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Coupon Codes to Save on Electric Bikes and Scooters

We want to help save you money! Get the best deal online on a new electric bike, scooter, moped, or accessory. Bookmark this page so you can check back ever so often to see if we have changed or update with additional discounts and coupon codes on electric bikes and scooters.


$25 OFF automatically at checkout on: Stunner Step Over, Stunner Step Through, Stunner X, Kutty, Kutty X, and Swift electric bikes

$75 OFF automatically at checkout on: Juggernaut Ultra 1000, Juggernaut Ultra 1000 Pro, Juggernaut Ultra Beast, Juggernaut Ultra Eagle, and Juggernaut Ultra FS electric bikes


$25 OFF automatically at checkout on: Jade, Onyx electric bikes


$20 OFF with coupon code "NAKTO$20" at checkout on: 26" Super Cruiser, 26" City Stroller, and 20" Folding electric bikes


$25 OFF automatically at checkout on: TC-36, TM-36, XC-36 electric bikes

$25 OFF with coupon code "XTREME$25" at checkout on: Malibu, Newport, Trail Climber, Trail Maker, and X-Cursion 36V model electric bikes

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