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Top 6 Electric Moped for Adults in 2021

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Do you want to avoid city rushes and make commuting easier? The compact size of an electric moped for adults makes finding your way through a traffic jam simple. These devices are also eco-friendly and affordable.

If you want an e-scooter, this guide will show the best electric adult mopeds in 2022. The article covers all major features and can help to find a suitable model. Check the detailed reviews and find your perfect ride below!

What Is the Best Electric Scooter for Adults?

The market offers an extensive moped selection. The secret lies in finding a model that suits your preferences. These are the primary features to consider:

  • Speed - The usual velocity for e-scooters is from 20MPH to 30MPH.
  • Weight capacity - The maximum weight can vary from 225 to 350 pounds.
  • The distance to cross on a single charge - It depends on the terrain, but you should get at least 20 miles.
  • Design - You want a modern appearance and colors that fit an adult electric scooter.

Now that you know this vehicle’s main factors, here are the top market models in 2022!

1. X-Treme Carbo Cruiser Elite 60V 600W Electric Scooter

Major Features:

  • Maximum speed: 30MPH
  • Motor strength: 600W
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Single-charge distance: 30-35 miles

X-Treme is a reliable brand focused on meeting user expectations. Carbo Cruiser Elite 60V is their premium model with a 600W electric scooter motor. The speed can go up to 30MPH, which is impressive for e-mopeds. You control the velocity with the throttle on the right grip.

The vehicle uses four durable 60V batteries. You can recharge them over 500 times, and they will last at least three years. A single charge will allow you to cross up to 25 miles. That will depend on the terrain since uphill riding can lower the maximum distance.

Safety is an important feature for the X-Treme Carbo Cruiser. It has a head and taillights, as well as blinkers and an electric horn. The maximum weight is 300 pounds, and you can ride a passenger. You receive a one-year warranty for the vehicle. Whether you use it for commuting or long-distance trips, this scooter’s versatility will exceed your expectations.

2. TAO 49CC Electric Moped for Adults

Major Features:

  • Maximum speed: 15MPH
  • Motor strength: 650W
  • Weight capacity: 225 pounds
  • Single-charge distance: 15 miles (3 ¼ hours)

It will be easy to control this moped because it has both front and rear braking. The tires are of impressive quality, and the steel rims seem durable. This electric scooter with seat padding is surprisingly comfortable. However, it’s a single-seat model since its maximum weight capacity is 225 pounds.

TAO49CC offers multiple color designs with black as the default option. Your scooter can come in white, red, or green combinations, which ensure the vehicle looks great. While you can’t go faster than 15MPH, the motor strength is admirable. It will ensure that you can climb even the steepest inclines. A single battery charge can last for 15 miles or about 200 minutes.

3. SKRT Foldable Electric Scooter

Major Features:

  • Maximum speed: 18MPH
  • Motor strength: 350W
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Single-charge distance: 18.6 miles

If you go to work with your scooter, you’ll appreciate a light and foldable model. The portability is impressive, and the overall weight of 52 pounds makes it easy to move around. You can go up to 18.6 miles before the battery needs recharging. That should be enough to reach your office and come back home. The charging time is only six hours because the product uses four 48V batteries.

You can go up to 18MPH, which should cover your needs of moving around the city. Inclined terrains might require patience to cross. The 350W isn’t the most powerful but still presents excellent value for money.

4. Vespa Elettrica FE L1

Major Features:

  • Maximum speed: 30MPH
  • Motor strength: 3,500W
  • Weight capacity: 410 pounds
  • Single-charge distance: 62 miles

Vespa is a renowned brand, and this is their first e-moped. The company ensured to produce a premium model. The motor strength is 3.5kW, which makes it a breeze to ride even up the steepest hills. Two modes are available – Eco and Power. The former extends the battery duration to 62 miles. On the other hand, the Power mode increases maximum speed to 30MPH and reduces life per charge to 50 miles.

This is an electric scooter for heavy adults. It features premium component quality and is extremely durable. The disc front and drum rear brakes allow maximum control of the vehicle on any terrain. Vespa Elettrica FE L1 is an excellent choice in terms of performance and longevity. Its only downside is the high price compared to other models.

5. Lexmoto Yadea G5

Major Features:

  • Maximum speed: 28MPH
  • Motor strength: 2,300W
  • Weight capacity: 410 pounds
  • Single-charge distance: 55 miles

Lexmoto Yadea G5 is a premium electric moped for adults. The vehicle comes with a 2.3kW motor. It also has an impressive weight capacity of 410 pounds. That means you can ride a passenger while tackling inclines effortlessly.

You can develop up to 28MPH with this scooter. You can charge the battery in less than seven hours. That will allow you to pass 55 miles, which is admirable. If you don’t mind the high price tag, this can be a smart investment.

6. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Major Features:

  • Maximum speed: 18MPH
  • Motor strength: 500W
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Single-charge distance: 12 miles (40 minutes)

Razor EcoSmart is an affordable vehicle. It’s a bargain deal, and its performance is in that range. The moped can’t go faster than 18MPH, and it’s only suitable for shorter distances. That’s because a single battery charge only lasts 40 minutes. You can’t cross more than 12 miles with it – make sure that it suits your commuting or other needs.

Razor EcoSmart is a single-seat vehicle, and the rider can weigh up to 225 pounds. The seat padding is generous, and you’ll find it comfortable. You can ride the moped on rough surfaces. The pneumatic tires will absorb most of the impact.

Final Thoughts

The best electric moped for adults is a model that meets your expectations. For example, if you want a scooter with reliable performance,  X-Treme Carbo Cruiser is right up your alley. Perhaps you want an affordable ride or don’t mind splashing the cash on a premium vehicle.

The crucial thing is the weight capacity, battery duration, and other features are in line with your expectations. That will ensure that you pick an e-moped you will enjoy riding every day! Checkout our complete selection of electric mopeds, scooters:

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