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A Real Head Turner! The New Revi Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer

Posted by Robert Coslett on

Revi Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer Electric Bike

Revi Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer Electric Bike

Tried of the look of most electric bikes? We know. Most look the same. No pizzazz. Boring! Not anymore. Revi’s new enhanced Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer really turns heads. With its retro classic styling of a motorcycle, yet in an electric bike, it really makes a statement. Cool, sexy, and tough. It’s an amazing 48V and 750W bike that goes up to 28 mph on a straight away for 45 miles. Check it out.

Revi Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer Electric Bike

Tough and Retro Style Frame Ready to Take the Road

The frame on the Revi Cheetah Plus Cafe Racer is 100% hand welded 6061 aluminum and one piece frame for durability. The frame is solid enough to support a rider of up to 300 lbs. The standard color is a matte black that resists scratches and hides the dirt. The battery is hidden in and easily accessible real leather wrapped tack cover with a heat stamped Revi logo. 

Revi Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer Electric Bike

The Cheetah Plus is suitable for riders from 5’4”-6’7” with a quick easy adjustment to the handlebars and seat. The fully adjustable handlebars allow the rider to ride upright or in an aggressive riding position. The comfortable Velo seat is leather, wider, thicker and softer than ever before. 

Powerful Bafang Motor and Samsung Battery

The Revi Cheetah Plus won’t let you down. Get ready to roar more than ever before. The powerful 750 watt Bafang high speed gear motor has a peak output of 1000W. More than enough for casual riders to speed demons. The Samsung 48V lithium-ion 17.5Ah battery charges in 4-6 hours from empty.

State of the Art Electronics You Can Rely On

The electronics of the Revi Cheetah Plus Cafe Racer bike are controlled via rider input on the Bafang LCD full color screen attached to the handlebars. The extra large display gives you all the information you need: odo, trip, speed, battery indicator, and drive mode. It has a daylight and night mode for increased readability. An improved LED bike headlight delivers brighter white light at a lower failure rate.

Revi Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer Electric Bike
Revi Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer Electric Bike

The Shimano 7-speed gear & shifting system and Tekto front and rear hydraulic suspension will not let you down. The half twist throttle is easy to use and gives immediate response to the PAS. You select the power consumption (speed controls 1-9 setting) on the LCD during your ride. The cadence sensing PAS gets you going quickly and easily.

Secure Kenda Tires to Hold the Ground

The Revi Cheetah Plus has grippy oversize Kenda anti-puncture 26 x 4.0 fat tires and tubes with reflective strips. These tires really grip the road and turns to allow for less slippage, better puncture resistance, and reliability. 

Revi Cheetah Plus Motorcycle Cafe Racer Electric Bike

Go Further and Faster than Ever Before

The Cheetah Plus is Revi’s most powerful electric bike. Go a distance up to a 45 miles range using low PAS and flat terrain while pedal assisting. Speed depending upon factors, is 25-28 mph. Much faster if you use pedal assist while pedaling as well, 28+ mph.

Get Ready for Rock Start Excitement and a Real Head Turner

The Revi Cheetah Plus Cafe Racer is unlike any electric bike currently on the market. It’s retro motorcycle styling and state of the art features make it one of our top sellers. The Cheetah Plus comes with many extras that are at an additional charge with most electric bikes. It comes standard with a front headlight, deluxe leather VELO wide seat, extra large LCD display, kickstand, and adjustable handlebars.

Inspired by Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Cheetah Plus is a real rock star. This bike isn’t for the faint of heart. Checkout its many features and compare them to others on the market and we think you’ll agree, this cafe racer has a lot going for it. Get ready to turn some heads and have everyone ask, “Where did you get that cool bike?”.

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