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8 Tips Recommended for Improving Your Bikes's Range

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Have you ever gone for an e-bike ride but found your battery ran out mid-point in the journey? Have you ever suddenly experienced that there is just 1 mile left from your home while your e-bike has just run out of battery power? Then you need to check out our latest tips for improving your e-bike's range.

Tips on battery maintenance

  1. Let’s start with the most simple but effective method, charge the battery to the full total amount regularly. It is common for riders to find it too tiresome to remember how charged the battery is on a daily basis. Thus, charging it each and every day that riding will be done is recommended.

  2. Practice proper battery usage. It is well known that keeping the battery under low capacity or overcharged frequently will significantly damage the lifespan of your it, limiting the extreme range of daily usage. That is why charge your battery even in the long cold winters and avoid one shot of charging for over 24h. In addition, keep your e-bike with its battery in your garage or inside with a cover to protect it from dirt, rain, cold or the elements.

  3. Regular battery inspection. Generally, after a long period of usage, the battery capacity will naturally decrease. Get in contact with the nearest bike shop in your community and arrange a regular battery check every year. A local professional bike shop will provide expert advice on your battery, helping to keep you out of breakdown situations.

  4. Backup battery. For those special long-ride journeys, you may need to have an extra battery for additional range. An additional battery, while costly, will help you achieve more miles and fewer stops to charge. Business commenters sometimes keep a battery at work and one at home and switch them out for ease of use.


Tips on better riding habits

  1. Enjoy your ride at a slow speed. Although higher speeds and powerful motors are the eternal goals of e-bike engineers, keeping your ride at a slower speed is easier on the battery and bike due to the geometric growth in wind resistance under higher velocity. Controlled riding speed can extend the battery’s lifespan and protect your safety.

  2. Utilize the pedals. When starting your ride, it is better to use the pedals to get the bike going than relying on the engine’s power, as a quantity of energy is consumed during the acceleration process right from the stop. Moreover, reducing the assist needed and providing more pedal usage is good compensation for reduced output from your battery, especially for those low battery conditions. It would help to keep your battery from aging early as well.

  3. Keep proper tire pressure. There is no doubt that a well-maintained tire is  key to comfort and a faster ride. Under-inflated tires are not capable of cushioning blows from the contacts between your rims and roads. It will not only demand extra electric output to maintain working, reducing battery efficiency but also increase the occurrences of flats from sharp objects. In order to avoid such situations, we highly recommend you top off the pressure every week and keep it in the range of 45 to 60 PSI.

  4. Lubricated chains. Chains might be the simplest component on the e-bike and can be taken care of easily at home. Dirt on the road will be bumped up through daily rides and get mixed with the lubricant oil on the chain. The mixture will generally grow and become a drag to make the chain move. Thus, we recommend you apply proper penetrant to remove the mixture and lubricate the chain afterward. Remember to wipe out excessive lubricant with rags in so that it will not damage your sprocket and derailleur.

    Utilizing some ongoing strategies to keep your battery in peak form and common sense riding tips should get you extra range and extended life the of your e-bike.

Article courtesy of Qualisports Electric Bikes

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