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Jupiter Bike Electric Bikes. The Best Folding Bikes on the Market

Posted by Jack Bielli on

Looking for a folding electric bike that is well-built and sturdy, yet powerful enough to go the distance? You’ve found it! Jupiter Bike Electric Bikes, an American company based in Tampa, Florida, offers a range of 5 quality folding bikes from small recreational models to a rugged mountain bike. All are light weight and powerful.

Most folding e-bikes focus solely on light weight while compromising power. What is the point of a bike if its pretty much a children’s toy that really won’t take you where you need to go due to its low power? Why can’t one have both?

Jupiter X5 Folding Electric Bike

Jupiter Bikes models are all a well engineered balance between the two. The X5, Jupiter’s smallest model weighs only 40 lbs. yet goes a distance of 30 miles with a 35V battery and 350W motor. It folds to a compact 30” x 15” x 21”. Both the X5 and the X7 models use a form molded Magnesium alloy frame that is ultra light weight with no unsightly weld lines.

Jupiter X5 Folding Electric Bike

The fat tire folding Defiant model is perfect for hunting or off-road usage yet weighs only 55 lbs. The model is ideal for snow, sand, or gravel terrain. It goes up to 40 miles with a 48V battery and a 750W motor. A real work horse bike that is ready to take whatever you can give it.

Jupiter Summit Folding Electric Bike

Jupiter’s 2 newest folding models, the Atlas and Summit are also a great balance between form and function. The sleek looking Summit mountain bike is powerful with a 500W motor yet only weighs 50 lbs. It’s MAG wheels and modern design adds to its overall appeal. The Atlas is a folding step-though model that weighs 60 lbs. with a 500W motor. Both are solid well built machines.

If you're looking for an electric bike but have space considerations, consider one of the 5 models of Jupiter Bikes. We think you’ll find they have a lot of pluses that most others can’t match.

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