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Which Eunorau Electric Bike is Best for Me?

Posted by Jack Bielli on

There is no doubt that the popularity for electric bikes is not slowing down. Their low carbon footprint, easy maintenance, long range, health benefit and convenience are a huge reason for their demand.

Before getting your first electric bike, you may wonder; which one is the best for me?

We are here to help you narrow down your options of Eunorau electric bikes, and which one suits you and your lifestyle.


Some people may find it overwhelming when choosing their first ebike. It’s important get something that you feel comfortable and safe on. The Meta275 Step Thru is one of the most practical options for beginners.

The Eunorau Meta 275 Step Thru doesn’t compromise when it comes to features. It can travel up to 35-65 miles (56 km- 104 km) depending if there is a second battery or not. The maximum speed is an easy 20 mph (32 km). You initiate the electric power via the thumb throttle, which is much more stable compared to a twist throttle.

Which Eunorau Electric Bike is Best for Me?

A step thru model is good because it helps allow you to have an upright riding position, and it’s easy to mount and dismount by stepping over the front frame. The best times to ride a step thru is for casual rides, fun with friends, and it’s a super easy way to commute to and from work.

Recreational Riders:

Recreational riding is for those who enjoy exploring, fitness, and of course, fun. It’s an activity you can do to blow some steam off after a stressful day, or go with a group of friends to find new trails and destinations.

The Eunorau Specter-S has found its way into many recreational riders’ hands. We’ve seen riders take it on bike-packing journeys to scenic spots around California, Arizona, Wyoming and Colorado, off-road passageways in the Southwest area, and mountainous areas with the most amazing views around North Carolina, Oregon and Montana.

Which Eunorau Electric Bike is Best for Me?

What makes the Specter S great for recreational use is 26” X 4” fat wheels, a second battery which is able to give it a huge range of 65 miles, a huge payload capacity that allows for you to bring some extra essentials along, a 30MPH speed, and a 48V1000W Bafang mid motor. Its inverted 140mm travel front suspension allows the bike to stabilize much more easily, while the DNM rear suspension holds air and absorbs shocks; something that is useful on tougher terrains.

Different climates:

If you live in snowy, or dry, or mountainous regions, a fat ebike is something that would serve a lot of value to you.

Eunorau provides electric fat bikes such as the Fat-HS, Fat-HD. The main benefits of owning a fat-tire electric bike are that they are able to sail through snow, sand and other diverse terrain easily. Their fat wheels have added grip to the ground and traction to make rides smoother, sturdier and have more power.

Which Eunorau Electric Bike is Best for Me?

The Eunorau Fat -HS has been seen in Hawaii on island trails, it’s been ridden on in extremely snowy conditions and has also been seen on remote beaches. It’s a reliable mode of transportation, and customers have seemed to notice that it can be an all- purpose ebike due to its versatility.


An ebike can be a great tool used by hunters. Ebikes are incredibly stealthy and will not scare away nearby animals. Our Eunorau hunting e-bikes tackle assorted terrain, have a large payload capacity that can help you haul back your gear and game.

The Eunorau Defender-S has the perfect camo wrap called the Forest Cobra that blends smoothly in with nature. It is a dual suspension, dual battery and dual (750W) motor ebike. It’s able to haul or carry up to 440 lbs (200 kg) and go through rocky backtrails, mud, sand and snow.

Which Eunorau Electric Bike is Best for Me?

The Defender-S is honestly ONE of the Best ebikes on the market today. Everything you would expect from an ebike will be in the AWD.

If you are looking for a similar yet more affordable model, we would recommend our Fat-AWD which features front 250w plus rear 350W dual motors.

Which Eunorau Electric Bike is Best for Me?

Senior Riders:

The Eunorau E-Fat-Step is a great ride for senior riders. It’s a small, foldable simple step-thru electric bike with all the features you need to get to go the extra mile and get to destinations that may have been difficult to reach before without draining too much energy. The thumb throttle is much smoother and safer to use than a twist throttle, because it isolates arm movements, making it a lot calmer to control with no sudden jolts in speed. It is able to travel on paved roads, gravel roads and nature trails gently and generally provides a very leisurely ride.

With a substantial 40–50-mile range (70-80 km), it can take you on a decent journey at a max of 20MPH (32 km). One customer had mentioned that they could finally go for bike rides with their grandkids without getting tired.

For the family:

When Eunorau came up with the concept of an electric cargo bike, they had a few intentions for it. One was for delivery using; UberEats, Deliveroo and so on. Another use for it would be to haul around other types of cargo (hence the name) and the other was for it to be used as a family bike.

Which Eunorau Electric Bike is Best for Me?

The Eunorau Max-Cargo is a fan favorite for those with small children. It’s a long-tail cargo design with a powerful 48V/750W hub motor. The total payload capacity is 440 lbs (199.581 kg), and is able to carry two children and an average sized adult. So, little ones can ride on the back in seats that fit on top of the the rear wooden rack, and the maximum speed is a safe 20MPH (32 km). For extra safety, the Max Cargo ebike does come with the necessary rail accessories.

The Max Cargo ebike is great for creating weekend fun, and to do something different that involves spending more time outdoors with the family. With 80+ miles (with a dual battery), you can take the kids on a round trip adventure.

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