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BMW and Shanghai University Design Elevated Highways for E-Bikes

Posted by Amit Jivani on

electric bike highway

The concept is part of the Munich-based carmaker’s Number One > Next strategy, which is more about floating ideas than it is about definite building projects. In this case, the concept is for highways that would be used for electric-powered cycles or e-bikes.

BMW says the modular highways would be elevated above the road network and would provide “a fast, direct link between key traffic hubs”. The title of the project, the “Vision E³ Way”, is a reference to the fact that it is elevated, electric and efficient.

BMW says that ramps and sluice systems would connect Vision E³ Way to the regular road network, underground stations, other traffic hubs and shopping malls.

The highway would have a maximum high speed of 25kmh, lowering the risk of accidents. It would also be covered to shelter riders from rain and heat. A cooling system with purified rainwater would be used to reduce temperatures and clean the road surface at night.

Traffic flow would be optimized by automated video surveillance systems and artificial intelligence. 

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