing. E-bike is an abbreviation for the electric bike. Some manufacturers use that alternative in product descriptions. There's absolutely no difference between e-bikes and electric bicycles. Their features and performance depend on the model and don't have anything to do with the name.

Are Electric Bikes Dangerous?

Top manufacturers make sure to follow all relevant standards when designing e-bicycles. That means these devices are every bit as safe as regular ones. They aren't dangerous as long as you use them with caution.

The primary safety tips when riding electric bicycles include:

  • Put your helmet as soon as you sit on the seat. Head protection is your top priority. You can also wear gloves and other safety equipment. But if anything goes wrong and you end up falling, protecting your head is imperative.
  • Maintain visibility. E-bikes should have front and rear lights and reflectors. If you ride at night or in low visibility, wear a fluorescent vest.
  • Play by the rules. Bike riders should also follow laws, and that includes traffic lights. You should also avoid cycling on pavements. If there is a bicycle lane, follow it. Finally, pay attention to other traffic participants and conditions. It's imperative for everyone's safety to ride responsibly at all times.

Is It Hard to Maintain an E-Bike?

Whether you ride a regular or e-bike, it's necessary to keep it in optimal condition. That minimizes the risk of anything going wrong while using the vehicle. Electric bicycles aren't more difficult to maintain than standard models. However, they might require a bit more time because of additional parts.

The manual will offer basic information on how to keep your bike in shape. Read the instructions to the smallest detail and understand the process. That will ensure you cover the basics. Since the device comes with a motor, you'll also need a professional mechanic occasionally. If you notice something is wrong with a component, it's better to consult an expert.

The professionals advise paying special attention to electric components. If something seems odd with your battery or motor, stop as soon as possible and don't ride your bike anymore. Instead, try to assess what's wrong and call a professional.

The warranty periods for e-bikes vary. Most cover at least 12 months from the purchase. It's necessary to take them to licensed mechanics during that time. Otherwise, you'll void your guarantee and end up paying the repairs.

What Is the Average Price of an E-Bike?

An electric bike comes with a motor and components that assist during the ride. That's why these vehicles are more expensive than regular bicycles. For both categories, the actual price will depend on the model.

You can find affordable e-bikes on sale for under $1,000. That's below the average price for these vehicles. Most models have a cost tag of around $1,500 or more. You get better battery capacity and overall performance by paying more. Premium units can cost over up to $5,000.

It's all about discovering the products that give the most bang for the buck. While choosing an e-bicycle, consider the features you need. If you are a beginner and don't plan on long trips, you don't need the most powerful battery. But if you are an e-bike expert, a premium model will ensure the most value for money.

Final Thoughts

If you choose a regular bicycle, you’ll need to pedal by yourself. Electric bikes are an upgrade compared to traditional ones because they the rider assistance. They come with a motor and battery that help with turning the pedals. 

You have the option to take over when you feel like exercising. But if you don’t feel well or want to enjoy the scenery, you can let the motor do the hard work for you. Electric bicycles can be faster than regular units. They are convenient for commuting and those who don’t have the strength to turn the pedals.

Make sure to stick to reliable stores when choosing an e-bike. They partner with premium brands and guarantee you get great bicycles at excellent prices. Your task is to pick a suitable model. Consider the features you expect and give a shot to these vehicles. They can prove convenient when commuting and fun to ride in spare time!

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