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5 Things You Need for Electric Bike Repair

Posted by Emily Kells on

Cycling is a fun hobby and pastime. Since an electric bike is a mechanical device however, it does come with possible repair issues that might occur from time to time. Best to be prepared and ready before a problem happens.

Fixing a e-bike is not rocket science, bit it require knowledge of what tools to use for various problems. Similarly, knowledge of the functions of various parts of the e-bike also serves well when repairing it. In this article, we shall shed some light on some of the most important and carefully curated tools that you should keep in your tool box for ready repair issues.

1 - Adjustable Wrench

There are various parts of the bike joined together with different types and sizes of nuts and bolts. These are used a voids key parts of the bikes such as the sprocket, seat, handle, and front & back tires. There can be various occasions where you might need to loosen or tighten one of the nuts or bolts and an adjustable wrench is the most versatile tool for it.

An adjustable wrench has the ability to close or widen as you move the worm screw at the front end of the tool. Typically scenarios where you might need to use an adjustable wrench are fixing the gear chair to loosen it if its stick or tightening it if it's making too much noise or when it comes off altogether. 

2 - Multi-Tool

Your e-bike might have come with the handy multi-tool. If not, I would suggest buying one. A multi-tool is the best go to tool for a lot of different repairs when your bike breaks down. Not only is it great replacement for a lot of larger tools but its handiness and cost effective nature makes it a must have for your tool kit. 

It looks like a Swiss army knife and functions the same way. It contains a wide variety of tools. It can function as a replacement tool for pliers, screwdrivers, socket set and a knife. The size of the multi tool is convenient as well, it can easily fit into a pocket or pannier bag.

5 Things You Need for E-Bike Repair

3 - Duct Tape

Although duct tape might not seem like something that you would need to use for your e-bike, it can certainly come in handy for a wide variety of repair issues. Consider what happens when you have a flat tire. For a flat tire, you need to take out the tube if you do not have a tubeless tire. For a flat tube (or tire), you can use duct tape as a temporary measure.

All you need to do is identify where the tire got punctured and put a piece of tape on it. Make sure you seal it as flat and even as possible so no air can escape. This will solve your flat issue temporarily until you can get the tire properly fixed.

Duct tape can also be used on broken parts or accessories that have fallen off. It can also be used to cover the exposed parts of battery wires, electrics, or fuses.

5 Things You Need for E-Bike Repair

4 - Mini Pump

I learned about these the hard way. Get yourself a mini pump pronto! They are small and extremely convenient. I was out in the middle of nowhere when by tire began to lose air. I had no way to put more back into it. A mini pump can be used to pump the air in the spare tube in case you get a punctured tube. 

You must also remember that every bike or e-bike has tires or tubes that lose air over certain travel distances irrespective of the quality of the tube. A mini pump is the only tool that is sure be be frequency used and therefore a necessity. 

5 Things You Need for E-Bike Repair

5 - Spare Tube

One thing you can be sure of when riding your bike, you will have a flat tube or tire. Be prepared! Riding a bike without a proper brake, or no brake at all is unsafe but possible. Riding a bike with a flat tire is not possible altogether.

Keep at least a pair of spare tube on hand at home or in your pannier bag. You're apt to be in the middle of no where when you need them. 

There are many other things you can keep in your E-Bike repair kit to make bike riding less stressful and easy. Being prepared for an emergency is easier when you're in one. Get out there and enjoy your ride with peace of mind.

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