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Ultimate Guide to Choosing Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

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Getting a new device or gadget can be a hassle, and the same is the case with the a Beach Cruiser Electric Bike. And it is easy to understand why, with so many models and types from different companies, is easy to get lost in the sea of electric bikes on the market. And with the rising popularity of electric bikes, more people see the use and benefits of electric bikes. The beach cruiser bikes are worth their keep in terms of simplicity, usability, comfort, and other factors.

This guide explains everything you need to know about choosing the right electric beach bike, the best brand to buy, what to look for when purchasing one, and more. Read on for all the information you need for a smart selection!

How do I choose a beach cruiser?

After deciding to get a beach cruiser, the question then becomes, "How do I choose a beach cruiser?" There are several types of beach cruisers from different brands, but they all have a few things in common. So, here are three factors that will help you buy a suitable cruiser:

1. Single Speed and Multi Speeds

To choose the best beach cruiser, you must take into consideration where the bike will be used. Check your location and map your commute route. This is because single-speed cruisers and multi-speed cruisers are optimal in different conditions. For users who plan on commuting long distances on smooth surfaces and flat terrain without hills, then single-speed cruisers are the best choice. Simple yet functional, single-speed cruisers can take the rider from point A to B without much effort.

For adventurous riders who ride along uneven terrains and bumpy roads, a beach bike with multiple speed settings is a perfect fit.

2. Brake type

You should consider two types of brakes in your search for the best cruiser; a coaster brake and a hand brake.

For minimalists with simple tastes and on a budget, a coaster brake is the best option. It has low maintenance, delivers softer stops, and is less stressful on the hands as the brake is foot activated. Many people find the idea of pedaling backward to stop counter-intuitive, and this puts them at risk. For those who love to be in control, handbrakes are a better choice. One advantage of this system is that it is an onboard brake system, reducing the possibility of a fall.

3. Cost

The cost of a beach cruiser can affect your choice. Single-speed cruisers with average speeds of 16 mph are cheaper options compared to multi-speed cruisers. Upgrading or customizing your cruisers will increase the costs. Look at your budget and decide if you can afford certain upgrades. The budget is a determining factor to determine what beach cruiser you can get. 

When deciding what to choose, make sure to search for quality. Price often dictates quality; this doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. There is no manual to decide if a bike is the best; it combines different factors, conditions, and preferences. So do not spend money on getting a stock model, instead buy a better bike and enjoy your upgrade.

What is the best brand of beach cruiser bicycles?

There are different brands of beach bikes on the market today, but 3 cruiser brands stand out as the best or have proven themselves and stood the test of time. Below are these brands:

1. X-Treme

X-Treme is America's most famous bike cruiser brand. They have spearheaded a lot of advancements and innovations in bicycle technology in several ways. They were improving different types of bikes, leaving their mark on the market. They have played their role in reinventing and inventing several bicycles, adding trends and bike designs. With their electric beach cruiser models, the Catalina, Laguna Beach, Malibu, and Newport, they have set the standard in affordable yet quality models.

2. Green Bike USA

If X-Treme tops the list of best bike brands, then Green Bike USA follows second. They offer a wide variety of electric bike models but their beach cruisers are real standouts. The GB2 and GB1 lineup of models are perfect for the beach or anywhere that the terrain will be variable. 

3. Nakto

Established in 2013, Nakto electric bicycles rose to popularity when e-bikes were really becoming popular. The company prioritizes the functionality of their bikes just as much as the looks and designs. Though their primary focus is mountain bikes, they also have developed the City Stroller. This model is a great choice for a beach cruiser. They all have a diverse lineup of models, which gives users the choice to get what best suits them based on preferences and environments.

What is a beach Cruiser E-Bike good for?

Several advantages come with owning a Cruiser E-Bike. They aren’t just fun; they also have a wide range of functions. And here are some of the benefits below:

1. Coziness

Beach cruisers are very comfy and cozy. When compared with their counterparts, they offer the most range of comfort. Softer seats, upright position, and ergonomic handlebars make them quite comfortable to ride. 

2. Minimalism 

The simple design of the Beach cruiser is one of its best benefits. An average beach cruiser doesn’t draw attention, doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles, and is constructed from plain material. Also, their simplicity makes them perfect for any beach and can be stored anywhere. Similarly, most cruisers are unisex and can be used by anyone.

3. Multipurpose 

A Cruiser E-Bike can be used purpose severally, serving different uses. It can be used to ride on the beach or for exercise whenever needed. It may not be the fastest, but it burns the calories instead of having multiple bikes. This bike can serve various functions, depending on the user's preference.

4. Practical 

Additional gadgets and attachments can make your beach cruiser an everyday choice for a lot of things. Mount a basket in the front and take care of the groceries, or at the back and you can do quick errands and easily transport small items. Running errands just got cooler.

5. Convenience

Beach cruisers are helpful in a lot of ways. They can be easily stored, transported easily, and can be ridden almost anywhere and parked anywhere.  This makes them a real asset to have, especially since they do not occupy a lot of space or require much maintenance. All of the other factors make the cruiser a helpful tool. And also, since it provides convenience, it means your health will get better and you live better.

What should I look for in a beach Cruiser E-Bike?

When purchasing Beach Cruiser Electric Bike, it is advisable to look into these eight factors listed below to understand the best things to look for.

1. Multi-speed transmission

The more gears a machine has, the more efficient it is. For this reason, the finest beach Cruiser E-Bikes have multi-speed transmission and gear systems. Each gear has an equal amount of effort distributed in it, so low gears are preferable for hilly areas, while high gears are for flat areas. An advantage of multi-speed cruisers is that there is no need to repeatedly pedal while riding, and also, there is always a chance to increase your speed. Generally, no matter where you reside, there will be high grounds and portholes, and so multiple gears will come in handy.   

2. Batteries

When purchasing an e-bike, make sure you buy from a common and notable battery maker, and also make sure the battery has a warranty for over two years. Lithium-ion batteries are found in almost every product these days, and this includes the e-bike. These batteries last longer with careful use and planning. So, with careful planning, your battery should last for over two thousand circles instead of the regular eight hundred. This is for about three to four years. 

A good battery lasts about two to seven hours on a charge, depending on its composition, capacity, and manufacturer. The more expensive bikes have better batteries, are technologically advanced to charge quicker, be lighter and last longer. And seeing as batteries lose their spark over the years, the quality of the battery build is what makes it stand out. 

3. A soft saddle

The stock saddles are hard and uncomfortable and can give sores. But there is an alternative. In order to get maximum comfort, the wide-set gel foam set is the best option. It will adjust to your body shape, unlike the stock model. Also, the stress on your body will be greatly reduced when sitting. 

Generally, the beach cruiser has the widest, slimmest, and best-cushioned seats. It is best to have a higher-quality beach cruiser saddle because of its comfort because it will give you a great riding experience. Although the wide-set is amazing in various ways, it still requires a seat cover to protect it from the weather. There are various types of seats. It is recommended one that suits your seat.

4. Grips

There are different types of grips. The seated position is usually affected by the manner in which a person chooses to grasp the handles. Beach cruisers include larger grips, and so give more comfort. The best grips consist of rubber, cork, gel, leather, or alloy. The beach cruiser only requires a little grasp to control. This is because the main work of the beach cruiser is to give comfort. For this reason, beach bike manufacturers try to make the rides fun for everyone.           

5. Front and Rear Lights

It doesn't matter if you are not the type that bikes at night. It is important you purchase a lighting system of any sort for both the front and rear wheels. A lighting system for your bike is essential because, as a rider, you are almost invisible at night. You may think that you can be seen, but it doesn't matter. Most car drivers are concentrated on other cars and motorcycles and may not remember Cruiser E-Bikes use the road.

Lighting systems come in different shapes and sizes, and here are a few things you can purchase.

  • Handlebar lights

These lights, as the name suggests, are to be mounted to your handlebars. They are LED-powered lamps that are very bright. Add some more lights and accessories onto your handlebars, and you are good to go. Click a button, and you are good to go, announce your presence to the other road users and keep safe.

  • Headlights

These lights are LED systems that can be attached to a helmet. The rider attaches the lamps to the helmet or under it. The aim is to project light from the same level as your head, not just your bike. This makes you look bigger than you are, and other road users automatically assume so and give you space that is perfect for staying safe while riding, 

  • Necklaces and Wristbands

LED necklaces and wristbands are an option for riders who do not want to put a light on their head or in the front of their bikes. While riding with these lights, your body swings from side to side, and the lights follow. This allows road users to notice the movements and pay attention to them. This is an excellent choice if you are worried about not being seen at night. For rear lighting systems, the aim is a lot simpler than front lights. Front lights need you to announce your presence to pedestrians constantly. Gain their attention and make sure you do not get hit or hit anyone. While with rear lights, the aim is to be seen by cars. 

6. Balloon Tires

One of the best features you should look out for is comfy tires. Wide, large tires are one of the main features of this bike. A lot of individuals can quickly identify a cruiser by bike alone. Stock bikes, no matter how comfy they may feel, are made for a wide range of users. The wheels on the bike should continuously be upgraded to fit the user's body. They may prefer a wider, thicker, or bigger tire than those that come with the stock. This allows the owner to enjoy a comfortable, customized cruiser. 

Thinner tires increase the speed of the bike, and thicker tires improve stability. As stated previously, tires' size depends on the owner's shape, size, and preference.

Also, consider looking at the tire treads. A smoother tire tread is best for pavements, flat terrain, and generally sub-urban areas. In contrast, thicker treads do better on uneven terrain and hilly areas, with more dirt.

7. Robust Front Basket

One feature of a beach cruiser's front basket that should also be noted is its sturdiness. This factor, however, is dependent on the type of basket. The bike's usage will determine what type of basket to mount. If your beach cruiser is used to do just about all the errand running, exercise, and beach rides, you may need to get a quick-release basket. These baskets are made from metal mesh and can easily and quickly, attached and removed from the bike's handlebars. 

They also have a quick-release lever that makes it faster to transition to basket mode and back. For a well-built basket, buy a fixed mount basket. These baskets are made from stronger, thicker metal and are permanently secured to the handlebars and front wheel. They are the best option for people who want a robust and durable basket and don't need to remove these constantly.

8. Lightweight Aluminum 

Aluminum is a lightweight metal used commonly to make bike parts. The best cruisers almost always have aluminum parts. This s because aluminum is lightweight, strong, cheap, easy to maintain, doesn't rust, and is readily available.

Wheels, grips, baskets, gears, and tire tubes are usually always made out of aluminum. If you have the choice to upgrade your bicycle with aluminum parts, then go for it. The lighter a bike is, the easier it is for it to accelerate and main that speed. And for bikes that are constantly in use, it is recommended that you add more aluminum parts.

How to get more range from your battery

In order to get the best range out of your Cruiser Electric bike, we’ve put down a few tips:

1. Always charge

To preserve the battery and prevent it from overcharging or being charged incorrectly, many batteries charge to 90% quickly and easily, then slow down to trickle charge. The same may be said about e-bikes. Make sure you plug in your E-bike to charge it up, especially if you haven't used it in a long time. Make sure to charge your battery as frequently as possible. This will allow your E-bike to fully charge, and it is also safe to keep the battery charged overnight.

2. Use lower gears

One of the most common causes of battery depletion is high torque. To tackle mountainous terrain, the motor requires greater power, which consumes more battery. Put the E-bike in lighter gear for hilly regions and uphill journeys. Switch to a lighter gear instead of a heavier one; this lessens the torque from the engine and saves energy, giving you a longer range. Once you've passed through the steep terrain, go back to a higher gear and maintain your speed.

3. Customize your bike

Tire type and tire pressure are two important factors that improve the performance of your E-bike. The type of rear tire you choose will have a big impact on your range. There are several solutions available on the market; choose one that best meets your needs and implement it. To get more range out of your bike, ensure sure everything is in working order.


In choosing Beach Cruiser Electric Bike, there are several factors to consider, different things that we often overlook that lead to us not fully enjoying our electric bikes. Factors such as battery life and price are things we automatically consider. But there are other underlying issues, such as gear transmission, comfy saddles, headlights, type of tires, and much more.  

This guide not only contains different factors to consider when choosing an E-bike but also the names of cruiser brands that have stood the test of time and several benefits of an E-bike cruiser. 

Looking for a electric beach cruiser bicycle? Checkout our complete selection of brand names at the best prices!

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