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2 Ways to Repair Your Electric Tricycle Bike Battery

Posted by Dina Llabore on

The recent progress with technology offers battery-operated bikes for adults. These bikes can deliver enough power for daily demands. And they last longer than the previous bike models. But this doesn't mean the bike battery cannot get damaged. It can have mechanical problems or simple wear and tear. Either way, you can repair your tricycle electric bike battery without any hassle. 

With this knowledge, you can continue to ride your tricycle without further battery issues. You do not have to possess a high-end technician’s skills. All you need is the basic knowledge you will find in this guide. Let's roll! 

How to Repair Your Tricycle Bike Battery 

There are several ways to repair your electric tricycle's bike battery. All the process starts with diagnosing the problem, and the solution follows. This guide will evaluate two general ways of repairing a tricycle bike. These methods are:

Method 1 

This method is more of a diagnosis than complete repair. All you need is a screwdriver and solder. 

STEP ONE: Look Out For the Faults 

The first step to any repair is figuring out the problem. Start by checking loose and corroded connections. Look out for swellings and cracks on the battery as well. 

A swollen or cracked battery might be stone dead. And it might be non-feasible to fix it. If the battery reads 0 volts, it means the battery is dead and irreversible. 

STEP TWO: Inspect The Battery's Controller and Its Connection

Inspecting the controller means looking for signs of damage by overheat or water. Look for the plastic cover of the battery and unscrew it. Remove the cover and expose the controller's wire connection. 

Check out the wire connections and ensure that they are intact. Some of these bare wires are soldered to the board. Look out for the soldering points and ensure they are in the proper position. 

Some wires are soldered on two ends. These wires are shunts, vital for ensuring proper power output. 

STEP THREE: Examine the Connection Board 

Some people refer to the battery's connection board as the panel. It is the central controller of the e-bike battery's connection. Look out for the thick lines on the board. 

These thick lines ensure proper power flow without burning out. Check the board’s capacitors and its wire. Ensure that the wires didn't break and no part of the capacitor is swollen. A swollen capacitor can mean more damage than you can repair. 

Also, ensure that no solder on the board is lost. In this case, you can solder it again for proper connection. Sniff around the board to detect burns or related damage. Black and brown hot spots can also mean burns. You can also utilize this time to examine its wetness. Some sprays can help you fix wet boards. 

Method 2

This method deals more with a direct repair. It is easy, but it requires some tools. These tools include:

  •       Wirecutter 
  •       An old e-bike's battery 
  •       Screwdriver 
  •       Multimeter tool

STEP ONE: Get an Old Battery 

If you have an old fat trike electric, it will be a plus with this method. Open the bike’s battery box and remove the old battery. Be cautious not to damage any part of the battery during this process. Also, ensure not to cut out any wire or connector. 

STEP TWO: Make Some Rough Connections 

Remove six individual cells from the old battery. Connect them in a 2-2 parallel format (you might need a little technical knowledge here). Don't forget to cut out the series connection of these cells. All you need is a parallel connection. 

STEP THREE: Check the Voltage 

Now, it's time to put your multimeter tool to good use. This tool will help to detect the voltage of your battery. The battery must read 10.8 or above before you can certify that it is in good condition. Anything below this value means the battery is not in good condition. 

If the old battery is in good condition, proceed with your repair. Else, you might need to buy a new battery in any nearby store. 

STEP FOUR: Connect the Battery Cells 

Connect the cells in parallel with a wire piece. Ensure that you connect it correctly and all connection points are tight. Test the voltage again with the multimeter. The reading should be around 36-42 volts. If the value is lower, it might mean something is not right with your assembly or the battery.

Now, dispose of the cells that are not useful but keep the circuit undamaged. Be careful not to damage the battery box during the opening. 

STEP FIVE: Connect Circuit to Battery 

Use a copper wire to join the lithium battery pack to the circuit. Look out for the four wires that originate from the circuit. Three of these wires are positively charged, with only the longest one with a negative charge. 

Ensure that the arrangement is in the right order before packing. Check if it's operational by pushing your tricycle electric bike's power button. If the bike does not respond, consider charging the battery for a few minutes. If it doesn't still respond, check through your connection again. 

STEP SIX: Rounding Up

Once you get the battery to be operational, it is time to repack the battery. Return the battery into its box in the bike. You can hold it together with tapes or super glue to ensure tight packing. 

Can Bike Battery Be Repaired?

It is not usual for a battery to have slight issues from time to time regardless of the e-tricycle price. But the comforting news is that you can sometimes repair the battery. Most times, the repairs are not demanding. All you need are light tools and accessories. 

Also, the type of damage will determine the repair procedures. But there are certain damages that you cannot repair. These damages can include broken cells and swellings. 

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Tricycle Electric Bike Battery 

Remember your e-trike bike price, you won't want any part of it to get damaged. Proper care and maintenance of your battery will help it last longer. Besides, it will ensure your safety and smooth operation of the bike. 

An electric bike's battery can last for up to 5-10 years with proper maintenance. Here are care and maintenance tips to help your fat trike electric battery last longer;

  • Keep the battery away from overheating or extreme cold 
  • Do not live your battery inside your tricycle if you won't use it for a long time. It is best to use the charger to keep the battery at 50% during this period. 
  • Take your battery and other mechanical parts for regular servicing with experts
  • Try to detect a fault and fix it before it becomes a problem
  • Keep your battery away from water, steam, direct sunlight, and other adverse conditions

In Summary

Most tricycle electric bikes use lithium-ion cells regardless of the e-tricycle price. Although these batteries are made to last, they can get damaged. Some of these damages are overheating, water, and overcharging. But you don't have to dispose of your battery with each fault. There are ways you can repair your e-bike battery and get it functioning again. 

You will find several e-trike price options. But one common feature among these options is that they are worth the price! Why waste money on fuel? Consider a tricycle electric bike for increased convenience and lower cost.

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  • David, Good point! Yes. Check the fuses as well. Thank you for that great tip!

    John on
  • I didn’t see you covering checking the fuses and the batteries mine had a bad fuse but you got to make sure that if it needs to be a fast burning or a slow burning fuse.

    David Rhines on

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