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Customer Service is Key! Thank you Hank!

Posted by Irene Ongcay on

At eBikeJOY! we believe customer service is key. We had some issues with a recent order that did not involve our company but we helped our customer (Hank) in dealing with it. He chose to buy another bike (Surface 604 Rook) and is now very satisfied in the outcome. Satisfied customers are our mission. Here is his very nice letter to us! Thank you Hank!!

Hi John,

Got the ROOK yesterday (a day earlier than expected, as you mentioned might happen), put it together, with a little bit of tweeting, and just got back from a maiden voyage. It’s nice and POWERFUL! The manual is not the easiest to navigate, with tiny print for my “senior” eyes, but has the basic info. I had to go to Suntour’s site to learn about the suspension fork, never having used one before, and that was helpful. In a bit I’ll register the bike with Surface for the warranty.

I want to thank you once again for your assistance in this. I actually have been researching my possible choices for a few months and am happy I landed with your company. If anyone I know is in the market for an electric bike I’ll definitely recommend you all.

Have a good holiday and new year!
Peace, Hank

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