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Installment Financing Your Electric Bicycle or Moped - Zip

Installment Financing Your Electric Bicycle or Moped - Zip

Zip Installments overview

Zip gives you the option to pay for your order over time in easy installments. When available, Zip Installments is a great option to help you maximize your budget for orders between $50 USD and $17,500.

Buy it today, pay for it in 4 installments.

Shop anywhere and choose Zip at checkout to pay later. You'll pay the first installment upfront, and the rest over 6 weeks.

After you make your first payment at checkout, you'll be charged biweekly. You'll be reminded by email and SMS text (if applicable) before each payment is charged to your card. You can also turn on push notifications in the Zip app to be reminded. However, you can't customize your payment schedule. 

Step-by-Step on How to Order with Zip Installments

Step 1: Add an order to cart and click to go to the checkout.

Step 2: Fill out your details and click "Continue to shipping method".

Step 3: Select the shipping method and then click on "Continue to payment method".

Step 4: Choose the option "Zip - Pay in installments"and click "Complete order".

Step 5: After clicking "Complete order", you'll be asked to enter your details for Zip to verify. After that, you'll receive an instant approval decision and Zip will create an account for you. You can use that account anytime you want to place orders in the future! 

For info about Zip Installments payments and financing, such as why you might not have been approved, visit the Zip Installments Help Center.

Customers support line for ZIP: 888-274-3159

That's it!!

See screenshot below for visual example: