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Top 4 Electric Hunting Bikes On The Market

Posted by Dina Llabore on

Boasting durable frames and tons of power, electric hunting bikes make catching prize-winning game even more fun for the avid hunter. With so many specs and bonus features to choose from, finding the perfect cycle might be a little difficult.

You could be a professional hunter looking for the top pick that will help you find your next catch quickly and quietly. On the other hand, hunting might be a pastime for you. You could be on the quest to find an affordable e-bike option to enjoy as you explore the great outdoors.

To help you on your search for the perfect e-bicycle, here are the top 4 hunting e-bikes on the market. 

Top 4 Hunting e-Bike Picks

Eunorau Fat-HD Electric Hunting Bike

1. Best Hunting Electric Bike - Eunorau Fat-HD 48V Electric Bike

The Eunorau Fat-HD 48V Electric Bike is the best bike on the market in terms of affordability and specs. If you are looking for equipment that can handle the harsh conditions of the outdoors with ease, this is your pick. It showcases tons of power and durability. 

This e-bike boasts a Bafang BBSHD 1,000-watt motor that will reach an output of 1,500 watts for tons of power.  It also has a 40 mile range, perfect for daily use and off-road excursions. Built with premium materials and a rugged frame, this e-bike is prepared for nature. With its front RST suspension fork, you can navigate bumpy paths and trails with ease.   

2. Most Affordable - Eunorau E-Fat-MN 48V Folding Tire Fat Electric Bike

The Eunorau E-Fat-MN 48V Folding Tire Fat Electric Bike is a budget-friendly option for your hunting needs.  This high-performance e-bike has a sturdy aluminum frame along with superior components for a tough build. Its affordable price does not dictate lesser quality. 

The mid-fold frame allows you to fold your two-wheeler and take it anywhere without breaking a sweat. The motor on this hunting electric bike is located in the rear wheel hub. It is protected from harsh outdoor elements as it provides torque to the wheels directly.  Combined with its sport fat tires, you will enjoy smooth acceleration on any terrain.


X-Treme Rocky Road Electric Hunting bike

3. Most Popular - X-TREME Rocky Road Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike 

Made specifically for handling mountains and rough terrain, the X-TREME Rocky Road Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike is one of the more popular options. Its lightweight, rust-proof frame is made of 100% hand-welded aluminum for a long-lasting finish. This cycle comes complete with advanced specs for hunting made easy - a Beastly 48-Volt 500-Watt Motor for example. 

The Shimano Tourney 9-Speed Gears & Shifting System along with MOZO front hydraulic suspension make even the roughest of roads feel smooth. This bike also features KS rear shock suspension. With over 70 miles per charge, you can explore long distances without having to worry about a dying battery.  The quick release axle paired with Kenda 26 x 4.0 fat tires allows you to conquer tough mountain trails with ease. 

4. A Best Seller - Emojo Hurricane Pro 48-V Fat Tire Electric Bike 

For easy, effortless excursions, the Emojo Hurricane Pro 48-V Fat Tire Electric Bike gets the job done. This e-cycle features a Bagang 500-watt electric motor for all the power you need as you explore hard-to-reach spaces. With its fat tires and sturdy aluminum frame, you can maneuver through roads or rough terrain with little effort. 

LED lights, a backlit LCD screen, and a rear cargo rack are also included for your convenience. Enjoy the use of matching metal fenders and a comfortable, spring-mounted saddle as you ride the open roads. 

Are Electric Hunting Bikes Worth It? 

As a hunter, you know that being prepared for every potential catch is important. These bikes provide a number of benefits that will help you take advantage of each moment as you track down the prize-winning games. Here are 5 reasons why the e-bike is worth the investment:

1. Electric Bikes for Hunting Are Quick & Quiet

Hunting requires a combination of planning and stealth. Being able to travel long distances for more reach is a huge plus. With this type of bike, you can go to areas that are further away much quicker.  Whether elk or boar, you also need to be able to sneak up on your target at all times. With this bike style, you can maneuver without alerting your prey. 

Many hunters favor the quiet approach provided by an e-bike. For example, one of the easiest ways to locate elk is by listening for their bugle sounds. With an electric bike, you can cover miles of road in the dark with stealth. On your hunt, you will enjoy the advantage as you spot game in the rut along the way. 

2. Transport Gear with Ease

Two other benefits of the electric bike are its strong motor and throttle. The high-powered motor makes travelling with big loads easy. Also, its throttle capabilities will keep you from having to put out tons of energy as you pedal. You also have the benefit of transporting yourself to safety much easier and quicker if you happen to suffer from a minor injury as you hunt.   

3. Sustainable & Healthy Approach

E-bikes also help reduce your carbon footprint. They do not put off greenhouse gases or burn fossil fuels to operate. You will also benefit from working out your cardiovascular system as you ride. The burn you feel in your core and legs as you explore new terrain will lead to stronger muscles. Even your mental health will benefit as you take in the flora and fauna of your surroundings on your adventure. 

4. Space Friendly 

Quietkat Warrior Electric Hunting bike

Hunting with an ATV requires you to keep a trailer. You might also have to take up space in some other form or fashion to store an ATV. Another benefit of the electric bike is that it will not take up much space. With ease, you can take your bike off of a bumper rack and ride.  

The Bottom Line

These special cycles excel in navigating rugged terrain with power and finesse. They are quick, quiet, and allow you to transport your goods without taking up too much space. If you want a budget-friendly option, try the Eunorau E-Fat-MN 48V Folding Tire Fat Electric Bike. 

For a bike that combines popularity and power, the X-TREME Rocky Road Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike is the more fitting option. Our top pick, Eunorau Fat-HD 48V Electric Bike, is one of the most efficient on the market. For more information on e-bikes that will serve your hunting needs, the experts at eBikeJOY! are always available to help. 

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