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X-Treme Boulderado Low Step Mountain Bike Gets it Done!

Posted by Jack Bielli on

Boulderado Step-Through Mountain Bike

Ruggedness and power in a step through frame. Amazing looks to turn heads. X-Treme’s new Boulderado is one of our top picks of a mountain electric bikes. This bike really has it all for both men or women. Check it out.

Tough and Durable Frame to Take the Bumps

The frame on the Boulderado e-bike is 100% hand welded lightweight aluminum and built to take a rough ride. Everything is aluminum - every bolt, every nut, every spoke. That means no rust! Aluminum rims with a Joytech quick release axle on the front-end a water proof quick disconnect on the rear wheel provide the ultimate convenience and ease of use.

The easy step through frame is rather unique for a mountain bike this powerful. While offering flexibility and easier mounting, the low step center bar is perfect for a mature rider or anyone looking for comfort.

Available in either Black or White frame, the Boulderado is perfect for male or female rider no matter the age.

Boulderado Step-Through Mountain Bike

Powerful Motor and Battery that Won’t Let You Down

The Boulderado will take you there and more. The 500 watt Bafang High Torque Zero resistance Clutch Motor won’t fail you whether it's a mountain climb or flat city ride. With two choices of a 10Ah or 17Ah compact lithium upgraded LIPo4 volt battery pack, you can’t go wrong with your choice. The 10Ah comes stock and the 17Ah upgrade allows for up to an additional 75 miles range* (*depending upon rider weight and terrain).

Boulderado Step-Through Mountain Bike

State of the Art Electronics You Can Depend On

The electronics of the X-Treme Electric Bicycle are controlled via rider input on the LCD screen attached to the handlebars. The Atlas Shimano 9-Speed Gears & Shifting System, oversized MOZO Front Hydraulic Suspension, along with the King Meter 5 Speed Smart Power Assist System (SPAS) will not let you down. 

The Smart PAS with 5 speeds will enable the bike to operate nearly twice as efficient as a non-smart assist e-bike. The variable speed thumb throttle is easy to use and give immediate response to the PAS. You select the power consumption (speed controls 1-5 setting) on the LCD during your ride. The LCD also indicates speed, distance and battery life.

Secure Fat Tires to Hold the Ground

The Boulderado has grippy oversize Kenda 26 x 4.0 mountain fat tires and tubes. These tires really grip the terrain and allow for less slippage and better puncture resistance.  

Boulderado Step-Through Mountain Bike

Go Further and Faster than Ever Before

The Boulderado is X-Treme most powerful electric bike. Go a distance of up to a 150 miles range using low PAS and flat terrain while pedal assisting. Speed depending upon factors, is 25 mph on throttle only. Much faster if you use pedal assist as well, 45+ mph.

Fully Loaded at a Easy Price Point

Easy on the wallet yet heavy on the extras. The Boulderado comes with many extras that are at an additional cost with most mountain bikes. This electric bike comes standard with a rear cargo rack, high quality beverage holder, VELO brand hand grips and bike seat, and battery operated snap on LED headlight.

Boulderado Step-Through Mountain Bike

All in all, the X-Treme Bouderado is one of the best electric mountain bikes we sell. Go ahead and check out other e-bikes at this price point, we’re sure you find it one of the best out there.

For a limited time only, we are now offering an additional 10% off the Boulderado. Act quick before this offer is gone.

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